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Sinadryn Arsydian

Sinadryn Arsydian
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Joined: February 23rd, 2011, 8:49 pm

February 24th, 2011, 6:00 am #1

::Name – Sinadryn Arsydian
::Aliases – Sin
::Pronunciation – Sin-uh-drin Are-sid-ee-in
::Age – 24
::Gender – Male
::Social Class – Former Prince; currently commoner
::Occupation – Knight (Errant), fledgling shaman
::Alignment – Good
::Race – Human
::Nationality – Other (from Ardia, not Elenlond)
::Family – Lyra (mother), Keylan (father), Syrth (brother)
::Physical Description – Sinadryn's black hair falls just past his ears, with a thick white streak—likely caused by a birthmark—protruding from it on the left-hand side. His grey-green eyes tend to stand out quite a bit because of his dark hair, as does his pallid complexion. His nose is straight but has an almost elegant appearance to it, and spanning across it and touching the top edge of either cheek is a maroon scar. His eyes have sometimes been described as looking almost hollow or to echo sadness, but it is not unknown for them to exude the same expression that his lips do.

The knight's frame is tall and lithe, with some muscular toning, but nothing that would be expected of a regular knight (due mostly to how Ardia trains its knights and soldiers). He tends to wear a long-sleeved, hooded white jacket with white leather belts stitched onto either side so that it can be done up. Beneath, he favours a white tunic and loose white pants, and black leather boots (a contradiction to his outfit, perhaps, but not done consciously). Whether or not there is some symbolism in what he wears is as of yet unknown. It could, in fact, just be a reference to his position in the Ardian army.

It is a little-known fact that Sinadryn's chest is marred by nine inch-long scars inflicted on his body by his at-the-time fiancee, or that he has another, longer scar extending from his right shoulder to the left side of his waist. These are all also maroon in colour.

::Personality – Sinadryn is, by nature, very polite, courteous, and especially chivalrous because those were traits impressed on him beginning at age nine, when he became entered into page training. He has a relatively calm and mellow persona and, when confronted conflict, adopts a very strategical mindset that he uses to determine his adversary’s strengths and weaknesses and how he best to exploit them. But these are just the aspects of himself that he tries to focus on and display to the general public, as he is plagued by a form of depression known as dysthymia, which is characterized by bouts of depression, followed by days—sometimes weeks—of feelings of normalcy and mental wellness. Since these feelings began some seven years ago—and were, at that time, more akin to major depressive disorder, called "Melancholy Madness" by his peers—they have lessened in intensity.

Sinadryn does not see himself as being above anybody else. Regardless of social status— peasant, noble, or royalty, even—everyone is equal in his eyes and should be treated as such. Such ideals were taught to him by both his mother and his father, so that as he grew older he would not become one of those corrupted royals who saw the peasantry as being little more than filthy beggars on a beautiful cobblestone street. These teachings were more for his brother Syrth than they were for Sinadryn, but the boys were treated equally, despite Syrth being the true heir.

Temperamental in his younger years, Sinadryn has outgrown his youth and is now neither easily irked nor arrogant.

::History – Son of the King, Sinadryn was second to the throne of Ardia, his older sibling, Syrth, the true heir. Born within the palace, he spent the first seven years of his life in comfort, learning how to respect others and adopting the morals that his mother and father had to teach him—specifically equality among all. At the age of seven, a swordsman was hired to teach him the art of sword fighting, and it became evident that while he could acquire most of the basic skills necessary for an average sword, it was a weapon that would take a great deal of work and struggle for him to learn to wield efficiently. When he turned nine he was enrolled as a page and forced to work towards becoming a knight against his will, just as his brother had done six years before.

Begrudgingly, he studied not only the art of combat, but also the various other kingdoms, their monarchs, and their status with regards to his home country, Ardia. He studied creatures, geography, history, and was taught proper court etiquette—skills that he would neither appreciate nor understand until adulthood. Concerning weapons of combat, he was largely humiliated for his inability to wield most of them effectively, often being the subject of snide remarks and sardonic behaviour. All but one of the boys that he studied with mocked him: Senz. A boy a couple years older than Sinadryn, Senz had a kind heart and extended his hand without hesitation. The two of them grew to be very close.

As the years progressed, Sinadryn was forced to choose a weapon to master; he chose the katar. An assassin’s weapon, he was again humiliated for his decision, but, despite this, he came to be one of the few who could use them efficiently. Over time he also became proficient with the short sword, after years of further training, and the lance, which could be used from horseback. At the age of ten he was given a bay mustang stallion that he named Cyclone; a knight is not a knight if he does not have his warhorse.

During his fourth year as a page, Sin experienced his first real feelings of attraction towards a red-haired girl named Tanis. Tall, graceful, and somewhat feisty, she quickly became the apple of his eye. She was the daughter of a duke who had devoted his life to one of Ardia's several deities, allowing for a potential marriage match if both Tanis' father and Sinadryn's parents agreed.

With age and his experiences with the opposite sex, Sinadryn's personality began to change and mature. Moving from a rebellious, outspoken, pompous child, he became a calm, collected, and mature adolescent.

A year after he met Tanis for the first time—and after several rejections as he tried to court her—the two were captured by a small group of bandits. Tanis had ridden out of the city after an argument with her father and Sin was returning from a hunting expedition with his father, brother, and a small group of high-ranking nobles. Trailing behind to enjoy the subsequent quiet that aloneness brings, Sinadryn heard Tanis' scream and immediately urged Cyclone into a gallop in the general direction of her scream. He took an arrow to his chest, up near his left collarbone, which caused him to tumble from his warhorse; Cyclone fled, spooked.

The two were taken captive and thrown into an abandoned mill, left so that a proper ransom could be drafted and executed. Bruised and battered, Tanis sulked as Sinadryn carefully pulled the arrow from his chest and tried to stem the bleeding with an unused burlap sack that would probably have held flour or grains. It wasn't the best bandage, but it was better than absolutely nothing. As Tanis continued to huddle on the floor with her knees drawn to her chest and a scowl on her face, the prince rooted around the mill, found that one of its few window panes was rotted, and with great difficulty smashed it apart. It was only then that Tanis seemed to revive herself and the two slipped out and into the woods. Although he was not an exceptional tracker, Sinadryn managed to bring them both to safety; by the time they returned to Ezran, the adrenaline and cortisol had left Sin's system and exhaustion set in. Having been missing for several hours, they were quickly beset upon by the city guards; Sinadryn was quickly rushed to the infirmary and Tanis was handed over to her father, unharmed. She remained disinterested, though she was grateful; her father despised Sin.

At fourteen Sinadryn also graduated from page to squire. By this time he was able to wield his katars properly and had some mastery in the short sword with work still being done on the lance. He began to experience what it was like to be a knight, and the trials that they underwent on a daily basis, as well as the more tedious processes, such as paper work. Gradually he began to cease using every opportunity he had to talk to Tanis, finally succumbing to the fact that she did not care for him the way he did for her.

At sixteen Tanis suddenly returned his affections. Asking that he meet her on a bridge spanning across a small river within Ezran, she came to him and spoke softly before she kissed him. It was unexpected, but accepted nonetheless, and from this a very close and loving relationship spawned—or so Sinadryn believed. Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Sinadryn asked her to marry him.

Unfortunately, their time together was short-lived. The night before their wedding, Tanis crept into his bedroom and did the unthinkable: she tried to murder him. Missing his throat on the first try, she caught his face and cut from one cheek to the other, leaving a thin, maroon scar across his nose. In a hurried frenzy she stabbed him nine times in and around his chest and abdomen, each wound about an inch long, and shattered a couple of his ribs. She fled the room, panicked, and returned shortly thereafter to find him trying desperately to craw out of his bedroom. Hoping to actually kill him on the second pass, Tanis slashed his back. She fled again and, realizing what she had done, committed suicide.

Syrth found Sin collapsed just outside his bedroom; he carried his brother to Aerys, the palace healer. Her hopes for keeping him alive were minimal at best, but through meticulous treatment and constant care, he survived, although he was confined to the infirmary for just shy of a year. During this time he was permitted to visit Tanis' grave and was occasionally found unconscious there. He also received a black and white wolf pup that he later called Tempest. He regained the use of his limbs via practicing sword play with Syrth and Senz and returned to serving as a knight when he was eighteen. He was eventually knighted.

Sinadryn never spoke of the dreams and nightmares he had, of the things he experienced while unconscious or sedated. Grief at Tanis' loss cut him deeply, and it is believed that he eventually became rooted in one of its many stages, unable to surpass the belief that Tanis was really gone and that it was time to move on. Instead, his moods spiralled and he plunged into depression. He continued to visit Tanis' tomb, leaving a single white rose each time.

Shortly after he was knighted, a war broke out between Ardia and a neighbouring country. After a great victory against the enemy a couple of years into the war, when Sin was twenty, Senz urged him to leave, pointing out how the depression that had gripped him after Tanis' death had still not fully dissipated, although there was no denying that it had alleviated somewhat. Agreeing after some coaxing, Sinadryn finally left Ardia. On Tanis' grave he left one final black rose and a card that read "Forever Yours."

The rest of his history is a blur. There are a faint smattering of memories, random ones, of things he thinks he knows, but cannot quite grasp. He recognizes several names—Iris, Maliha, Phaethon, and Saito, to name a few—but little else. Recently he has realized that he tried to commit suicide at least once, but was saved by something or someone named Phaethon. The last memory he has, besides those before he left home, are of a large fiery bird bearing down on him and a flash of white hot light.

::The Present
  • Sinadryn washed up on Angkar's shores and was found by Evalee, who saved him and gave him a carving that he cherishes.
  • He has discovered shamanic abilities that he did not possess previously, no doubt tied to the gap in his memory.
  • Currently, Sinadryn is staying with the Ashokan refugees, acting as a minor healer but more as a soldier.
Sinadryn suffers from a disorder known as dysthymia, which is characterized by cycles of mild to moderate depression, broken by the occasional day (or days/weeks) of normalcy (ex. feelings of wellness, pleasure in life, etc.). Symptoms include poor appetite or overeating, insomnia or hypersomnia, low energy or fatigue, low self-esteem, poor concentration or difficulty making decisions, and feelings of hopelessness; these symptoms must be experienced more days than not and a patient must feel at least two of the above symptoms. As time passes, however—it has been seven years since Tanis' psychotic episode and subsequent suicide—these symptoms gradually begin to subside.

First Five Abilities
  • Ambidexterity – Sinadryn can dual-wield.
  • Swift – Sinadryn's body is built for swiftness, not strength. Therefore, he moves slightly faster than the average person whose reflexes are on the whole average/functional, and runs a bit faster than the average person can run at a full sprint.
  • Reflexes – Tied to speed, Sin's reflexes are better than average, enabling him to perceive and react to some attacks immediately before they hit. This is only the case, however, if the combatant involved is on the whole an average fighter, with no proficiencies in swiftness, and cannot him/herself perceive Sinadryn's own attacks as he's making them (ie. it would render a counterattack useless if the counterattack was also perceived in the same way that Sinadryn had perceived the original attack).
  • Enchantment: The Avenging Angel, Thanatos – One of Sinadryn's katars is enchanted, an artifact from a period of time that he cannot remember. Double-edged, this katar can both harm and heal the one being struck. Imbued with mana, the Thanatos detects the nature of the one caught in combat with Sinadryn and gauges the damage that shall be dealt – rather, the more prominent the stench of death on their person, the worse the wounds dealt by the katar. Upon connecting with flesh, the wounds pus, ooze, bleed, and become infected. Just as this blade can destroy, it can also animate.

    If the katar’s intent is to heal, the silver blade can be drawn along the lines of wounds where the skin will suture itself together again. It must come into physical contact with the injury it is healing, whether that be a fractured bone, a gash, or a shattered wrist. If there is anything between the blade and the ailment, even flesh, there will be no effect.

    Sinadryn can consciously override the power of his katar, preventing it from causing devastation on a murderer or healing the wounds of one who deserves to die. The katar may only heal no more than a shattered limb, such as a hand, a wrist, or an ankle, and may not harm more than a pussing, oozing, bleeding wound. If this wound is not treated, however, it may fester further and have serious complications.
  • Psychopomp – The remnants of the past 2-3 years of Sinadryn's life—the period of time that he can't remember—have come in the form of an odd ability that feels oddly familiar to him. Unlike most, Sinadryn can see and identify the souls of the dead that remain wandering or lost on the plane of existence where humans reside. As such, he is able to lead them to a peaceful afterlife, placing them beyond the clutches of necromancers and puppeteers. He cannot, however, pry the souls from a necromancer's clutches, even if that soul was either wandering or not quite far enough into Death to be inaccessible. In being able to identify wandering or lost souls, Sinadryn by extension is also able to access the spiritual world.

Additional Simple Abilities
  • Spiritual Healing – Shamanism, inevitably, involves the healing of ailments, maladies, and sickness via the soul. At the simple level, Sinadryn is capable of healing minor physical maladies (lacerations, bruises, bone fractures, and minor breaks), including basic poisons, such as those derived from the herbs nightshade and foxglove. By entering the spirit world, Sinadryn can identify the toxins of the soul and repair them, thereby healing the afflicted in the real world. Anything major, however, such as internal bleeding, breaks that have happened in several places, shattered bones, and debilitating and often fatal disease, he will not touch, for fear of making it worse. At best, he could perhaps ease the suffering of the victim—a spiritual anaesthetic, if you will—for a several hours, but nothing more. As an extension of this ability to heal, he may also find pieces of souls that have floated away, either because the soul has wandered during dreams or because it has experienced physical or emotional trauma, and re-attach them to the main portion.
  • Trance – By entering a trance, Sinadryn's ability to find lost or wandering souls, floating soul pieces, and disease and sickness increases by about 20%. In this state he is vulnerable to temporarily losing himself and being attacked and killed, as he will have very little sense of where he is in the material world. Following a trance he is also disoriented for several minutes and may even be a bit delirious, which is generally a minor problem for those who have spirit guides, but a larger one for those who do not. The effects of a trance, however, last several hours.
Additional Intermediate Abilities
  • N/A
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