Phonetics, Computers and Writing

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Phonetics, Computers and Writing

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If you've an interest in Phonetics and in utilising the marks and fonts either in an online or print environment, these websites may be just what you're looking for.
the fonts:
phonetics by computer:
Phonmap: Phonemic Script Writer:
Computers and Writing Systems:

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I have created a True Type IPA font with which anyone can write directly in IPA, no need to cut and paste, on any PC or MAC, also IPad if the right software is installed.
Obviously the font will not work online (here for example) but will be fine on any computer which has it installed.
You can see it and try it here: under IPA Font.
If you contact me direct, I'll share it with members of this forum free of charge:
_______________steve hirschhorn
skype: cal_steveh