Dr Brooke Hogarth brought the Soviet Union to Canada!

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The feminist mentality of the Ryerson Medical Centre is synonymous with political oppression. Ryerson Medical Centre physician Dr. Brooke Hogarth appears to be an oppressor of patients because she wrongly had a male student sent to a psychiatric hospital against his will and she later filed bogus allegations to have him arrested again and charged as if he was mentally competent at the time.

Punishments by the Soviet state included sending innocent people to Gulags , forced resettlement, and stripping of citizen's rights. How is Dr. Brooke Hogarth any different from an oppressive regime like the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany?

Viktor Nekipelov, a well-known dissident poet, was arrested in 1973, sent to the Section 4 of the Serbsky Institute of Forensic Psychiatry for commitment for psychiatric evaluation, which lasted from 15 January to 12 March 1974, was judged sane (which he was), tried, and sentenced to two years' imprisonment.

The above human rights violation on Viktor Nekipelov sounds similar to how Steve Katsikaris is being treated in Toronto when he went to see Dr. Brooke Alexandra Hogarth at the Ryerson Medical Centre on November 18, 2015 where he was eventually handcuffed and committed to a psychiatric ward under the orders of Dr. Hogarth.


Soviet Union psychiatric hospitals were used by the authorities as prisons in order to isolate hundreds or thousands of political prisoners from the rest of society, discredit their ideas, and break them physically and mentally. This is no different when Dr. Brooke Hogarth had Steve committed to a psychiatric hospital against his will on November 18, 2015 under her so-called "mental illness" evaluation.

The profession of psychiatry in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany has become the major system for political oppression of dissidents. It is no different when Ryerson University campus physician Dr. Brooke Hogarth notifies the Toronto Police Services to handcuff and kidnap Steve Katsikaris for confinement to a psychiatric ward against his will under her orders.

In Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, human rights activists also faced the threat of psychiatric diagnosis as a means of political repression. Dr. Brooke Hogarth diagnosed Steve with a serious mental illness, yet she admitted that she is not a specialist in mental health or psychiatry.

Furthermore, York Regional Police are involved in the oppression when Dr. Brooke Hogarth lodges a complaint against Steve to have him arrested in his home in the city boundaries of Toronto. When Steve was in a Toronto courtroom on February 11, 2016, one of the York Regional Police detectives who arrested him in his home confronted him and intimidated Steve by accusing him of publishing online videos which criticize Ryerson University, law enforcement and Dr. Brooke Hogarth.

Steve Katsikaris is at risk of becoming a political prisoner under the tyranny of the feminist-backed police state in the province of Ontario, Canada.