The Grounds

From the outside, the coliseum looks like a giant stepped pyramid. The entranceway is adorned with bright, richly embroidered hangings and leads into the cool interior chamber that is the entrance hall. On both the east and west sides of the coliseum, the halls lead to the antechambers and the gates of the arena. Spectators will find stairways in the halls that take them up to the seating on the steps. Please do not wander from your intended destination. Most of the rooms along these halls are broom cupboards. The antechambers are where waiting entrants may be found, along with small teams of trained physicians ready to tend to the hurts of any injured combatants. Both the east and west side have sizeable kitchens, and accommodation for the various staff than man the halls, and the Forge. Following the halls north, one may find the Forge, and the rear entrance which leads out onto the adjoining sparring grounds.Should one decide to walk a little further north and follow the beaten trail here, you might find yourself walking through the quiet of the graveyard, where memorials to the fallen stand quietly waiting.

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