The Changing of the Leaves

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September 26th, 2017, 5:42 pm #1

Autumn came uniformly late to Elenlond this year, as if the world needed a moment to recover from the momentous events of the year. The heat of summer persisted on mainland Soare for an unusually long time and Morrim and Soto are just beginning to experience the first cool days of autumn. Ashoka, meanwhile, is only just beginning to see the slight downturn of temperatures that usually comes several weeks earlier, signaling that, in a few months time, the cool season will arrive. Angkar remains in the rainy season, and is thus unaffected. All in all it’s a boon for the Sotoans, who were praying for a warm autumn so they would be able to grow more food after such a drastically-shortened growing season. Elsewhere, however, people are just generally annoyed that the heat dragged on so long.

Still, the world marches on – and, as such, we have a lot of new stuff for you guys to ogle!

Current Events
There’s been plenty happening around Elenlond lately! As such, a new Town Crier is out, courtesy of Dnan’s hard work and the contributions of various members. If you’re ever hankering for a thread but unsure what to make it about, or if you just want to catch up on the goings-on around the world, the Town Crier is the place to look!

It’s been a while since we updated the OTMs and we figured that it’s about time, given all the exciting activity that’s going on. As such we have selected Ravanna Elevalon as the Character of the Moment and Shiptop Scandal as the Thread of the Moment. Make sure to congratulate the benefactors and check out what they’ve written!

Sov Party
Also to celebrate the coming of Autumn, Neriasis will be hosting a sovereign party in Ashoka! Keep your eyes peeled – it'll surely start soon.

Elly Awards
All of you have been so patient in waiting for the Elly Awards results to come out, and the moment has finally come! I won’t ramble about it any longer – head over and check them out!