Lying to the south of Ashoka, Soto is a large nation that makes up the entire southwestern part of Soare. The land is dominated by large, lush forests which sprawl over rolling hills and were once home to innumerable creatures and the Sotoan people alike. Winding through the landscape are wide rivers, which are accompanied by majestic waterfalls and tranquil lakes. The Sotoans have thrown off the oppression of Méadaigh and her fae followers, but the country still struggles with famine and the mighty efforts of rebuilding. The city of Madrid was occupied by the enemy and has been recently reclaimed, but due to the high mortality rate of the war and the number of people who left as refugees, it is hardly as full as it used to be. Reine, meanwhile, is accepting food for the people from its port. Its population is higher than normal because so many refugees escaped to the stronghold during the war. Some villages were completely obliterated during the war, but some managed to maintain the fight against weeds and the fae. The only place in Soto that was unaffected by the war and Méadaigh's magic was the Southwestern Isle and its major city, Hohoemi.

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