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Agrippa Datbooti's Fabulous Muscle Emporium A.K.A The Coliseum!
  • Entrants will join with one another in combat to earn Coliseum Points. (CP) For each completed match, entrants will gain 50 CP. The winner of the match will gain a further 30 CP.
  • CP may be traded for bonus abilities. These bonus abilities do not take up effective 'level' slots. CP will be deducted on purchase of your ability. A record of players CP will be kept by The Coliseum.

    Simple - 150 CP
    Low Intermediate - 300 CP
    High Intermediate - 450 CP
    Low Advanced - 600 CP
    High Advanced - 750 CP

    (OPTIONAL: Characters may trade these for a bronze/silver/gold Coliseum Coin, which correspond with the ability type. (Bronze for simple, silver for intermediate, and gold for advanced.) These coins can be traded to an enchanter (PC/NPC) with appropriate skill to grant them an ability on their gear if you wish to use it as a thread hook in RP.)
  • Please be aware that these 'Coins' are non-tradeable. If you change your mind before claiming the ability, you may refund it for the intitial cost. Contact a staffer to adjust your score accordingly.
  • In order for prospective combatants to reach the coliseum, please incant the following three times within one minute of the first line. Thou shalt not incant once, nor twice, and certainly not five times.
    "Little Baby's Ice-cream is the best, and we all scream for Little Baby's Ice-cream." (...Don't ask. Really)

    Entrants who use the incantation will find themselves entering via El Puerto. The following is here to aid your imagination:

    As you finish speaking the final syllable, you are transported quite suddenly from your current location, dragged through space in a dizzying rush as if someone has implanted a red hot hook behind your navel. The feeling leaves you on arrival, which took little more than a few seconds, but leaves you feeling a little nauseous from the immense speed of the displacement.

    You find yourself now in a room lit by the unwavering azure glare of several glassy orbs affixed the walls. The chamber is large, much larger than it appears from the other side, and apparently constructed of smooth granite shot through with veins of white marble. Strangely enough, there appear to be no seams or joins on the wall, as if it was created from one giant block. Opposite you is a rather ordinary, if heavy looking door of reinforced ironwood. The strangest part of the room appears to be behind you; as you turn to glimpse your way home, your eyes alight on a tall archway set into the wall, the distorted image of where you just came from still suspended between its pillars. You know that this archway is different to all who look upon it, but for the singular feature that they have in common. Somewhere upon its face, you can pick out the word HOME. While the place radiates magical energy to those who are sensitive to it, it is little more than a comforting hum tickling at the subconscious. Those who can see the threads of magic are advised not to look too closely, as the walls visibly crawl with arcane markings in a most unsettling manner.
  • Only free men and women may participate in the Coliseum. Slaves and wild beasts may not be signed as entrants.
  • Entrants will fight for either a determined number of touches, or until one cannot continue.
    You have the choice of fighting to a number of touches/strikes, or freestyling it providing you are communicating with the other player. It is suggested that competetive players use the touch system to keep things fair.
  • Entrants fighting to a number of touches must make a note in The Hands of Fate and reference their match. A roll for each player will be randomly generated each round, determining the flow of the match for an equal chance to win or lose.
  • The Coliseum is not liable for any deaths caused by one party to another. (Please sign here.)
  • The Coliseum is not liable for any damage caused by grates in the floor or walls releasing Horrors Unimaginable™ upon combatants.
  • On commencing the match, a barrier will be erected around the arena for the protection of the spectators. Entrants will find themselves sealed in until the match is either complete, or forfeit.
  • Entrants who break the rules during a match may find themselves disqualified or in the case of repeat offenses, banned from competing.
  • Fights that do not receive a response within 3 OOC months will be archived, and the last person to respond will be awarded a participation bonus of 50 CP. If you are going away please notify the other player and a member of staff in advance. A staff member can resurrect the thread for you on your return.
  • Upon completion of the match, participants may remove themselves to The Antechamber for refreshments and medical aid from our trained on-site physicians, free of charge.
  • Entrants must sign their name and the match type to the register. Certain match types may be used in conjunction with one another, e.g. Team Battle/Grudge Match (I)/Steelsong.
  • Certain match types may not be used in conjunction with one another, e.g. Grudge Match + FFA.

Match Types
  • Free-for-all (FFA) Match - Anything goes! All levels, all weaponry, all magic, all enchantments.
  • Grudge Match (S/I/A) - Entrants may sign to fight a random (open thread) or specific (closed thread) combatant of their own skill level. Higher level characters may find themselves being reduced to a skill level that corresponds with the match type. (i.e. An advanced character joining a SIMPLE grudge match, may only use their simple level abilities.)
  • Team Battle - Two teams of two, totaling four players, may face off against one another.
  • Steelsong - Physical Combat only. No magic allowed.
  • Wildfire - Magic Combat only. No basic weaponry. (Summoned weaponry is allowed)


Thread Title: FFA/Wildfire - I have Made Mistakes
Description Line: Agrippa Dabooti vs OPEN

Please do not feel that this must deter you from actually using the forum to roleplay in, which is its intended purpose. The Arena may host matches, but you can always write about your character coming here to spectate, or meeting with an old friend, or perhaps falling into the stadium for some shenanigans. Your imagination is the limit!