Summertime Activity Check

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A Burst of Sun
Another season has rolled around and spring has given way to the mighty power of summer! The crickets sing at night, the grasshoppers flit up from the fields at the sound of your step, the moths beat in confusion around the lantern. In Morrim and Ashoka expect dryness and the beams of the sun beating upon your head; in Soto and Angkar expect air as wet as water and thunderstorms that thrash the treetops. All around the world, however, different people expect different things for themselves: some expect happiness, others suffering, some love and others desolation, some adventure, other contentment and others peril. What do you and your characters expect?

Autumn Comes to Soto
We do know one thing: the Sotoans expect their futures to be brighter now that the war is over. This thread marks the end of our long-running Soto plot, so if you haven’t joined it already and would like to, now is your time! Just so we can all move on with our individual character plots, I will have to spoiler it for you: Méadaigh loses the war. After that, Soto faces a long period of rebuilding, particularly in Soto. This effort is hindered by the fact that the plants are exhausted from their unnaturally extended growth period and have gone into dormancy. What does grow at this time grows in soil that has been sapped of its fertility and is the weaker for it. Until nature falls into its old cycles again, the Sotoans will continue to face hunger.

Keep your eyes out for updated descriptions of the forum descriptions for Soto, which will reflect the changes to the landscape from the war.

Staff Changes
You may have noticed there are some new faces amongst the staff – please congratulate Qayin and Mel for ascending to the rank of moderator! We are sure they will be very helpful both to pre-existing staff and to the members. Meanwhile, we have let Neri retire so she can have a little more time to herself.

There’s some more people for you to congratulate: Lilieth has won character of the month and Juul, Shiro and Gale have won an award for their collective efforts in An Untimely Frost!

Current Events Submissios
We’re working on another Town Crier, so if your character have been up to anything noteworthy (such as blowing up a town, creating a plague of frogs or causing big waves in fashion circles by covering themselves in live ants) or if you just have any ideas for recent events in any of the countries, please PM your submissions to Shrista!

Summer Cleaning
Following the completion of the Activity Check (see below), we'll be doing some general housecleaning. Any thread that has not received a reply since 2016 will be moved into the archives, along with any threads by members who are no longer active, and open threads that haven't received a reply in 60 days. If something gets archived mistakenly, or you need it removed from the archives, please contact a staff member to retrieve it. We're more than happy to help!

Sometime after the Activity Check, we'll be launching the Elly Awards. Be sure to keep an eye out for remarkable threads, writing and characters so you'll be ready to nominate others for their hard work!

Suggestions for YOUR Summer Cleaning
Time marches inevitably forth and, because of that, things tend to get outdated. Thus I'd like to suggest to everyone to take a few minutes to adjust some things so they're more up to date. Have a look at your character profile just to make sure the age and other basic facts at the top of the profile are still accurate. If you change all these before the end of the Activity Check (see below), then you won't need to post in the "Profile Edits/Updates" thread like normal: these will be taken into account when the Compendium is re-done.

Also, it might be a good idea to update your character's mini-profile. To do this, go to the top toolbar on the site, and go to Preferences > Edit Profile. Have a look at your signature: are all the threads listed there still active? Also, if you're feeling really ambitious, you might want to update your thread tracker.

I'll be taking a leaf out of my own book and be doing this myself!

Activity Check
We do not require you to make xx number of IC posts—the exception to this being the players who have a Sovereign character; information can be found below for Sovereign characters. Please fill out the following form with your information, post here, and the staff will update the lists every few days, depending on how many responses we receive at a time.

Code: Select all

[b]Player Alias[/b]:
[b]Characters to KEEP[/b]:
[b]Characters to ARCHIVE[/b]:
[b]Characters to DELETE[/b]:
This form should be filled out and posted in this topic. So, if I were to fill this out, it would look something like this:
wrote:Player Alias: Ephie
Characters to KEEP: Nevneni, Aniketos, Zeno, Kist, Kupselion, Chimaed
Characters to ARCHIVE: N/A
Characters to DELETE: N/A
If the character name does not match the username, please give us the username (ex. Kestrel Sumner instead of Shadow).

Please declare any NPCs as part of your characters to keep/archive/delete so that we know what to do with them. If you are not using your NPC accounts, you may wish to have them deleted.

Since Sovereign characters are an integral part of the world in that they afford players a great deal of plotting opportunities, the Activity Check is slightly different for these characters. If a Sovereign character has not made at least 1 IC post in the past month, we require that their player makes at least 2 IC posts by the final day of the AC (see below); those posts will need to be linked in this topic or they will not count. If the player does not make these two posts, the Sovereign character will be demoted and the position opened up for someone else to take. Characters who are demoted will not be reinstated. If activity drops immediately after the AC, staff will contact the individual players. To recap:
  • If you have not made an IC post with your Sovereign in the last month (after April 31, 2017), you must make 2 IC posts by the end of this AC.
  • Either link here to your 1 IC post, or your 2 IC posts, depending on which category you fall under.
  • If you do not meet this requirement with your Sovereign character, your character risks being demoted.
Absences will, as always, be considered. However, please note that lack of muse is not a valid absence, unless that lack of muse stems from sources such as work/family stress, illness, etc. If you have posted an absence and are posting with other characters, we will assume that you are well enough to post with your Sovereign, meaning that you are still responsible for fulfilling that part of the AC.

If you have a posted absence, please link it here.

The activity check will run from today, May 31, 2017 until June 21, 2017. Players that do not post here by the end date will have their accounts deleted if an account has less than 10 posts or archived if it has more than 10 posts. All inactive character profiles will be archived regardless of post count.

Feel free to PM any staffer if you have questions!
Activity Check Account Status wrote:Accounts to Keep
  • Alexandros
  • Altair
  • Aniketos
  • Artorias
  • Barrin
  • Baqi
  • Bast
  • Carig Coldiron
  • Chimaed
  • Dage Faro
  • Dalbhack
  • Etherone
  • Galeas
  • Gozrik
  • Jendrith
  • Jhaereth
  • Juul Shaepah
  • Kestrel Sumner
  • Kindle Blackheath
  • Kist
  • Kupselion
  • Leofric de Hollemark
  • Leucadius
  • Lilieth
  • Lillith
  • Mairead de Latte
  • Maya
  • Melden
  • Mordecai
  • Nakara Besschentyil
  • Neriasis
  • Nevneni
  • Orion de Lacey
  • Phaedrus
  • Qayin
  • Rhia
  • Rolande
  • Pheonitia
  • Sabellius
  • Sara
  • Shell
  • Shenta
  • Shiro
  • Shrista
  • Sigvard
  • Sinadryn Arsydian
  • Sophia
  • Sun
  • Tamber
  • Tekun
  • Viktor
  • Yada'nok
  • Ylsa
  • Zeno
Accounts to Archive
  • Crimson Khana
  • Ersatz
  • Foojoe?
  • Galena
  • Lorialette
  • Merisiel Dragon-Rider
  • Vitamy

Accounts to Delete
Italics means character has checked in but we are awaiting posts to fulfill the AC.

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Player Alias: DaringRaven
Characters to KEEP: Qayin, Rolande
Characters to ARCHIVE: N/A
Characters to DELETE: N/A

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Ayyyyy OTM's!
Player Alias: Reno, Sir Not of King
Characters to KEEP: Shiro
Characters to ARCHIVE: N/A
Characters to DELETE:N/A

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June 1st, 2017, 5:50 am #4

Player Alias: Juul
Characters to KEEP: Juul Shaepah, Leofric de Hollemark
Characters to ARCHIVE: N/A
Characters to DELETE: N/A



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June 1st, 2017, 6:56 am #5

Player Alias: Lilieth
Characters to KEEP: Lilieth
Characters to ARCHIVE:
Characters to DELETE:

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June 1st, 2017, 2:17 pm #6

Player Alias: crow
Characters to KEEP: Mordecai, Phaedrus, Lillith, Baqi
Characters to ARCHIVE: n/a
Characters to DELETE: n/a

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June 1st, 2017, 2:32 pm #7

Player Alias: lotte
Characters to KEEP: Mairead de Latte, Melden
Characters to ARCHIVE: n/a
Characters to DELETE: n/a

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June 1st, 2017, 3:48 pm #8

Player Alias: Dnan
Characters to KEEP: Shrista, Alexandros, Altair, Bast, Jhaereth, Sabellius
Characters to ARCHIVE: Foojoe, Galena
Characters to DELETE:

(Think I should just make Foo an NPC at this point, I love him to bits but goddamn, where is the motivation)

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June 1st, 2017, 4:01 pm #9

Player Alias: Neri
Characters to KEEP: Neriasis, Dalbhack, Shenta, Tamber, Jendrith
Characters to ARCHIVE: Vitamy, Ersatz
Characters to DELETE: n/a

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June 1st, 2017, 8:23 pm #10

Player Alias: AD
Characters to KEEP: Sophia, Viktor, Gozrik, Maya, Sun
Characters to ARCHIVE: -
Characters to DELETE: -

Feels weird not having a sovereign for once. Ah well, no post linking for me!