The Badlands

The desert sands shift from yellow to copper-red as one travels towards the eastern coast of Ashoka, for it is there that the Badlands emerge from the rolling dunes. The Badlands may be slightly more rainy than the rest of the desert, but it is still a barren place with sparse greenery. The terrain is shaped with high hills and rocky spires, and a canyon cuts through the very heart of this region, called the Origa Ravine. The river that runs at the bottom of the ravine has worn away aeons of stone, revealing the striated layers that make up the hills.Standing above the ravine, one will here naught but the wind and the occasional echoing call of a bird. It seems a mystical place, and indeed the tribesmen tell legends of how the canyon was carved out by the passage of an immense serpent. If a traveller were to explore further, scrambling around on the steep slopes of the hills and gorges, they may find caves that have protected ancient cave paintings for countless years, or else some other secrets hidden by the land.

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