The Forge

Beneath the north side of the pyramid, one may find the temperature drastically increasing until a sweat begins to break out upon the skin. This is where the metalsmiths work, those who beat weapons and armor into shape, mend the various items and harness and tack of those who compete, and enchant such wonders into the fabric of their being. Combatants who decide to trade their score for a Coin can find a myriad of craftsmen here to imbue their items or craft them a new one, for a fee.The room itself is a vast hall, divided into varying workplaces and so named because of the great forge that dominates the center of the room. While one may find many blacksmiths here, there are also numerous leatherworkers, fletches, stonemasons and magically skilled craftsmen associated with the coliseum plying their trade. At the far end is an entrance as large as that which leads into the Entrance Hall, passing outside and allowing clean air to move through the room.

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