Unforgettable Memories of Jill Norman

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead is entirely co-incidental. This story is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution under satire speech.

Based on a true story, a narrative by Critics of the Toronto District School Board, Donna Quan is a Lying Menopausal Bitch Studios Inc, Chris Spence Plagiarized Obama’s Birth Certificate and Shaun Chen is a Faggot Entertainment.


Unforgettable Memories of Jill Teacher


In 2013, a college student, Kanye (name changed because he was a preteen minor at the time) in his early 20s never thought he had a heartbreak in the past which would come back to eventually haunt him as the months progressed.

The memories all began to slowly surface on a summer afternoon in the West End of Toronto around July 2013.
The memories all started in Grade 2 at Gracefield Public School in the 1997-1998 school year.

Kanye allegedly had a crush on Ms. Teacher while he was her Grade 2 student.

He used to tease her by reciting the Jack & Jill nursery rhyme to her in class. However, that made his teacher very sad, but Kanye did not know that because he had Aspergers and he could not coherently read her facial expressions.

In addition, Kanye was only 6 years 10 months to 7 years, 7 months old, and he thought that teasing his teacher was fun because it made the other students laugh.

On the contrary, Kanye now hears Ms. Teacher’s voice of disapproval in his head along with the memory of how she was sad. Kanye feels an intense emotion associated with the memory, in which he feels kinda sorry for teasing her.

However, Kanye realizes that Ms. Teacher called the police on him several times in 2014 and early 2015 for phone calls he did not make and posts made by other teachers, thus making Kanye look like a disgruntled ex-lover. Therefore, Kanye realizes that you should never feel remorse for people sometimes because in the end, they hurt you even more.

More than that, Kanye recalls the moment where he experienced his first sexualized feeling. It occurred in the Spring semester of 1998. Kanye experiences this flashback so intense that it causes him to panic sometimes.

The flashback was when Kanye was on the class carpet during reading time, and Ms. Teacher was allegedly flashing her thighs while reading some book. He was seated in the front row, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her thighs. Those tanned thighs really turned him on and overwhelmed him in class.

Kanye felt an arousal which shocked him, yet felt pleasurable at the same time no matter how disturbing it is for a 7 year old student to pay attention to an unprofessionally dressed teacher and get turned on at the same. Kanye recalls more than one of those types of memory.

One emotional memory was when Kanye was seated in the front row to the left of Ms. Teacher, and when he looked at her while he was aroused, he realized the innocence of his 25 year old teacher. Kanye found it very hard to pay attention to the topic in class. Ms. Teacher looked like an angel at the time.

However, as the semester progressed, Kanye and Ms. Teacher were in the Principal Thompson’s office over an alleged inappropriate incident. Kanye remembers hearing that he should not be in love with Ms. Teacher, and that he should not tell anyone about his crush with Ms. Teacher. Furthermore, in Grade 3 Kanye later remembers that his teacher asked him if he had a crush on Ms. Teacher.

Kanye is not sure if this relates to the memory of repeatedly spanking Ms. Teacher on her *** during the same semester.

The Toronto District School Board really loves to cover-up incidents which affects students’ lives.

Around 16 years later, Kanye is treated like a criminal for complaining to the Toronto Police Department that he believes he was traumatized by his Grade 2 teacher and that the matter was covered up by the TDSB.

Furthermore, Ms. Teacher denies anything ever occurred. However, Ms. Teacher left a clue on her report card which unlocked a memory. The clue was “he was always inconsiderate of other people’s feelings” which is linked to when Kanye was reciting the Jack & Jill nursery rhyme.

Is it even possible that Kanye fell in love with his Grade 2 teacher without even knowing?

No matter how hard he tries to forget her, the memories keep on coming.

Kanye went into a nervous breakdown in the summer of 2014 and Kanye had to break up with his girlfriend because Kanye was suffering from Post Traumatic stress disorder symptoms of Ms. Teacher and it caused problems with his intimate relationships for a few months after the memories surfaced.

The essential lesson to learn from this is that there is no escape from the memories of Ms. Teacher.