Zauber Mansion

The home of one of Soto’s most notable and most noble families. Located outside Madrid, the house, its grounds and associated outbuildings cover a little over an acre. Due to the family’s exceptional magical prowess and history the entire area is wrought with magical power. This is used to power an exceptional array of magical defences. It is also notable that necromancy does not work anywhere on the lands. There are theories that both the magical richness and impossibility of necromantic spells are tied to the family crypts which house the corpses of a great number of incredibly powerful wizards, sorceresses and magic users of all sorts.The house itself has three floors plus a basement, and, confusingly, any doors in the building could lead you to any number of other rooms that may not even be on the same floor, or in the same wing. There is seemingly no way to predict where you will end up prior to opening the door for those unfamiliar. Outwardly the red brick building appears to have wings surrounding a large courtyard with an elaborate (and changing) fountain and an immaculately tended garden.Other notable features of the grounds are the river that runs through them, the little dock on that river and the stables, which holds an assortment of unusual creatures and constructs. Very little of the grounds remain forested and depending on the whims of the family tend to either feature large numbers of tents, a grand marquee or scorch marks from recent magical experiments.At current much of the grounds have given way to sprawling tents and temporary buildings erected by magic to house large numbers of refugees from Madrid. Some land has been cleared with the intent to farm it for food. The mansion's magical protections have been extended over a larger area to encompass the refugee camp, meaning magic is rife in the air, causing small hairs to stand on end near constantly. The woods outside the range of the protective spells are twisted and full of dangerous creatures, which will sometimes attack those foolish enough to wander off.

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