This is a shame

This is a shame

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"Hi, my name is Benjamin. I created this video with my friend Robert. We participated to this concourse for make the best video against the European Union.
The price for the winners was 5000 Kuna. So we win in november.
However and after many demands to get our money, the HSP party give us only 1600 Kuna. ! We dont have money because we failed. Well, a deal is a deal and I want to point that if they paid a design agency it would be very more expensive and more problems if they didnt pay.

I want to denounce a party who cant keep his promises.
I want to denounce their dishonesty.
I want to denounce the fact that it was simply a fake.

I'm wondering now, how many people can trust in this party?This is very sad and disappointing ." ... er&list=UL

I'm not for this party and my friend neither. But, imagine if we was for this party, how we can be very disappointed by them. So they are lier? How they can be in government if they lie with simply things?

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