Southwestern Island

Whereas the mainland of Soto is populated largely by mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, the colder climate of the Southwestern Island fosters only conifers, from towering pines to sturdy yews. Many refugees were brought to the island during the war with the fae, and so the island, which was once quite sparsely inhabited, is seeing its settlements swell. Communities which were once small are being swollen, new villages are popping up and many people are setting up new farms wherever they can.Though the Southwestern Island is technically incorporated into the Sotoan nation, it is also somehow separate. A separate guild system operates here, with a minor council that decides affairs only for the inhabitants of the island, though the laws of Soto as a whole are still observed. Despite this separation, the Southwestern Island still bestows great benefit upon Soto, for the trees here are particularly tall and produce particularly luxurious wood. Lumber is therefore the greatest export of the Southwestern Island, for it is bought even by the Sotoan mainlanders who desire something of higher quality than what is produced by their own trees.

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