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Hi everyone,
I'm starting my first distance-learning course in a week, so I'd like very much to hear from any of you who have had experience teaching people online rather than face-to-face.
Do you find you can motivate people enough through the tasks you give them?
How do you evaluate/reward task completion?
Can you get peer-group communication going?
How do you organize and evaluate/ reward group work?
What works best for you in chat sessions to keep everyone involved?
I'd like to pass on a recommendation for an excellent book on e-learning seminar methods which focusses on the didactics rather than just on the techy stuff - finally a really worth-while publication which gave me a lot!
Kornelia Maier-Hfele, Hartmut Hfele: 101 e-learning Seminarmethoden. managerSeminare 2004 (2/2005) ISBN 3-936075-07-7
Hope to hear from you!