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Yo! Since unfortunately some old members have gone inactive or MIA, and even more unfortunately, they’ve been Sovereign characters, it really throws politics and world-shifting character actions into gridlock.

As a result, what I propose is converting Sovereign PCs to NPCs instead.

Now, this is an issue because the current Sovereigns are all player characters, and it would be awful to convert them to NPCs and have them played by another person without permission. So what I propose is:

1) Ask the original player (if available), if their PC can be converted into an NPC and used sparingly by staff or eligible members for the sake of plot purposes,


2) Contact the original player (if available), and figure out a way that the Sovereign would step down willingly from power (or be deposed… or murdered… or super murdered...). An NPC would then be appointed instead.

Why an NPC?

An NPC would allow for more flexibility. Ideally they would be played by staff, but if a player is eligible, they could play them for a limited time in order to enact a plot, etc.

That way the character can be played by multiple people and shifted around if one person becomes inactive. It makes sense that Sovereigns would be used sparingly, too, and only for ground-shaking matters like political decisions, war, etc. It can be frustrating to play a PC that’s so tied down to a single place, and even harder to play them long-term—ergo I think they should be NPCs.

Additionally, NPCs can be uniquely crafted to suit the country they’re in—it would make more sense than having an outsider or PC that isn’t tailored to the culture/court/etc become Sovereign.

Also, NPCs can be killed and aren’t subject to the same rules as PCs; it makes it easy to have a powerful sorcerer in power, for example, because it skips the Abilities/posts that PCs have to accumulate. Also, NPCs’ ability to be murdered or injured (MUUAHAHHA) can make stuff…. very interesting, since they’re more disposable.

But what if I want to play a Sovereign character?

I figure that Sovs are mostly used for 2 things:
1) Sov parties
2) political events, wars, and so on.

So playing a Sovereign is pretty limited in scope, since they likely wouldn’t interact with commoners or most PCs very much.

HOWEVER, if a player wants to play a character that wields political or military power, they can create a character to play in the Sovereign’s court instead.

Court positions are numerous, and since changing members of a court is less dire than changing Sovereigns, it’s fine if someone wants to retire a PC or goes inactive. Plus, people in court are backstabbing and power hungry, so ICly it makes sense if… uh… your character goes ‘missing’. So hey, maybe you can’t play a Mogul…. But what about a vizier? A general? Head Inquisitor? Etc.

Since these positions are powerful, they would be subject to the same activity checks as Sovereign positions, with the omission of the Sovereign balls.

It also makes more sense for a PC to rise to power into one of these positions, because for the most part court peeps are elected by the Sovereign or the people (in Soto’s case), and not born into. It’s easier to become the King’s right hand than the King himself.

What if I want to play a Sovereign for real for real tho?

No problem! While I figure in this system that Sov NPCs would be handled by staff 99% of the time, players ought to be able to apply to use them briefly for player-driven plots.

The application process would consider:

1) Is the plot they’re proposing something the Sovereign would do in the first place?
2) Would this player stay true to character motivations and personality and not act OOC?
3) Is it necessary for a Sovereign to be played in this plot, or can the role be filled by a PC?
4) Is this player active, and will they commit to finishing a plot?

And so on.


This is really a minor thing, but I think it can clear up some confusion. Everyone on here usually ends up with a main character. And staffers use their main character accounts by which to post, approve, etc — but it might be confusing to new peeps. Like “who is this person? Which staffer are they?” etc.

Which is why I propose that Staffers ought to just have an individual Staff account. It’s really simple: DR would have an account called “DaringRaven” or “DR" instead of posting with Qayin, and all Admin matters would be handled there. Character approval, Town Crier submissions, etc.

It’s just something I’ve seen elsewhere, and it might be handy!

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