The Entrance Hall

This chamber, simply known as the Entrance Hall, is effectively the meeting point where most of the activity happens. The doors leading in are large enough to accommodate two horsedrawn carts side by side, and the floor is composed of smooth flagstones with inlaid designs.At the far end of the hall a large ornate wooden desk dominates the room. Uniformed clerks bustle about handling papers and taking fares, while a handful of officals carefully mark up the listings. A huge blackboard behind them lists the upcoming games, and the going rate of bets taken by the house.On the right side of the desk is a broad hall leading away towards the eastern end of the coliseum, and taking up most of the wall, a heavy gong. Beside the gong stands a robust looking girl with an oversized hammer, ready to strike it when a match is beginning.On the left there is a similar hall leading to the western end of the pyramid, and a high arch with a heavy ironbound door. This room is simply known as 'El Puerto'. The room is dark, faintly lit by a small blue globe to each wall, casting it in eerie light, and contains only an archway in the center of the rear wall. This archway looks different to everyone, sometimes drastically so, and allows visitors from afar to simply say their incantation and arrive here. The only thing that everyone has in common, is that the word 'Home' is found somewhere upon it. Visitors leaving the coliseum may step back through to the last place they were after incanting again.

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