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Kestrel Sumner
Citizen of the World
Joined: June 17th, 2004, 9:25 pm

March 27th, 2008, 11:56 pm #1

::Name - Shadow (once Kestrel Sumner, but the name escaped her long ago)
::Gender - Female
::Age - 26
::Race - Human/shapeshifter
::Social Class - Commoner
::Occupation - Swordspell, sellsword
::Alignment - Chaotic Good
::Nationality - Other (not from Elenlond)
  • Kendra Sumner nee Rhian [mother, deceased]
  • Linden Sumner [father, deceased]
  • Briar Sumner [brother, assumed dead but unknown]
::Weapons - daggers (x8), bastard sword

Shadow stands at barely 5'2" and has rich chocolate-brown hair that extends just past her shoulders. Her physique is toned, and she sports hips that would be appropriate for child-rearing and breasts that are proportionate to her hourglass figure. Despite this, Shadow is lithe in stature and nimble in her movements. Her eyes are green, and there is a certain intensity to her stare.

She favours short-sleeved tunics with a more feminine cut around the collarbone, and her pants are more akin to capris, ending just below her knee. She wears a belt at her waist, followed by two more that are hitched to it; they wrap around her hips to connect at the back. Around her right thigh there are two more belts. She chooses brown leather boots as her footwear. The toes are covered in steel and more steel extends over the bridge of her foot and around the heel.

Shadow is a woman of many emotions; she can be cynicism, her arrogance, her impishness, and especially the warmth she shows towards those she trusts. Those who know her well would say that she wears her heart on her sleeve and is not afraid to divulge how she’s feeling, while those who don’t know her would tell you that she comes off as aloof. She is quite adept at assessing situations and acting upon her intuition, sometimes against her better judgement.

She does not express her innermost thoughts unless it is to someone she has a very strong and bond. She generally keeps to herself and doesn’t say much; she can, however, be passionate, and it is not unknown for her to be swept away by her own emotions, positive or negative. Anger, especially, tends to have this effect. She doesn’t cry often. There are no secrets when it comes to how she feels about particular individuals.

::The Past
The first five years of Shadow’s life are of little importance to her narrative—she lived with her parents and her brother in a small home in a secluded glade away from civilization. When she did visit the surrounding towns and villages, it was always with her father.

It became apparent months after her birth that she was a shapeshifter like her dad. Although most children born as shapeshifters were shifting in the womb and were often born human but shapeshifting immediately out of the womb, this was not the case for Shadow—likely due to her mother’s human blood.

Kaleth, obsessed with his vendetta against Shadow’s mother, Kendra, discovered her location. He ordered the family home to be burned to the ground, killing her mother, father, and Briar. Kendra managed to push Shadow out the door before the roof collapsed. Shadow fled to the bushes along the outskirts of the glade and watched her home burn to the ground. She used the glow of ashes from the smouldering house to find the path through the forest that she used to take with her father. She spent the night on the street in the nearby town wide awake. The following morning, a local blacksmith, Idrius, found her huddled in the shadow of the building, catatonic. He picked her up and brought her into his shop.

It took several days before she would talk to him. He asked her her name and she said she couldn’t remember; he asked where her family was and she said they were dead. He took to calling her “Shadow” because he had found her in the shadows of his smithy.

Shadow spent seven years with the blacksmith. During this time, an affinity for elemental-based magic awoke in her. She experimented frequently with it, especially fire-based magic. In light of this discovery, Idrius taught her how to wield a sword and how to dual-wield daggers for her safety and protection. He taught her about Kaleth and his tyrannical rule, of how he sought to annihilate those who were gifted with magic, as her mother was. He used her fire magic in his forge but would not permit her to use it in public.

Eventually, around the age of 12, word reached the village that the crusaders would be doing a sweep of the village for elemental magic users; all residents were expected to report to the village square the following morning. Shadow panicked and took a set of daggers and a short sword from her mentor and fled from Idrius’s home without a word to him, putting as much distance between her and the village as she could on foot. The crusaders found her on their way to the village and, after a display of her magic in an attempt to protect herself, she was captured and brought back to Kaleth’s castle.

Kaleth tortured her, as he did with all of his imprisoned. Like the loss of her family, she repressed many of the memories associated with this period of her life. One of the few acts she remembers quite clearly, however, was Kaleth’s water torture. She was dragged to a cold stone room with a large basin of water and little else. Kaleth would grab her by the hair and plunge her head into the freezing water; she struggled until he pulled her head back. He gave her enough time to gulp a few breaths of air down before he plunged her head in again. There were several times where she blacked out and he was forced to stop.

Never wanting to feel so helpless again, Shadow resolved to become completely proficient in water-based magic instead of fire. It was the same affinity her mother had, though she had no idea. In her mid-teens, Shadow managed to escape Kaleth’s fortress with the help of one of his guards. She managed to steal one of the horses, a black and white Friesian mare that she later named Kerani.

Shadow gave herself to the water completely and fully, an act of deference to her element that would seal her affinity and later grant her the control she possesses now. Standing knee-high in the ocean along a shoreline, she held her arms outstretched and allowed the waves to crash into her body, dragging her under, but trusting that it would not kill her. She allowed the waves to beat on her body until she passed out; when she awoke, she was on the shore.

She realized the futility in trying to stay in the place of her birth. Instead, Shadow took to wandering, eventually winding up in Mianor. She took the Trial of Water in the hopes of becoming the Goddess of Water, but another was chosen. Shadow became a priestess to the Goddess until the Goddess disappeared without a word. Shadow was chosen by the Hippocampus to take her predecessor’s place.

Early in her term as goddess, in her mid-teens, Shadow met Alex Prowers and married him. He eventually became the God of Light. It wasn’t too long after their marriage that the plague swept through Mianor and claimed it. Together with the other Mianorite deities, Shadow and Alex rounded up those still alive and tried to salvage what they could before embarking on the Great Migration to Elenlond.

Shadow claimed the southwest area of Soare, along the coast, for the Water Kingdom. Her relationship with Alex began to deteriorate due in part to the distance between their kingdoms and the stresses of rebuilding their world while at the same time integrating with the indigenous population. Ultimately, however, the demise of their relationship was due almost entirely to Shadow’s inability to commit.

She ruled until 35 BR, now in her early 20s (a la the time distortion). She decided to, after watching the Mianorites—herself included—destroy all that was native to Elenlond. She threw the ring that housed the spirit of the Hippocampus into the Sedokai Ocean. At the time she had no idea, but the rest of the Mianorite gods were beginning to fall and, looking back now, Shadow is almost certain that had the deities not fallen, Elenlond would have imploded much like Mianor had.

In 4 AR, a messenger located Shadow and told her that Alex had left her for his world, marking the official end of their marriage. In distress, she turned to comfort from Drium, a demon for whom she had fallen. They shared a passionate encounter at Ikioi’s Oasis in the Takar Desert.

In that same year, Andromalius rose to power. She met him before he embarked on the Dark Conquest, and he sang to her, a moment she remembers vividly. It pained her to do so, knowing that there was a gentle soul inside him, but she opposed his conquest alongside Razarod Evermore, then-king of Angkar.

In 5 AR, Shadow and Drium split apart. He gave in to his demonic heritage and disappeared; the last time she saw him, it was in the Erth’netora Forest while he devoured an innocent. Dejected and desolate—and refusing to acknowledge that their relationship had been rocky and fraught with tension despite its more tender moments—she returned to her wanderings. The intense sadness did not last long, as she had spent more than a century learning how to process her grief. Eventually she found herself in Morrim, where she stayed for a time. There she met Altair, with whom she shared an immediate connection.

::Character Images ::Awards
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Kestrel Sumner
Citizen of the World
Joined: June 17th, 2004, 9:25 pm

September 21st, 2008, 4:17 am #2

First Five Abilities
  • Breathe – Due to Shadow's affinity with Water, she possess the ability to breathe underwater.
  • Shapeshifter – With a father who was a full-blooded shapeshifter, the gene has been passed down to his daughter, despite her mother's lack thereof. She can transform into regular creatures - a wolf, leopard, sparrow, dolphin, etc..
  • Hydromancy I – Shadow is able to manipulate small quantities of water. These quantities might include water out of a full bucket, water out of a glass, or water out of a brook (to an extent). With this ability she is able to morph and twist it, drawing it towards herself like one might a ribbon fluttering in the wind. From here she is able to do as she pleases with it, whether that be to release it, shape it, or transform it into a watery weapon. She can also draw moisture from the air if there is no available sources of water. These quantities are not terribly large, but large enough to be made into viable offensive weapons.
  • Hydromancy: Freeze I – With so much water at her disposal (after all, it basically surrounds her), Shadow, with a touch of her hand, is able to freeze it. She may only freeze it to a certain extent (the surface of part of a lake, or an entire bucket full, from top to bottom), and even then it is not completely frozen. If one were to walk on the part of a lake that she had just frozen, they would find themselves falling through thin ice.
  • Illusions I – Shadow can create simple illusions, as per the decree of her affinity with Water. These illusions are simplistic in nature, nothing more complicated than the creation of a weapon, like a short sword or a dagger, or a small animal, such as a rat or a pigeon. These illusions are easily detectable by those who are themselves Illusionists, and may be noticed by those who are magically inclined, or who possess no magic at all.


Simple Abilities

  • Resist Water – Shadow has a resistance to Water-based magic (for obvious reasons). This also includes ice and mist magic, which are subsets of Water magic.
  • Ambidextrous – Because she is a fighter, she is able to use either one of her hands effectively, especially when it comes to combat. Typically she only dual-wields when she's using her daggers.
  • Compromise I – Shadow's body is built more for speed than for power. However, because she has also chosen to learn to fight with a sword (specifically, a bastard sword), she also possesses some strength. Therefore, her body is at a compromise: 70% of her skills are speed-based, while only a mere 30% are strength-based. This, essentially, means that in combat she would be faster than she is powerful. There are, however, people who are much faster than she is, and those who are far more powerful. Her speed is just average at this time.
  • Heightened Senses – Shadow's sight and hearing are slightly better than most, perhaps because she is a mixture of shapeshifter and human, or perhaps because she's trained herself to be as such in wake of the events in her life. Regardless, her hearing and her sight are better than those who live ordinary lives, with 20/20 vision and the ability to hear most low and high frequencies.
  • Bonded – Because Shadow is essentially bonded to her pegasus, Kerani, both human and beast are able to sense the emotions and, more vaguely, the thoughts of her companion. This is a minor telepathic connection that extends over very long distances.
  • Resist Frostbite – Shadow is completely immune to all forms of frostbite, whether moderate or severe.
  • Hydromancy: Projection – Shadow can grant others the power to breathe underwater alongside her.
  • Hydromancy: Mist I – Under Shadow's hand, relatively small amounts of water (a glass full, a pale full, a bowl full, etc.) can have its state changed from water to mist.
  • Hydromancy: Mist Walking I – Under the cloak of mist and fog, Shadow is able to warp. This mist/fog must be thick to the point that one cannot see more then five meters in front of them, and she must be enclosed in it in order to warp. Think of it as Shadow Walking, only with mist instead of shadows.
  • Lightning I – During a storm, small bolts of electricity are gathered towards Shadow. They gather in the palm of her hand and tend to crawl around the appendage like tiny worms. These can then be used to zap others, though the pain is very minor.
  • Photon I – Within a given area Shadow can summon the photons of light towards herself (this does not include the light given off by fire). These photons can then be gathered in her hand, either to be used as a small orb for lighting the way, or as a means of blinding others (obviously, however, at this stage it can't really blind anybody - it can really only leave light spots dancing on their retina).
  • Growth I – Although not a plant mage, Shadow possesses minor earth-based magic. If she touches the earth where a seed has been planted, the plant, still growing and still budding, will rise in its early stages. At this point it will have to be left to its own devices in order to grow, as Shadow's magic cannot yet penetrate deeper to make it grow to 'adulthood'.
  • Summon Plant I – Shadow can summon plants to aid her in battle. The types of plants summoned will be only those within a 20 foot radius. This also only includes plants that could actually aid her. Therefore, trees are out of the question.
  • Ensnare I – Vines can be summoned in order to ensnare an enemy. These vines are comparitively weak and thornless, and may be cut through easily with a sharp knife. They aren't particularly resilient.
  • Hydromancy: Morph I – Shadow may morph the water that she is able to manipulate into different offensive and defensive spells. These may include small frozen needle shards, an icy shield to deflect a physical attack or two, or one magical attack (unless it's fire), or a watery shield to deflect fire-based attacks, to name a few. These are not substantial or powerful and it only works for Water.

Intermediate Abilities

  • Compromise II – Shadow's speed-based skills now sit at 60%, while her strength-based ones sit at 40%. Her speed, specifically, has also increased, to be faster than most average humans. Therefore, she moves quickly, judging attacks a mere second before they happen, and is able to dodge most slow ones. This does not apply to those who clearly move faster than she does.
  • Hydromancy II – In addition to small quantities of water, Shadow is able to manipulate larger sized bodies of water, such as a slow-moving river, larger rivulets, lakes, and city fountains. The larger pool of water that she can draw on also increases the size of her creations, and how large or how many offensive/defensive spells she may cast. In addition to being able to call upon moisture in the air, she can also sense moisture in the ground, if no water is to be had for miles around. She cannot yet draw it from vast distances, but she can sense where it is. If she is within a 5 mile radius, she may draw it from the ground.
  • Hydromancy: Freeze II – Shadow may freeze larger quantities of water with the touch of her hand, including most of the surface of a large lake, much of a slow-moving river, or a city fountain. In terms of large bodies of water, such as a lake, she may only freeze 2-3 inches of the surface, and no more. This is still considered thin ice, but it is firmer, supporting more weight.
  • Illusions II – In addition to smaller illusion, Shadow may now create more in her illusions. She may craft people, animals about the size of a large dog, and objects, such as crates, stalls, and furniture. These illusions take more concentration than her smaller ones, but, in exchange, are more difficult to detect. Therefore, for those who aren't versed in illusions or do not know how to recognize one, these ones appear real enough.
  • Hydromancy: Mist II – Rather than convert small quantities of water into mist, Shadow may now convert larger ones. These may include small rivulets, streams, and brooks of water into mist, as well as very small lakes. She also has the choice now not to convert an entire body of water into mist, but to convert only part of it. These quantities would still amount to the aforementioned, however, at which point she does not have the energy to continue.
  • Hydromancy: Mist Walking II – Shadow is now capable of warping farther through mist, and it does not need to be as thick. It must still surround her, however, and it must still be thick enough that one cannot see more than 10 meters in front of them.
  • Lightning II – During storms medium-sized lightning bolts are attracted to Shadow. These bolts, which continue to congregate in her hand, are larger now, sparking up and down the length of her arm. The pain, when zapped, is enough to stun another creature for a moment, depending on its size (obviously, large ones would remain unfazed), and will leave a very unpleasant stinging sensation.
  • Photon II – Orbs of light about the size of a watermelon may be gathered into her hand, which are liable to cause more retinal blinding (so, instead of small light spots dancing across a character's eyes, large, round ones would). The photonic ball may now also be used as a projectile, again for blinding purposes, and Shadow may, if she so chooses, convert the light energy into electrical energy. If an orb struck someone, they would only feel an uncomfortable tingling sensation, much like the Lightning I spell.
  • Growth II – Shadow may call plants to grow to a medium size, about that of a tree that has been growing for five or six years. It is therefore still young, and not very big, perhaps five to eight feet tall. Again, at this point it must be left to its own devices.
  • Summon Plant II – Plants may be summoned within a 40 foot radius.
  • Ensnare II – The vines that Shadow is now capable of summoning have small thorns growing along them and it takes longer for a sharp knife to cut through them; dull knives will do absolutely nothing. The constricting power of these vines is also increased enough so that one will feel mild pressure being put on their body.
  • Hydromancy: Morph II – In addition to smaller-scale morphability, Shadow now also possesses the ability to create larger creations, due mostly to the fact that she can also manipulate larger quantities of water. With this increase in water (and magical power, of course), she is able to create such things as larger icy needle shards, larger shields of both ice and water, which may also sustain much more damage - five to ten hits, as opposed to two or three - among other things - weapons, objects, creatures etc etc. Or, if she wishes not to do anything, she can simply blast an opponent in the face with a vast quantity of water.
Advanced Abilities

  • Hydromancy III – Entire, large lakes may now be brought under Shadow's power, as well as fast-moving rivers and all of their tributaries. Again, the size and power of Shadow's creations, from offensive and defensive spells to creatures and objects, increase, due to the increase in usable water. She may also draw water from the ground within a 30 mile radius, deep in the ground; any and all moisture in the air may be drawn upon.
  • Hydromancy IV – Just short of anything truly devastating, Shadow possesses the ability to call on massive qualities of water. It is not quite enough to draw on an entire ocean, but hundreds of thousands of gallons of water come to her beck and call with ease. If she truly wanted to she could draw on multiple lakes at one times, or multiple rivers, and could decrease the amount of water in the ocean by several hundred feet. Essentially, she can manipulate enough water to flood an entire city. The drawback to this, however, is that it is both very demanding and an immense strain on both her physical and mental capacities - if she chose to draw upon as much water as she was able, she is liable to fall unconscious from the strain.
  • Hydromancy V – As the last instalment of this particular spell set, Shadow is more than capable of calling enough water under her command to flood an entire area (rather, an IC landmark). Shadow rarely, if ever, attempts this feat, for the physical and mental strain on her body is near devastating, and if she's not careful, she will pass out from sheer exhaustion or, worse, kill herself in the process. It is more a show of how capable she is with her chosen element than a lust for power and destruction.
  • Hydromancy: Freeze III – Shadow may now freeze, with ease and by the touch of her hand, the entire surface of a large lake; the ice extends a good 2-3 feet below the surface, making it stable for others to walk upon. She may also freeze an entire slow-moving river, at least half of a fast-moving one, and may also form 'small' glaciers within the ocean.
  • Hydromancy: Freeze IV – Roughly 75% of a large lake's body of water may be frozen solid at this point, and a fast-moving river, for approximately 5-6 miles will also be frozen completely solid. She may now also create medium-sized glaciers.
  • Hydromancy: Freeze V – 100% of a deep, large lake may be frozen, as well as the entirety of a fast-moving river. Shadow may freeze more than this - perhaps 150-200 feet into the ocean within a 50 mile radius, but it becomes increasingly more draining on her mental faculties to do so. The farther she pushes her reach with the ice, the more difficult it becomes, and the more taxing. She doesn't normally freeze more than is necessary. She may also create large glaciers, now.
  • Illusions III – At this stage Shadow is capable of crafting an entire fully furnished room with her illusionary magic; she may also craft larger animals, about the size of a horse or a large bear, and may craft larger pieces of scenery, which may include a partial forest of trees, fountains, building fronts, etc, etc. She may, if she wishes, craft illusions that display a crowd of people or animals, among other things. Her illusions also are more difficult to detect for those who are magic users, and are impossible for those who have no skill whatsoever with magic.
  • Illusions IV – Shadow may now craft entire buildings, complete with all rooms, furnished, with ease. She can craft as much as half of a landscape, or half a town. The more she crafts, however, the more mana it takes; the flipside to this is that her illusions can, at this point, only be detected by those who possess the ability to cast illusions, and must be higher than that of a novice. Like all illusions, the things that are crafted are crafted directly from the mind, meaning that if Shadow can't envision exactly what she wants, there could be noticeable flaws in her creations that even a normal person could see.
  • Illusions V – With ease Shadow possesses the ability to now create entire illusionary landscapes and towns. Her illusions are impossible to detect by those who have no training or have novice training, and are fairly difficult for those who have intermediate training with illusions. Master Illusionists, however, may still see through her creations. The more Shadow chooses to craft, however, the more mental strain is put on her body, making it more and more difficult to craft perfect images.
  • Hydromancy: Mist III – Quantities of water as large as a medium-sized lake and medium-sized rivers may be converted to mist.
  • Hydromancy: Mist IV – Entire large lakes and entire rivers may be converted into mist. As one may imagine, this mist, due to so much water being consumed, is very thick and difficult to see through.
  • Hydromancy: Mist Walking III – The mist/fog that Shadow is able to warp through no longer needs to be terribly thick - she may warp if the invisibility is around a mile or so. She may also warp anywhere within that mist, provided it's one solid mass.
  • Hydromancy: Mist Walking IV – Shadow may warp within any sort of mist/fog, thick or thin. She may also warp to other pockets of mist, should there be a gap between them (say, one area 5 miles away has a pocket of mist, but between this and the one she's in, its clear, with 100% visibility), but only if they are within a 50 mile radius.
  • Hydromancy: Torrential Deluge – Calling to her an enormous amount of water, when Shadow decides to evoke this spell, a large mass of water forms high above in the sky, but must be in an area with enough water to do this. Once this massive 'bubble' has formed, she can call it down from the sky in what she likes to call a 'torrential deluge'. Taking on the aspect of a waterfall, it comes crashing down upon the head of the one she's targeting, consuming them, as if it's being poured from a spout, causing a number of problems for her opponent, which may include: hypothermia, broken bones from the impact, and all sorts of lacerations from debris that may be present within the water. One could also be hit with a fish or two, as well. In addition to this, Shadow may create shards of ice within the waterfall-like deluge, adding extra damage. The disadvantage to doing this is that it takes a lot of mental concentration, drains her mana, and is liable to hit her as well. She only uses it if the situation absolutely calls for it.

    In addition, a different sort of Torrential Deluge can be evoked. Instead, Shadow can 'infuse' a cloudy day with more water, thereby leading to more rain. By doing this, she can turn a cloudy day into a day where it rains buckets for hours on end, even days, severely diminishing visibility. The rain is also extremely cold and heavy - the sort that causes a stinging sensation each time it strikes flesh.
  • Enchantment: Frostbite – Every single one of Shadow's eight daggers is enchanted with the ability to cause frostbite upon contact with someone's flesh. Should she slash or touch someone with the blade, there is a 50% chance that frostbite will be inflicted, and within this 50% chance, a 75% chance it will be moderate and a 25% chance it will be severe. The blade must touch exposed flesh, however, otherwise the enchantment will not work.