The Island of Daro

This island is far out in the ocean, and not often visited by inhabitants of Soare or Angkar. The land is dominated by a jungle and the coasts are rather rocky, making it difficult to find harbour. There are even some shipwrecks on the shore, where entire expeditions were smashed on sharp rocks. One can only wonder what happened to the people on these ships. Perhaps they joined the indigenous tribes on the island, or else were killed by them; it's hard to know when the inhabitants of Daro are not well-documented. On top of this, there are unconfirmed rumours of one or more eccentric sorcerers living on the island, but whether or not this is true is anybody's guess.Despite all of this, the Island of Daro is generally a peaceful place to be, and is often used as a getaway for those who can easily get to it, or as a place to retire for those who want to become as hermit-like as possible.

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