Sovereign Guidelines

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Sovereign Guidelines

Sovereignty is a position of some importance on Elenlond, both in character and out of character. In character, they have at least some degree of power over their country, and so Sovereigns will be mentioned by other characters and will have the power to cause bigger movements in the world. Thus, looking at this from an out of character standpoint, we expect players of Sovereign characters to be ready to participate in plots or even start them. Sovereigns can create a lot of action on Elenlond and many eyes will be on them, so we ask a little bit extra from aspiring Sovereigns, which is as follows.

Applying for a Sovereign character
Whether you are turning an old character into a Sovereign or creating an entirely new character to become one, we ask that first you PM any member of the staff with a brief description of the character, which can be freeform, and the following form filled out:

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[b]Political Aspirations[/b] — [What does you character want from their political position, both for themselves and for their country? How do they feel about the major political issues in their country, and what do they intend to do about them?]
[b]Country Relations[/b] – [Remove the country that your character represents, but provide a modest excerpt as to how your character feels about each country.]
[list][*][i]Angkar[/i] –
[*][i]Ashoka[/i] –
[*][i]Morrim[/i] –
[*][i]Soto[/i] –[/list]
If the preview of the character is satisfactory, you’ll be given the go ahead to put up your character in the Scroll of Application. The above form must be added to the character’s profile. Don’t worry if your character doesn't get approval the first time or if you haven’t fully formed your idea yet. The staff doesn't want to simply reject characters—we’ll do our best to brainstorm with you if anything is lacking, so feel free to use this as an opportunity. It is not so much a test as it is a way of enriching the character so they’ll be a successful Sovereign.

We are looking for the following for Sovereign characters and their players:
  • Political motivations that will lead the character into action
  • Versatility and dynamism
  • Comprehension of Elenlondian history and culture
  • Uniqueness and creativity
Once the Sovereign character’s profile is approved, the character is officially a Sovereign and the character’s account will be moved into that usergroup, giving you access to the Sovereign Discussions board.

Posting Requirements
Rather than the normal requirement of one post per month for other characters, Sovereigns will have to post a minimum of three (3) times per month and provide confirmation of their activity by linking at least one recent post during an Activity Check. Any Sovereign that falls short during the Activity Check will be put on probation, meaning they will be carefully monitored to make sure they’re meeting activity requirements.

Sovereign Parties
The other responsibility we ask of our Sovereign characters is that they be ready to host a special event called a Sovereign Party. The basic idea here is for the character to have an open thread that any number of people can join in on. It can be a ball, a drinking party, or some other event hosted by the Sovereign character. Feel free to use your imagination with this; if you want the thread to be about your Sovereign funding a parade or directing a tournament, circus, fundraiser, or some such, then go for it! The main point is that your Sovereign play an integral role in the event and that this event is open, allowing for all sorts of characters to meet each other and for other Sovereigns to begin to form relationships.

The process for Sovereign Parties is as such:
  • Two staff-mandated Sovereign Parties will occur per year, roughly in opposite seasons (ex. summer and winter or spring and autumn).
  • Hosts of Sovereign Parties will be chosen through a rotating list of Sovereigns, which is initially generated randomly. New Sovereigns will be inserted into the list randomly. However, new Sovereigns will not be placed at the head of the list.
  • Sovereigns who were approved before May 31, 2014 have the right to abstain from hosting a party, as they became Sovereigns before this rule was implemented.
  • Similarly, if someone is expected to host a Sovereign Party but will not be able to because of personal reasons, they have the right to abstain as well and will be skipped overt.
  • Notification of the future Sovereign Party will come to the host on the Sovereign's account 2 weeks before the estimated date of Sovereign Party, but the party may be posted before these 2 weeks are up. It should not take more than 3 weeks to post the event after the notification.
  • If anyone who wants to volunteer to host a party in place of a scheduled party, they are welcome to do so, so long as they confirm it with the staff and with the person originally meant to host the party. Their character's name will then be put at the end of the rotation list.
  • If anyone wishes to volunteer to host a part off the schedule, they are encouraged to do so, and will thus be placed at the end of the rotation list. However, they must first confirm this with staff via PM or in the Sovereign Discussions board.
  • Parties may be given temporary forums upon request should people want to create multiple threads based around the party.
  • Parties may be delayed or replaced by seasonal events.
  • Sovereign Parties will be placed on the Timeline for posterity.
The next Sovereign Party will be hosted by Orion de Lacey in Summer, 8 AR