The Arena

The arena stands as a large, rectangular space surrounded by fifteen foot walls. These walls rise up in thick stone steps, like an inverse pyramid, with a smaller staircase running through the center for those trying to navigate to a seat. The steps are richly carved and provide seating on three sides for the common people, with the northernmost side reserved for those of a nobler nature, or just a little more coin in their pockets. The seating on the noble side is often covered with lush hangings and plump cushions to make it that much more comfortable.The arena itself is used predominantly for combat, but there is a large stone hoop high on one wall, where native Angkarian's often stage games of Pok-A-Tok. The east and west walls harbor gates that allow entrants access to the main staging area, the tunnels leading back around beneath the south side of the pyramid.The floor is covered in a fine sand, sometimes concealing the means to open trap doors and release creatures or weaponry into the area. The walls are cunningly worked to show designs of proud warriors engaging in combat or playing Pok-A-Tok, some of them concealing gates that provide a similar service to the hidden trapdoors.

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