The Ruins of Storms

On an island far out to sea, in the darkest depths of Elenlond’s indigenous forests, rests the remains of an ancient temple perverted by pure chaos and darkness. Not a drop of sunlight ever shines from the behind the ever-swirling mass of rain clouds above these ruins. There is hardly ever a time when the rain does not stream down from the sky in angry torrents. Occasionally the rain will let up, but it will not completely dissipate. Hardly a creature roams these ruins save maybe those of the purest forms of darkness, demons untouched by the lure of the light. Though some might find this place to be too frightening to come near, there are a few who find solace within its empty halls and ruined walls. Then there are also those who are foolish or simply brave enough to approach the Ruins with the intent of purging the place and making it a bright and clean place once again.

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