The Island of Angkar

Lying directly between Soare and Esiria in the Ocean of Diverging Waters are the tropical islands of the nation of Angkar. The bulk of the Angkarian population resides on the central island, where the cities of Ildri and Zedrin can be found. The surrounding islands are less populated and developed but still included. The result of this system is that Angkar's culture is very maritime, leading to her naval superiority over the nations of Soare. All of these islands are almost entirely covered in dense rainforest, which is split by roads, but only on the main island. Rather than using farms to feed the populace, the Angkarians have developed a way of cultivating and caring for the land to ensure that a lot of food is produced by the forest. This has allowed the cities and towns to grow to large sizes.Angkarian culture is quite different from that of the countries in Soare, though the influence from communion with Soare has become evident. All the same, the Angkarians follow a complex polytheistic religion and have many social rituals that are foreign to visitors. Despite this dichotomy, Angkar is an important nation for the goods she provides, from seafood to coffee and spices, and, to the nations that have no laws against slavery, people.The former child queen has gone missing and has been presumed executed, and a military junta has risen up following a recent large scale catastrophe involving the necromancers Qayin Graves and Phaedrus.The island is closed to outsiders currently, and tensions are high amongst its citizens and the government.

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