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Elenlond's Timeline of Events

Time is measured in years, with the span of time before and during the Mianorite gods reign known as Before Restoration, while the period following their fall, which is also the present timeline, is labelled After Restoration.

The Mianorite gods' arrival warped time. Over the course of 121 years, it only felt like 3.5 years had actually passed. So although 121 years passed, people would only have aged 3.5 during this time. In total, from the gods' arrival until now, it would feel like 13.5 years had passed. If you would like a comprehensive breakdown, please see below:
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For every 33 years of god reign, we have 1 year of normal cell growth (meaning one regular year as we know it would have passed). Therefore:
  • 121 - 88 BR --> 1 year has passed (physically)
  • 87 - 54 BR --> 2 years have passed
  • 53 - 20 BR --> 3 years have passed
  • 19 - 0 AR --> 3.5 years have passed (half a year passes in this stage, not a full year)
End result? A grand total of what would be 13.5 years (3.5 years physical growth + 10 years of normal time) of technical growth have passed on Elenlond since the gods arrived, fell, and the nations restored their boundaries, governments, and cultures. This means that if you wanted to know your character's age prior to the gods' arrival, you would take their current age and subtract 11.5. For example: 27 (current age) - 11.5 = 15.5. Therefore, 15.5 would be your character's age the year the gods arrived.
You do not need to account for the time distortion in your character's age. If your character is 26, 26 is what you would include in their profile. It is assumed that if they are from somewhere on Elenlond (and not a Mianor-Elenlond hybrid) that they lived through the 121 years the gods were in power and only physically aged 11.5 years.

So, with that in mind, it's time to flesh it all out!

Elenlond's Known History
  • 423-399 B.R.
    • The Ildrians of Angkar begin a war with Zedrin when they are refused trade through that port. This soon develops into a war for conquest over all the islands, which is ultimately successful in the unification of Angkar.
  • 171-160 B.R.
    • Under the Daelynid Dynasty, Morrim begins to develop into an empire, taking up land as far as the Origa Ravine in Ashoka and the Falann River in Soto. This also results in the settlement of Etruria. The Ashokan nomads gradually unify due to a desire to resist these intruders.
  • 165 B.R.
    • Soto becomes a unified state under the Council of Kings. The Council of Guilds is formed soon after that and before long, the Council of Kings is overthrown, leaving the Council of Guilds as the sole sovereign power in Soto.
  • 160-145 B.R.
    • Soto and Ashoka form a pact against Morrim and enter the First Origa War, whereby Morrim's possessions in Soto were reduced to only a few coastal areas. Much Ashokan land was still retained by Morrim. The war is ended by a truce.
  • 136 B.R.
    • Angkar is discovered by Morrimian settlers and much of it is soon subdued, as the Angkarians are weakened by a recent earthquake as well as the newly introduced diseases. Soto takes up a few possessions in Angkar as well.
  • 127-121 B.R.
    • A squabble between Morrim and Soto about Angkarian land results in the Second Origa War. The Sotoans, Angkarians and Ashokans all fight against Morrim, resulting in the independence of Angkar and the reduction of Morrim to her original boundaries. The war finally ends when the Mianorites arrive, resulting in so much confusion that it could not be sustained.
  • 121 B.R.
      The Great Migration comes to an end with Mianor's deities and the survivors of Mianor's implosion arriving on Elenlond's soil, although at this moment in time it is not known as "Elenlond," but as whatever the natives had once called it. This name has been lost, unfortunately. The gods begin to assert their dominion over the foreign land, breaking down cultures, peoples, and nationstates for the sake of elemental Kingdoms.
    • Time distortion begins due to the mixing of Mianorite magic and power with Elenlondian magic and power.
  • 107 B.R.
    • Esiria begins to lose contact with Soare.
  • 106 B.R.
    • Razarod is declared King of Angkar.
  • c. 100 B.R.
    • Evona begins to unsettle Esiria. Both Evona's cult and rumours of her power grow.
    • The height of the Mianorite gods' reign.
  • 99 B.R.
    • The last year the Mianorite gods experience true power in a foreign land.
  • 70 B.R.
    • The Mianorite gods begin to fall.
    • Contact between Esiria and Soare becomes almost non-existent.
  • 68 B.R.
    • Esiria is completely cut off from Soare.
    • Anyone who tries to reach Esiria either never returns, or drifts through the mist, only to pop up twenty years later, babbling about things they've seen. Rumors like this further indicate that Evona remains a Goddess.
  • 35 B.R.
    • Shadow, Goddess of Water, relinquishes her power to the sea.
  • 0 A.R.
    • All three of Soare's nations, Morrim, Ashoka, and Soto, have completely reasserted their cultures and original rulership. This marks the beginning of a new "era," where Soare is in charge of itself again.
    • Time distortion officially ends with the reassertion of the land's native power and magic. Years progress as normal from this point forward.
  • 4 A.R.
    • Andromalius awakens after 300 years of imprisonment and launches a campaign to conquer the world. He makes it as far as Soto (having conquered both Morrim and Ashoka) before he mysteriously abdicates. Noteworthy events:
      • Andromalius assumes the command of Morrim as the Emperor, and also assumes the command of Ashoka, as its Moghul and King.
      • The Eye of Zanna is activated, causing decay to slowly spread across the land, beginning in the Black Tower and spreading outward.
      • Empress Isra Amiel is murdered by Sphynx and Andromalius; her soul is entombed in the Eye.
      • Razarod, King of Angkar, and Shadow, fallen goddess, declare war on Andromalius. He abdicates before anything really comes of it.
    • Morrim falls on extremely hard times:
      • The abdication of Andromalius has left it without an Emperor or an Empress; most suspect that Isra Amiel is dead.
      • Andromalius ransacked most of the countryside, leaving people without money, food, or both. The coffers have also been drained due to his conquest, leaving Morrim without money.
      • The Eye of Zanna is eating away at the land, leading to disease, decay, and famine.
      • The other countries, especially Soto and Angkar, are disinclined to aid Morrim, due to the declaration of war against them under Andromalius. Ashoka is too busy rebuilding under the reign of Orion de Lacey to get involved.
      • During the conquest of Soto, Andromalius abdicates, suddenly leaving the continent
        at peace.
  • 5 A.R.
    • Spring: Razarod begins to try and put an end to Morrim's problems by doing what he can to help. Orion de Lacey vies for the throne and fails when Sphynx and her cohort Tsuki arrive with a very ill-looking Empress.
    • Spring: The Eye of Zanna is destroyed jointly by Sphynx and Razarod in a battle against Sammeln at the Black Tower. Isra becomes a banshee and one of her advisers, Nero Aurelian, is appointed Emperor alongside her, breaking tradition. Morrim looks to slave trading as a prime means of bolstering its economy.
    • Spring: Under Orion de Lacey, Ashoka becomes a militarized nation headed by a secret police under his High Inquisitor's, Sophia Orjtarn's, watchful eye.
    • Spring: Razarod Evermore is assassinated by Sophia under Orion's orders, which remains unknown to the public. Hemlock LeFleur ascends to the throne and is crowned King per Orion's wishes. This is also unknown to the general public.
    • Summer: Councillor Aniketos Hesperés hosts a party.
    • Autumn: Dirge Dáire is voted in as a Sotoan Councillor via ill means.
    • Autumn: The refugee problem, spawned by the Dark Conquest, begins to hit an all-time high as the Sotoan guilds grow more and more irritated by their presence. Conflicts begin to break out between the two groups due to the refugees stealing whatever they can.
    • Winter: Hemlock arrests, tries, and executes Lord Alistair Noshen for the assassination of Razarod and for the crime of high treason. This is to deflect suspicions off himself, and so that the threat of blackmail is reduced. Among Angkar's people, the move is immediately successful.
    • Winter: Sotoan Councillor Aniketos Hesperés plans and leads a raid against the refugees.
  • 6 A.R.
    • Spring: Moghul Orion de Lacey and High Inquisitor Sophia Orjtarn begin to experience a falling out with each other after Sophia is severely wounded and proves that she isn't invincible.
    • Spring: Deposed king Razarod Evermore breaks into the Moghul's palace and tries to assassinate him. He fails and ends up fleeing Eldahar.
    • Summer: Councillor Dirge Dáire host a ball.
    • Summer: [Mini-plot] The Cleansing Fire: General Gilead Saturninus Barillus of Soto is deposed by Councillors Aniketos Hesperés and Rhia Terenas. This event was followed by reforms of the Sotoan military (Auberon's Destiny) and navy (Kraken's Rage) to rid these institutions of long-standing corruption.
    • Autumn: Empress Isra Amiel sends a group of adventurers, headed by Lilly Gladiolus, to the caves in the Do'suul Mountains to retrieve the Telhamite Stone, believed to be an artifact that could heal the Morrimian land and end years of famine.
  • 7 A.R.
    • Spring: Neriasis takes over and becomes the guildmaster of the most despised guild in Soto, Argos.
    • Spring: Galena Barillus is voted in as Councillor with some trepidation over the recent black mark on the family name. This occurs outside normal autumnal election time due to the passing of a Councillor.
    • Summer: Eulalia Astharoshe garners support and deposes Hemlock LeFleur from the throne of Angkar, stripping him of his titles and imprisoning him beneath the castle. He later escaped, and his whereabouts are now unknown.
    • Summer: [Mini-plot] To the land of Giants: Viktor Zauber leads an expedition off to a small island off of the coast of Soto to follow up a lead when his family communications go dead, only for disater to strike when it becomes apparent that the island is overrun by giants. The expedition's crew ends up shipwrecked on the island.
    • Autumn:: [Mini-plot] Red Sands: Rumours of a group of caravans being attacked and feasted on by dragons in the desert reach High Inquisitor Sophia Ortjarn, and she sets out to investigate the truth along with a small band of adventurers and inquisitors.
    • Autumn: [Mini-plot] Against the Dark Hordes: The dead of Green Turtle Key stir under the hand of a fearsome necromancer by the name of Aputsiaq, turned now towards his former apprentice, Chimaed. with the intent of annihilating her and all those who protect her in the village. A handful of stray adventurers stand to help her.
    • Autumn: Dalbhack Scathatch becomes one of Moghul Orion de Lacey's right-hand men. In Orion's mind, Dalbhack is a foil to his growing troubles with High Inquisitor Sophia Orjtarn.
    • Winter: Empress Isra Amiel hosts a grand winter ball in celebration of the healing of the land of Morrim, thanks to the Telhamite Stone. All are invited, regardless of class or station, and it is an open sign of the flourishing wealth of the land.