Dr. Brooke Alexandra Hogarth is behaving like a Nazi Communist doctor

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For the first time in history, psychiatrists during the Nazi era sought to systematically exterminate their patients through force or psychological intimidation. Currently, there are female physicians at the Ryerson Medical Center such as Dr. Brooke Alexandra Hogarth who aims to follow similar Nazi protocols on male patients who recall politically incorrect matter. Dr. Hogarth summoned the police to deprive the liberties of a male student patient for trivial reasons.

However, little has been published from this dark period analyzing what may be learned for clinical and research psychiatry. because the Ryerson Medical Center protects their own physicians and staff from accountability.

At each stage in the heinous process lay a series of unethical and heinous practices, with many faux-psychiatrists namely Dr. Brooke Alexandra Hogarth demonstrating a profound commitment to the atrocities, playing central, pivotal roles critical to the success of neo-Nazi policy.

Several misconceptions led to this misconduct, including allowing Toronto feminist doctors to define clinical practice, focusing exclusively on man-hating policies, allowing political pressures from feminists to influence practice, blurring the roles of clinicians and under-aged students, and falsely believing that good science and good ethics always co-exist by sending men to be drugged against their will should they criticize a white Toronto woman.

Psychiatry during this period provides a most horrifying example of how science may be perverted by physicians at the Ryerson Medical Centre, namely Dr. Alexandra Brooke Hogarth .

It thus becomes crucial to include the Nazi era psychiatry experience in ethics training as an example of proper practice gone awry because the feminist doctors at Ryerson University aim to collude with the Toronto Police Services to detain, arrest and punish dissenting thoughts and views.