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When creating new abilities (spells, skills, or enchantments), or modifying old ones, please post here for staff review. Once your request has been accepted, we ask that you add them to your profile.Important Topics: Ability Tutorial and Ability Requests/Upgrades/Changes forms.

Forum rules
New Abilities Form [code][b]New Ability ? First Five/Simple/Intermediate/Advanced [please choose one][/b]
[b][please place the milestone (ie. 30 posts) that you are applying these abilities to and LEAVE in the brackets][/b]
[LIST][*][b]Ability 1[/b] ? description here
[*][b]Ability 2[/b] ? description here
[*][b]Ability 3[/b] ? description here, etc.[/LIST] [/code]
If you are upgrading, please place [b][Upgrade] [/b] at the end of the ability. If you are declaring an enchantment, please place [b]Enchantment: [/b] before the name of your enchantment.

If you do not wish to use this form, please include the following information in your post:
[list] [*]What [b]bracket [/b] each ability is for (simple/intermediate/advanced)
[*]What [b]milestone [/b] each ability is for (10, 25, 50, 80 posts etc.)
[*]If the ability is being upgraded, the [b]previous [/b] ability tied to it [/list]
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