The Black Tower

Located deep within the mountains is a tall, black needle of a tower. Though it is now mostly occupied by criminals and those stuck with nowhere else to go, it was once the domain of the Banshee King, Andromalius, during his attempt to conquer Soare. Since the conquest failed, the tower has fallen into disrepair.When one enters through the large creaky doors, they will enter a large room with a massive oak table that used to be polished but is now scratched and rickety. Heading up a flight of stone stairs in the corner of the room, a traveller will find that they are faced with an intricate network of hallways and rooms. If one goes high enough, they will find the dark room that Isra Amiel was held captive in, along with the place where the Eye of Zanna was once kept. The room has remained untouched, for a dark aura seems to hang about the place and the remnants of the shattered artefact can still be found there.

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