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'From the blaring bugle to a careless whisper, from every corner of Soare;
We write it all, and press it too, and bring it to your door!'
Happenings in Morrim
  • Dubbed 'The Phantom Ship of Daro', the ghost ship was recently sighted off the bay of Fairin. Several brave souls ventured forth in a rowboat to approach the ship, and were soon swallowed in the mist. They have yet to return, though the ship has vanished and reappeared several times since, never actually making port, and apparently just sitting out on the horizon.
  • The Emperor has issued a Grand Summons! All noble families that are able are to raise their levies and march for the capital, Kinaldi. The land is alive with the sounds of chopping hooves and clanking iron. Undoubtedly the Morrimians are set to move outside their borders, but rumours conflict as to where. Some say it is to crush the remaining Fae, others say it is to break the armies of the shadowy Lord of the Kaadian. Others think the Emperor might be making a move on a weakened Soto!
  • There are tales circulating of mysterious magical shadows who attack those who venture into specific parts of the mountains. They haven’t killed anyone yet; so far they’ve mostly just frightened wanderers without giving chase. No one knows why this is happening or what the shadows are trying to accomplish.
  • Several nobles with large libraries have been reported turning away envoys from Soto's Mystic Occult. It is thought that after the sacking of Madrid, and the subsequent destruction of the Archive, they are sending emmissaries far and wide to anyone with a substantial collection, aiming to acquire copies of particular tomes in their effort to rebuild. Several of these people have reported break-ins after being visited, and are pointing the finger at Soto, though the Guild has yet to formulate an answer to these supposed crimes.
  • Orl'Kabbar has been struck by dancing plague! The peculiar affliction seems to have spread since it first originated and is still baffling physicians. People dance tirelessly til they drop, twitching and exhausted in the streets. A reward is being offered to anyone who can cure the affliction, or offer any useful information about it!
  • Tales of a particularly violent vigilante calling themselves 'Death's Hand' have been spreading around Orl'Kabbar. People have been found in the dawn's light broken and bruised, terrified of what they've seen, though mostly gibbering about a perfect, porcelain face. Without a description of the attacker, it's difficult to pinpoint who they are, but citizens are advised to be cautious in their dealings with strangers and to report any suspicious behavior to the city watch.
Happenings in Soto
  • Before the arrival of summer, the Sotoans successfully threw off the chains of their oppressor. Méadaigh and her followers were defeated at their impromptu city Nemetona, which sprung up around the Pale Tree during her rule. The city, which was located along a tributary of the Falann River, was stormed by the Sotoan army and the Pale Tree was destroyed, thus hammering the nail in the coffin of Méadaigh’s defeat.
  • Emperor Leofric de Hollemark has arrived, unannounced, at the gates of Madrid with an armed host! He and his delegates have met with the Council representatives. Our whisperers tell us it is part of a relief effort, and that supplies have been brought to aid the stricken capital, but others sense a nefarious purpose!
  • Madrid has been taken back, though it’s a sorry state. The city was overgrown during fae occupation and some buildings were destroyed. Most prominent is the Guildhall, out of which grows an enormous tree that the locals are simply calling the Great Tree. Everyday tasks being asked of citizens include weeding the streets, trimming or cutting down trees that have become unruly and hauling out cartloads of fallen leaves. Meanwhile, the Council discusses what to do about the Great Tree and how best to rebuild the Guildhall.
  • The arrival of autumn marks the end of a growing season that was far too short. After the havoc Méadaigh wreaked on the natural cycles of Sotoan plants, the growing season for fruit trees and other perennial crop-bearing plants did not arrive until midsummer. The soil in which other crops have been planted had to be cleared of overgrowth and was exhausted by the unruly growth of Méadaigh's reign. Farmers are hoping to do the best they can by growing rye and other quick or winter-hardy crops, such as radishes, lettuce, beets, kale and so on. The unusually late autumn has been a help to them, but as temperatures drop, it is still clear that it will be a rough and hungry winter for the Sotoans. Hopefully this, along with whatever they have gotten from the sea, bark bread and whatever they can import from the Southwestern Isle and the counties of Angkar and Morrim (which imposes high tariffs), will be enough to carry the Sotoans through to spring.
  • A mysterious young woman has set up a tent in Madrid’s market and is offering to remove people’s traumatic memories from the war. She charges a very affordable fee, and sometimes gives her services for free. Those who undergo the procedure say they are doing much better, though they can’t quite remember why it was they felt bad in the first place.
Happenings in Angkar
  • Queen Eulalia stirs controversy once again by wearing the Cloak of Kings past Junkanoo, as it is custom to wear the cloak at the festival that celebrates the spring equinox. Local lords have been heard debating whether a female ruler has the right to break custom and continue wearing the King's cloak. Her majesty's reposte: "It's the High Queen's cloak, now, my Lords!" Has the Queen's vanity gone too far?
  • The Scattered Isles successfully unite under the peaceful flag of Luin. As a result, Angkar experiences a spike in intensive economic growth, which has also been caused by the more efficient use of inputs throughout the archipelago.
  • Pioneering sorcerers from the Library of Mondragon have discovered a new form of energy that could mark a new age of advancement for the country. Enchanting interactions among runes and hieroglyphics are described by interacting terms among corresponding underlying spiritual energy fields. It is believed that this could lead to Improvements in technology and organization.
  • Local authorities have seen a rapid increase of pirate activity in the archipealago, as well as the black markets. Authorities theorize that it could be in direct correlation to the end of the Insurrection within Soto.
  • There’s been an influx of foreigners in Angkar, especially in Mondragön, as many people are using the portal to the Coliseum as a means to explore the previously somewhat inaccessible country. Some stay for a day, some do a tour of the country and then, once they’re done, they step back through the portal and return to the exact spot they left from. Many are coming for more desperate reasons, however: refugees from Soto are using it as a means to escape their war-torn and hungry country and now are haunting Angkar, begging for food or trying to find it out in the forest.
  • The inhabitants of Zedrin recently witnessed a tragic event: a flag-headed serpent surged up from the water and swallowed a fisherman’s boat whole, right in the view of the Zedrin harbour. The Zedrinians cowered for fear of further attacks from the serpent for a full day, but the creature never returned. The two fishermen who died in the accident – Moquaiez and Jícam – were honoured with a candlelight vigil in their memory since no bodies could be recovered to be buried.
Happenings in Ashoka
  • The Cult of Kali has risen in the City of Oracles, lead by Oracle Leucadius. The cult primarily promotes feminism, equality, and freedom of carnal restriction and sins. The tradition of human sacrifice is strong within the cult, mainly with individuals who cannot be saved from ego, thus hey must be disconnected from their bodies so that their soul may be free.
  • The persistent problem of 'people aren't staying buried' is still hanging around, and gradually seems to be getting worse. Authorities are calling for aid in the current managing of the undead problem, be it a manner of politely keeping the restless relatives down, or seeking out the source of the troubles. Necromancers need not apply.
  • Ashoka's high society seem to be flaunting blue and purple iridescent feathered trinkets as the newest fashion accessory. While the wealthy wear them to show off their power, there is a rumor circulating that these feathers - called Divinity's Touch - have magical properties and are fetching an arm and a leg in the underground. They seem to be being shipped out of The City of Oracles, but those looking into the business have quickly changed their minds or vanished entirely...
  • The Inquisition has been particularly active of late, arresting peasant and noble alike in their hunt for anyone connected to a suspected slavers ring. Their activity has begun to once again generate more fear of the Moghul and his reign, and as such the myriad uprisings of dissenting citizens seems to be quelling.
  • A young man with large blue wings attached to his back has been reported as a person of interest in the eyes of the Inquisition. He is wanted for repeatedly assaulting fellow citizens, unlawful larceny and social misconduct. It is suspected he may be foreign, and sowing dissent about the Moghul. Anyone with information should report it to the authorities at once, and keep their distance.
  • Etruria has begun to suffer the first signs of Dancing Plague! Thought to have been brought from Morrim by ship, several dock workers unloading cargo began spontenously dancing and could not stop. When officials demanded they stop the obscene act at once, they were arrested and detained where they will be removed to the City of Oracles for further examination.
Happenings around the World
  • The market in pearls has dropped notably in recent months due to the surfacing of 'blood pearls.' Ordinary seed pearls are purportedly taken and some change is worked upon them to turn them a deep lustrous red. Unfortunately, while the trade initially boomed, a number of cursed trinkets made of these pearls among other things have been doing the rounds. Perhaps it is just superstition, but whatever the reason, their value has dropped markedly, and citizens are advised against purchasing any articles with uncertain background.
  • A group of travelers recently made a terrifying discovery after attempting to take shelter for the night in the Abandoned Cathedral - something horrifying lurked beneath the floor with intent to make unwary travelers into a quick meal. Reports say that it may not be the only one of its kind and that edlritch shadows have been seen skulking around the area since. Citizens are advised to use caution when entering this place and if possible, stick to the main road and avoid it.