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The octopod replied his greeting accordingly, exceeding expectation with their overpouring and laid-back friendliness, arms attractively ashimmer as they shook his hand. He halfly wished the visual quality of it to be contagious, like glitter or magick that would rub off, but as of now his palms had remained the same. Perhaps it was for the best, for he would never wash his hands again should said transimission take place, forced to treasure the eldritch touch forever.
It was all too precious.

Satisfied and inspired, he detached to his prior lounging, knuckles under his chin and toothy grin widening. Though he could've stared at Nispa prolongedly, near hypnotized, watched as the dim lanterns reflected from the multitude of black eyes, skin sparkling on event the slightest shift or shudder, each limb afloat in expressing of intriguing personality, he saw it best to slide himself back to the exchange. Lightly reluctant, his hues sought out the pale lady, Lilieth, who was currently embarking a mission of sprouting a surfeit of speech as if it was the very sense of them.

How did so many complex and jaded sentences even form themselves at such a velocity, he wouldn't dare venture. Instead, he just reduced lightly in his position, melting closer to the table and adopting silence. A part of him wished to avert from the lady all together, willing to wander in the dusty rafters and spiderwebs in escape, but fell short before the frightening force that gripped him, keeping his attention drawn. The only thing surviving more unsettling than the strange sensation, was how bereft of patience Lilieth portrayed to be.

They were like a fortress, stance a stable mixture of strategy, savvy and strength, function finalized and significance self-explanatory, but he felt their view of surround as somewhat simplistic. Was as if they were drained of enjoyment, denying it having any intrinsic value and thus pursuing all through pure practicality and unforgiving efficiency, ignoring the intricate niceties of interaction and instead initiating interrogation. Those sharing their dwelling were naught, but devices.

All Kingdoms had their downfall, destined to return into their natural state of directionless disarray and convoluted chaos sooner than late and he foretold such an occurrence more than possible with Lilieth's honourary personality. Perhaps not in near future, but due time, akin to the silent disintegrating of human spirit, inaudible disappearance of positivity and sanity, indefinite dying of dusk. He had seen it too many times happen even to the strongest and most detached, afraid to witness it once more, for of heart he judged them sincere and well-intentioned.

The circle was closing, yet unraveling from the other end.

Lilieth's unembellished protest on quality of beverage awakened his sympathy, providing him with remembrance upon his latest unconsumed meal. Those floating slimey chunks. Certain they wished not hear of his experience, nor relate for most took joy in denying all kinship with him, he rotated his stare downwards at the table and on all the little specks of filth and remainders of past dine, visibly ashudder.

Distracted by a pattern of morsels, he fell off the conversation wagon for a fragment in time, rounding his index around little dry peaks that he had collected with his thumb into quite accurate, though microscopic topography of Do'Suul. It was his wonder whether he actually could be viewed as having any skills, in an exploratorial extent and exploitation as all those rounding him seemed to, by both assurance and appearance. What if they wouldn't allow him with, deeming his sorry being unworthy and but dead weight in their planned expedition, closing him away as unadvantage.

The thought of Llewellyn and Mirche caught him, their weary looks and uncertain suspense at the mountains, refreshing his guilt. He saw them both turn into bone, hues hanging loose, skin ashen of grief and bodies brittle like dry leaves, static figures slowly shattering into the draft. By the time he managed himself back, they would be naught but grey dust on the floor, rejoicing with their sisters and brothers in Veles' grove below.

And he would be alone. Again.

He swiped his forearm restrainedly over his crumb creation, purging imagery from both surface and subject. No. He would join the adventure, fulfill his meaning. He would make them take him along.

Ignited by new determination and boldness, he perked his head. Nispa had just finished their addition to the theme of self-induced stroking of egos, though their briefness of description truly did them credit, ringing to him honourable and humble. To him, their dental conclusion was the perfect bouncing point.

" Me too. " He begun and turned in his seat halfly to face Lilieth. Wild-eyed, he snarled and clicked his teeth together, rolling a faint growl.

" I also gotses this... " The spear was hoisted for a whistling second, well-kept and tirelessly sharpened steel flickering, colourful plumes ashiver. " Am pretty good with it too. You wanna see? " Unawaiting an answer, much less one of denial, he stood up on his chair and spun the spear atop his head virtuously like some carnival attraction, then flinging his arm at lightning speed.

The spear launched, passing through a sliver of an opening betwixt people, hitting one of the thick wooden columns that circled the space, supportive elements for the shack's structure. Following suit, he jumped over the table in a flip, accelerating through the crowd that had split due disturbance. Someone screamed about their 'precious pylons'. Reaching the pillar, he bounced against it and up to grab his weapon by the pole, swinging himself atop it like a monkey. At a reasonable height and with confident balance, he then took off once more, boldly up and into the wrought iron chandelier. It creaked and shook hideously, like a crashing carriage, but he would only dive himself further into the middle of it, sticking out his feet and wiggling them in contentment.

He shot a look down, waving at the ladies in a smile. Had he done well?

" I can also lifts curses and speak to trees, if that is helpful. And uh.. Gots bandages. "

Digging into the chest of his shirt, he produced a generous roll of linen.

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" So ... Let's not reel in the ... unforseen ... kind of introduction we've had so far. Since pretty much everyone on this Island have it's own circonstances, let's cut short to story telling, and directly to business : My name is Lilieth, as I said, the reason for my presence here, and the rason for the ambient frenzy, is the discovery of this Hel'or guy crypt. An highly defended crypt will probably hold lots of ancient treasures and ancients mystery, and everyone have its wild guess of what may or may not be inside. "

After finishing her little, introduction Meriele supposed it was, Lilieth continued with her piece. Mentioning pain, injury, and complaints about Hell's Tooth's alcohol. Then, she went on about introductions and descriptions of each other's skills. Well, as for her part, Lilieth seemed to be quite knowledgeable, and talked about her capability to take the brunt of any danger they may face. Well, Meriele didn't know about her own willingness to be injured, but she supposed this could be a fun adventure.

Nispa seemed to be quite an interesting one. While Lilieth seemed cold, calculating, and fed up with bullshit, Nispa came across as friendly, flirty, and interested. Didn't quite seem to be a very tough woman, but did come across as someone who like to get things done. And she mentioned a mean bite. Not even a moment later, Nispa sent a wink in her direction.Meriele could only imagine what she meant by that. "Fuck, get yourself together! Back on topic...."

Meanwhile, Yaropolk seemed enthralled with Nispa and slightly intimidated by Lilieth. While Lilieth and Nispa spoke, Yaro appeared to be distracted by crumbs of all things. When it came his time to speak however, he perked up right quick and spun to face Lilieth. When Meriele looked upon his face anew, she saw a fire in his eye's that shone of determination, and with a growl and click of his teeth, he affirmed that he had a good bite as well it seemed to Meriele. At least, thats what his bpody language and speech conveyed. This child was perplexing. Determined and yet soft in speech until doubted, clumsy yet graceful. At this point, Yara brought his spear to bear, mentioned his skill and asked if anyone wanted to see. Meriele was just about to encourage him, when he suddenly threw it, with unerring aim, between a gap in the crowd to land with a solid thunk into a support column. "This just gets more and more interesting..."

At that, Yarapolk sprinted, twisting himself with a bounce off the column onto his spear, and from there shot into the chandelier, waving at them and smiling excitedly.

" I can also lifts curses and speak to trees, if that is helpful. And uh.. Gots bandages. "

"Boy, this Lilieth really didn't waste time. Must be pretty serious about what's going on here... And Nispa..." Nispa truly piqued Meriele's interest. This boy however, this one was odd. Meriele liked him though. He was entertaining, and had passion, determination, and a drive to prove himself.

"Well, I don't have a spear, and as much as I can bite, I doubt its much like Nispa's. In lieu of those however, I do have this here axe..." At that, she pulled Melinodel from her back and drove it into the floor with a loud crack of wood, and drew several daggers from her clothing. "Oh and I suppose I also have a few daggers. I'm quite good with either, I'm fast, amidextrous, and can handle just about any ship I get my hands on." While she spoke, she took to juggling the 4 daggers she had drawn, and as she finished, she threw all four in rapid succession, one landing above, below, and to the left and right of Yaro's spear, pinning it neatly in a diamond of steel.

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Lilieth was calmly analysing the weird bunch they made, and was pleasantly surprised. It none of them looked the part, minus half-demon, they seemed to have pretty interesting skills at their disposal. One said you couldn't judge a book by its cover isn't it?

They had a good allrounded team, with a large set of skills. Even if sailing a ship probably wouldn't come in handy in this one, there was still a large amount of stuation they might be able to face depending on the different background within the group.

As for pure strengh, each of them seem to be able to handle their own. The acrobatic style of Yada'Nok was a clear cut with her heavy fighting style. Meriele seemed more allrounded, and Nispa had quite a few tricks up her sleeve.

Lilieth visibly relaxed, as she lean in her chair and crossed her feet on her side of the table :

" Seem pretty decent to me ! Welcome aboard guys. I hope each one of us will make it safely till the end, and also for each of you to find what he came for. " She raised her pint, and with a wince, she took a sip of it.

" Second's time a charm, you already lost the sense of taste by then. "

Lilieth wasn't a cold bitch, beneath her stern look, once people got to knew her she was even warm, it's just the present circumstances that didn't allow her to be too relaxed yet.

Speaking about beind relaxed, she didn't even let her guard down for a few second that something suddenly caught her attention. This something being a pint flying at full speed toward her face. The horrible thing about having perfec kinetic vision is having a perfect, nearly slow motion, visual of what's going to happen but being physically incapable of preventing it. Lilith just got the time to lower her head before the impact, which threw her on her back on the ground.

Serve you right bitch !

Slowly raising from the floor, her face bloody and covered in the orc pissed they called ale, she slowly mutter, at breaking point :

" Who ... did ... this ..."

Another nameless voice raised from the background :

" And what are you gonna do, throw a tantrum ! "

Oh sure I will ...

Lilieth jumped on her feet, A malicious grin stucked on her face.

She put her hand on the side of the table there were sitting at, and suddenly gripped it. She spinne on herself, demonstrating her beast like strenght, and hurl the table accurately in the global direction of the shout, which lead to ale splashing the crowd, and few people getting knock out cold on their ass.

" One delivery of tantrum, if that's what you call it ! "

On guys start to clamor in anger, but was soon welcome by a chair hitting straight in the teeth.

" There is still more where it came from asshole ! "

A pint flew her way, but she dodged it this time, and it end up spilling on a bunch of nasty looking pirates.

Someone start yelling " BAR FIGHT" ! And hence the chaos began.

The one rule of bar fight is no weapon allowed, except if it's improvised from anything laying around in the bar, which contented perfectly with Lilieth orcish strengh, which was cracking an honnest, is not mischievious, smile.

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When exactly did everything go so wrong? Perhaps it had started with Yaropolk, his spear a blur until it found a place in the timbers halfway across the tavern. Yaropolk himself quickly followed suit, leaping onto his spear and using it as a launching point to spring up into the unnecessarily large chandelier that dangled above them all. He produced a roll of bandages. Just in case.

Perhaps it had been Meriele, who swung her battleaxe with such force that the floorboards and the very ground beneath gave way. Splinters flew outwards in a display of outstanding force. As if to ice the cake, she procured four daggers, juggled them about for a few seconds, and sent them flying into the timber as a way to decorate Yaro's spear.

Perhaps it had been the mug of ale that had been thrown from the midst of the now-silent crowd. It sailed through the air in a near-perfect arc and came to collide neatly with Lilieth's lowered head. The force of the impact knocked her off her chair. Nispa searched the crowd for the source of the mug, but the only things that the crowd offered were taunts directed at Lilieth.

Perhaps it had been Lilieth, slowly picking herself up with fury written all over her bloodied face. Not wanting to get in her way, Nispa closed her eyes and steadied her mind, focusing on the future as best as she could. When she opened her eyes, she saw Lilieth hurling the table across the bar. Startled back to the present, she scampered away from the table, leaving just enough time for Lilieth to grip it with furiously white knuckles and spin it into the air. It swept through the crowd like a bulldozer of pain, knocking out those too slow to dodge it. It ended its unexpected journey by crashing into the wall and splitting down the middle.

However it started, the bar was now roiling with activity. Despite her talk earlier, Nispa hadn't been in many fights before. Her instincts told her to run, to get out of there, but she didn't want to leave quite yet. Instead, she focused her mind once again on the future, watching her surroundings hustle to catch up to her mind. She saw another mug come flying in their direction. At the same time, a man to her right came forwards to strike her. She backed away from both of them and heard the mug hit the man instead, but her eyes had moved past them and were already alerting her to the next few seconds.

Juggling the view of the future with the actions of the present was difficult. It took nearly all her concentration, and she could only keep it up for a few minutes before she had to give her mind a break. However, from any other perspective, she was a master brawler, dodging punches before they were formed and tripping feet that didn't know they were going to be in the way until it was too late. As one woman made to headbutt her from behind, she slipped her head around to bite the woman in the neck, an act made nearly impossible without exact timing. She injected her victim with her venom. Although it wouldn't affect her much, the proximity to the woman's brain would surely dull her senses and reaction. Nispa tossed her aside and moved on to the next.

She found herself enjoying the fight much more than she expected. If left to herself, she would keep fighting until no-one was left to stand in her way. She had four fists of punching and she was enjoying the chance to use them. Had she not been focusing on her future-sight, she would have noticed the wily laugh that was building under her breath. She was having fun.

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He withdrew the bandages and repositioned slightly to stare down with interest, looking for reactions and lounging atop the clattering ceiling wheel with unhindered ease as if it was naught but a bundle of branches. Soon enough, Meriele provided a continuation, drawing both axe and attention.

Enchanted and enamoured, he watched as splinters flew, scattering away from the blade's way like a fan of frightened doves. Along with wood, the blow inspired the dust and dirt on the floor to unsettle, launching a generous cloud into the air. Impulsive, he reached a hand to grasp at it from amidst his iron cage, picking out a tiny grey feather that floated his way. Eyes gleaming, he held it for a moment in the shelter of his palms, examining the tiny, though well-tinkered structure. He fell lost into it, disregarding all else until the time a certain set of words reached from below.

It was the pale lady, speaking out their acceptance for the miscellaneous and multi-faceted collective. He brought his hands up victoriously by himself, fingers and teeth clenched. He wished to scream, announce his pleasement, but all things considered thought better of it, instead producing but a restrained hnnnnnnnnnngh from betwixt a snarl and jabbing at the air in attempt of unleashing some of the excitement.

It was settled, the adventure would take place, he would find the things he came for, return and all would be better again.

They would only have to get there first though. A task the quite fast and scattered succession below proved not as straight-forward and smoothly-managed as he had thought.

Chairs scraped the floor, a table went hurling across the tavern, goblets and tankards flew on each and every side. Suddenly, the mildly civilized space had reduced to what could've been called the very essence of humanity; a clattering and clinking chaos bereft of rules, violent and easily ignited, a realm of free for all where every one fought purely for themselves.

Bar fight.

The chandelier let out a loud metallic clang, taking a hit by a wooden bowl. He stuck his head out at the one whose hands it had left, barking in quite the authentic imitation of a rabid warg, spraying spittle. From within his shirt, he produced a large oaken ladle, launching it at the aggressor with aggravated precision and enraged speed. It hit them square on the crown of their head.

Great success.

Letting a most hassled glance wander, he checked on each of his fresh companions, condemning them all quite successful at surviving and suppressing anything that faced them. Of course the ladies would handle themselves, each in their colourful and varied ways, be it by brutish strength, prowess in blades or excellent premonition. He concluded with a painful obviousity that the only life and health that concerned him in any level or manner was that of his own.

If only because all he had was a masterful aim in the end of a good throwing arm and was slowly running out of things to throw. Gathering haste, he tucked the tiny feather into his ponytail and shifted his weight rapidly, invigorating the chandelier into a swing. As it reached a high point, he lunged to the nearest pillar and slid further down to his spear. He grabbed the pole and swung himself below it, yanking downwards to loosen it on his way.

He landed in a thud, recoiling instinctively and slapping a sudden attacker across the face with the flat of his blade. Though remaining standing, they staggered, lending him enough time to spin in place and make a run towards the door.

Dodging fighters, fists and furniture with determination, near dancing through the throng, his gaze remained fixed at the door.

Get out, get out, get outgetoutgetoutgetou-

He tripped, unsure upon what, and flew forth like a fish from a cannon, wiggling and round eyed all the way to the floor. After the planks it all turned pitch black, the gradually fading pulse of an ache on his forehead the last thing he felt and the clatter of his spear somewhere in the edges of his dimming attention the last thing he heard.

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[HRP] : No new from Meriele, so we skip his turn. I'll write in a way he can catch up latter if she reappear.

Things were getting pretty heated up. You say what you want about smuggler, pirate, and the sorts, but their core was still a meaner version of sailor. And hell you didn't want to mess too much with sailors. This things with them having enough caluse on their hand to hit like hammer and not feel any pain.

Past the initial bravados, et once the small fry had already been sorted out, the pressure intensified vastly.

The last active memory of Lilieth was something about headbutting a big fellas, only to turn around and get hit by a knee straight in the face.


When she woke up the next day, way before, thank to her constitution, anyone else that was either knocked unconcious by a mean hit or alcohol, the whole tavern was a wreckage. But god it felt good to let go of some steam.

Lilieth had inherited from her warrior inheritance and culture. It was her first good deathless brawl since forever. She patted the back of the big guy she was apparently sleeping on.

Meriele was nowhere to be seen. Considering her own experience as a pirate she probably felt when thing were going bad and she fled.

Nispa was laying on the floor not far from here, so Lileith load her up on her shoulder.

As for Yada'Nok, he was just around drinking tea while waiting for them to wake up.

[HRP] : Dunno, it felt like something that might happen x) play along or just tell we if you want something edited.

Lileith scratched her nose :

" We might as well go, I'll throw the spider lady in some fresh water along the way to clear her up. Not that I might not use a bath myself to get rid of the stench "
she added while frowning her nose at the rancor smell of spoiled alcohol all over her body.

After getting freshen up a small torrent in the forst, the group was ready to begin their exploration.

The entrance to the tomb was standing strong amongst the scarce vegeration, barely visible under the dust.

" Here lay for eternity Hel'or, last heir of the Helian dynasty. May the mad king forever rot amongst it's most prized possession. "

Lilieth scratched her nose. For some reason she couldn't put her finger on, something felt of about it ...

" Nevermind, let's go ! "

Their team was down one membre, but who cared, they'd see soon enough what they were up against.

After a short corridor, they entered a small room. It was entirely decorated with murals depicting an ancien civilization, demon and heavenly beast.

Around them was the corpse of a few expedition membre laying around. Lilieth immediately saw something was of : There was no trace of external wound, not any external sign of poisoning or anything.

Suddenly, the mural started lightning up. The whole team felt like they were falling despite still being pretty much immobile, before shortly feeling unconcious.

When lilieth opened her eyes once again, she was alone. The whole world around her was dark.

" Shite ... A psychic trap ... "

She new the kind, they were trapped by an evil spirit in their own mind.

A shadow formed next to her, taking the form of an old decrepit wizard with a pretty mean look.

" Eh eh eh ...What have we here ... Lilieth that it ? A queen of the old as I see ? You're quite the unexpected guess ! This pirate were starting to bore me. Let's play a game shall we, it's called how long will it take me to brake your mind ! "

Lileith frowned, in this kind of trap, feeling of time was distorted. Un few second in the real world might seem like year in it, meaning there wasn't much of a time limit, and the evil spirit at the core of the formation was accessing their memory freely, cherry picking the best way to torture them.

His voice ring into Lilieth ear, as the surrounding darkness let way to make a few shadow appears : People, people from the past, from Lilieth past. Familly, friends, but all showing the gaping wound they wore at the time of their death.

Lilieth couldn't help but feel every single hair on her arms standing : They were in of some real unpleasantness.

[HRP : I saw you both had mind resistance upgrade, so ultimately getting out of this probably won't be too hard. I design the different encounter before looking at your respective characters. I'd like, if possible, if you could split your answer in two, like me, meaning stoping after describing your own personnel hell, next post we'll each get the chance to described how we get out of it]

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((TW: mild disturbing content/gore towards the end))

The fight dragged on longer and longer. Nispa was surrounded by a ring of unconscious sailors, but the tavern had been near full and her mind was falling behind. She found herself slipping back into the present. At first, it was just for a moment, but after a minute she felt the pressure building against her temples as she fought for concentration. As she struggled with her ability, her fighting suffered, and it was only a few seconds later when the first man landed a punch. He hit her in the side, knocking the wind out of her, and the brawny mob had no problems overtaking her after that. Nispa was helpless to stop them. Moments after, she fell...

...into a body of water. It jolter her awake, alright. She scrambled to sit up, but was wildly unsuccessful, quickly devolving into a pile of thrashing, uncoordinated limbs. She fell back into the water with an unceremonious splash. As she lay in the water, it was then that her mind decided to wake up, throbbing gently behind her eyes and making her wish she was still asleep. She wasn't hung over, but the mental strain from the night prior left her with a nasty headache. She lay in the water for a minute. It was cold and she closed her eyes again. Without sitting up, she cupped two of her hands and took a sloppy sip from the stream. It went all over her face. That was fine, she was drenched anyway.

She spun her legs around into a much more successful sit. Having double the limbs was a bit of a hassle with half a mind. She opened her outer, smaller eyes and determined that that was quite enough light for her.

She looked around for the first time. She could see Lilieth nearby, scrubbing one of her arms clean of dried beer. She was a tricky one. Nispa had made a point not to think too hard about her, but alas, her head was still pounding. Yaropolk was there too. She waved at him with a weary smile. Meriele, however, was nowhere to be seen. Damn. I liked that one. She pushed herself upright and pulled her sodden skirt up so she wouldn't step on it. She wrung out a fair stream of water from it before making her way up to dry land. Lilieth saw her stir and began leading the way through the forest. Nispa ambiently followed.

She felt for her daggers, making sure they were still there, tucked away as they were. She made a tally of her limbs: yep, still there. There was a nasty scrape on her cheekbone that she didn't remember was from a pirate's ring. As she took a deep breath, she felt that one of her lungs was bruised. All this before we even started...? Still, she felt no regret. The fight had, if anything, made her anticipate the tomb with even more impatience. When she finally caught sight of it, her breath caught in her throat.

It was dusty. It was grimy. There were all sorts of monsters lurking below, no doubt. She couldn't wait to go in! She sauntered over to the entrance, her headache forgotten, but held back as Lilieth read one of the inscriptions. "Here lay for eternity Hel'or, last heir of the Helian dynasty. May the mad king forever rot amongst it's most prized possession."

Nispa frowned at the verse; judging by Lilieth's tone, she wasn't the only one who didn't like the sound of it. She'd never heard of the Helian dynasty. Then again, she'd never heard of a lot of things, growing up in the Erth'netora forest. She waited impatiently for Lilieth to continue.

"Nevermind, let's go!" Lilieth led the way into the crypt, Nispa practically bouncing at her heels. The ruins led them through a hallway and into a beautifully decorated room. She ran her fingers delicately over the carvings, marveling at the creatures and the preserved lore. She paid no mind to the dead bodies. The walls were the only corpses she cared to examine.

The thought of traps made her pull her hand away from the wall. She called herself reckless, but they were simply so beautiful, the stories of ages past. She leaned closer to watch a brilliant winged serpent rear up against a shadowy wolf. The two wrestled in the heavens as the people shot arrows from below. Their quaint religion brought a smile to Nispa's lips.

A darkness rolled over her conscience. Her vision turned black. She felt herself falling. Her feet landed roughly in piles of rotted leaves. She heard malicious laughter echo from the void. Fire's heat burned one side of her face. She shrank back; a scream pierced the silence. She knew it. From somewhere, she recognized it. Her heart yearned to help him.
She struggled to open her eyes against the smoky blaze, but realized they were already open. Her vision was black. She heard the laughter again, this time closer. She couldn't see it. The fire flickered up higher, scorching her brow and singeing her hair. She yelped, but no sound came out.
She tried to run. She tumbled downhill, her feet skidding in the decaying leaf litter. She put a hand down to steady herself. The skin of her hand peeled away in the flames, curling up like shreds of paper. The ground swallowed her hand, stripping its flesh and pinning her down. She heard him scream again, the sound of death and fear and agony. She ripped her wrist free of the ground and pressed on, leaving the remains of her hand behind.
She was getting closer. She could hear him struggling. The fire grew hotter, fiercer. She felt it lap at her skin. She felt it consuming her flesh. Tears evaporated off her unseeing eyes; her eyes themselves were melting away, leaving hollow sockets behind. One of her legs buckled as the muscle burned off her bones. She finally reached him, reaching out with rotting hands, hardly anything left but bones. She felt him. She touched his arm. It was slick with blood. The laughter grew louder and louder, blocking out everything but the raging of the fire and the sizzle of her flesh.

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" Eow... "

He awakened to the feeling of being pulled up, unfamiliar hands yanking him by the arms. His feet tried to take footing, clomping limp and awkward against the floor as he was aided to stand, hues half-lidded and blurry. Drowsy and with a little headache radiating from his forehead, he muttered a couple obscure curses.

" There there, kid. Better ya get off the floor afore them others wake up and stampede over ya. Downright miracle none did so already. " A calm voice spoke to him with a glint of amusement, the type of humourement he didn't quite understand through his mildly concussed state.

Straighforwardly, they walked him across the tavern and set him to seating, on top of some stranger's travelling chest at the only table that had remained unmutilated through the conflict. They gestured him to stay, like one would a domestic animal, and turned to supposably fetch something, dodging more or less unconscious bodies on their way behind the counter. He frowned, equally at the case of being ordered around --for in his village he would've been considered an adult by now and none was to tell him what to do but his master Vedmak-- and the fact that he had trouble remembering how the hell he had ended up with such a painful existence, picked up from the floor by another.

As his vision begun to undaze and he let it refresh upon the surround, it didn't take him too many moments to recall. His hues zigzagged across the splendid view that spread before him, more or less literally, and by the time he spotted the first familiar face even his purpose of being here had cleared up for him, along with his head.

The Pale Lady.

Well, thank the Gods. He had already begun to fear they might've left on the expedition without him, leaving him to nap the day and adventure away. Not too far off from their honourary personality laid that of his quadrupedal favourite, such duality of presences proving to him that he indeed must've not missed anything yet. The one with the screaming red locks and invasive nature was the only one he failed to locate from the mess of an environment, but he imagined that had they gone in advance they wouldn't have made much of a skirmish at all.

Could it even be called an expedition if one went by themself? He thought not.

The table creaked as a sizeable bowl was pushed before him, sloshing with steaming liquid.

Please no, no more soup, no mor-

" Tea. Would've given ya a cup, but most of those lay shattered on the floor... I put some extra in to ease that headache ya must be havin'. " The elderly, supposably woman --as of their raspy voice and utterly weathered look overall he couldn't be sure-- stated as if having read his thoughts, lone index pointing at his forehead markingly. Wide-eyed, he instinctively slapped his fingers against the spot they had gestured at, finding a swollen dent. The tips of his digits came back sticky and with a reddish tint and he would stare at them as if in marvel. The woman released a strained sigh.

" We'd best clean that up, lest ya catch some infection. "

He responded by a mere nod, reaching his palms under the bowl and taking a guarded sip. Ginger and lemon, with a hint of mint. So far so good.

What stared back at him form the bowl though, dancing on the reflective surface of the tea, wasn't good. Woy, he looked like he had just crawled out from a... well... bar fight. He made near deranged haste to untie his ponytail, smoothing his hair backwards and correcting it to what it used to be, along with patting at his garments in arrangement of folds. Mirche hadn't emphasized that one must've looked flashy or too polished, just that it was a matter of professional pride for a vedmak to at least look tidy. Made it easier for others to accept, to see their somewhat controversial and at times even feared calling a bit more approachable and tame.

Though only an apprentice, nowhere as intimidating as his Master, he still believed in keeping up appearances.

He had nearly made it through his tea and gotten his bruise cleaned when finally there was a flicker of life by the rest of his troupe. Watching keenly, he traced as Lilieth levered themself to standing, miraculously stable and unhindered by past battle. They were quick to proceed, throwing the still unawakened octopod over their shoulder like some featherlight damsel they had just rescued.

- We might aswell go...

Nodding wildly in approval, he gulped down the rest of his tea.

" Thanksies for tea and helps. " He said, smiling at the old woman whilst rushing to gather himself and whatever belongings kept dropping from within his garments. The pale lady was already out the fragmented door. Near tripping into his own feet, he hurried after them, jumping over sleeping seafarers and drunks alike on his way.

" Oe, don't forget yer spear. "

Afore he had time to turn and question with more than a 'huh', the mentioned flew past him, piercing the doorframe in a dry crackle. The woman's smile would widen at the sight of his aghast face, furtherly spreading into a grin of stifled laughter and he would respond it with laughter of his own. Snickering, he waved them goodbye and grabbed the weapon on his way out.

" Don't get killed, boy! "

After a bit of running, he reached the other two. He waved at them, a bit of surprise on his face as his hues sough out Nispa, their very scrambled being occupying the middle of the stream. The octopod didn't seem too bothered by the fact, so he gleefully returned their smile and offered a hand to help them up.

Was a bit of a trek, but eventually the destination was reached. Trailing behind the other two, he remained staring at the entrance for a moment, listening the faint words of the pale lady as they read out the foreign script. The very essence of the place could've been described as looming, a beastial presence that lurked, alert and unresting, waiting for something.

Or someone.

Though it was silent and deserted by both civilization and wildlife, bereft of sound and all marks of ongoing life, he still felt watched. At the mouth of the tomb a forceful draft went past his feet, pulling at his cloak with chilly fingers, and he would halt once again to just listen. The deep hummed, calm and inviting, but he refused to believe such a welcome.

The collective pushed on, downwards and into the small open space, the latter exponentially humid and somewhat crowded. Attentive, he swung his makeshift torch to split the dark in browsing of detail, taking a bit of distance from the rest that had occupied with staring at bodies and murals. His interest laid on the untouched walls, some of them dripping with water from previous downpour, and he focused on searching and scraping at the rock at the edges of the room.

Probably not deep enough...

A strange sensation went through his stomach as he turned to address the others, sending a shiver down his spine. The ground felt like it fell from under his feet. He yelled, voice a shaken croak as a tidal wave of chill flushed over him, stealing the flame off his torch.


The darkness was like ink, thick and fluid to the touch. He could only see an arm's length, trying the corporeal blackness with his fingers. It seemed to swallow them, but when he pulled back all of him remained intact. He tried to listen, but heard nothing. Even the prior cavernal hum was gone, giving his ears naught but absolute and all-consuming quietness.

Standing up, he spun on his heel and muttered a couple prayers, attempting to calm himself down.
What would Mirche do, what would Mirche do, whatwouldMirchedowhatwouldMir-


The voice seemed strangled of air, too small for him to recognize it. His hues searched around for a source, yet all that met him was emptiness.

" Llewellyn!? " He screamed out, releasing the shout into the soundless realm that enveloped.


" Mirche! Ada!? " He tried again, from the top of his lungs, force of the scream searing his throat.



" I can't see you! Where are you!? " He could hear his own accelerating heartbeat in his ears, rushing betwixt his breaths that grew frantic.

it hurts

make it stop

A heaviness curled up in his throat. His eyes were burning, hazy with inflating despair that grew behind his hues, crippling and disorienting.


His knees gave way and he screamed again to dismiss the will to sob, howling and roaring at the unechoing maelstormal vastness like a caged beast. He hit his fists against the cold floor, doubling over.

The whispers deadened. The silence was absolute.

A chill flushed over him like a breeze, brushing through his shivering ponytail.


A warm breath caressed his ear.

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HRP : Asked Meriele about it, and he think he won't have time to participate, so it's the three of us.

Time passed. Seconds, minutes, hours, months, years. Of course, all of it was illusory, but to Lilieth, it felt as real as it could.

An apparition came to her : Her mother. The Ghost was a perfect depiction, created from her memories, everything about her was perfect, her appearence, the way she stood, gazed at her. Lilieth was startled a few second, before getting a grip.

The apparition slowly walk to her and then hug her, but Lilieth was stone cold in her embrass, even when the ghost turned into a rotting, worm-filled corpse, it barely cause Lilieth any reaction. She slowly turned her head, and stared into the orbit of her "mother corpse".

If a look could kill, then hers would have anihilated even stone into powder. It was the contempt and disgust that could only be born from watching at the most wretched existence in the world.

If Lilieth was not startled by this show, the ghost actually was. Even the illusion nearly break as the old spirit powering the formation felt a cold sweat despite being dead for millenias.

After this, he didn't tried any skin contact, instead, he sent everything he had, every face, every friend, every foes. It was like reliving every single balefull moment of her life. When finally it was the time of reliving her imprisonnement, and the darkness, Lilieth merely sit crosslegged, contemplating, before telling out of the blue.

" I'm pretty sure that might work, can you try the whole sequence one more time? Just to be sure. "

A cold snort echoed, as the Ghost appeared within the darkness and answered :

" So heartless, not something to be proud about young calf "

Lilieth close her eyes briefly, smiling lightly. Heartless she was not. But her memories, she spent a lot of time with, and she settled her grief long ago. To her, it was more of an opportunity, the same linguishing feeling that one would get by gazing at the portrait of their ancestors. Portraitn she had not, vivid memories where all she had, until today that it.

" Come on, I'm just teasing you ! Go on ! Show me what you got please "

The ghost got depressed. For millenias he stood here, prying into people mind and grinding their sanity, A reconversion in the entertainement business wasn't exactly on his career plan though.

" What it already dead cannot be killed eh ... Seem like I will hardly be able to do worse than what you were already put through. Fine. Just die here alone. "

It would surely take more time, and use a lot more of energy, but trapping her mind in the illusion was also a sure way to kill her. Lilieth smiled, and just snapped her finger.

With a sound of broken glass, the whole world shattered around them, causing the Ghost to have a feeling of impending doom mixed with dread.

" What ... "

Before he could add another word, an terrifying large vertical eye opened, lazily looking at him. There was no sense of agression in it, not opression, nor any feeling, which made the suffocating opression that rose even harder to shoulder.

There was no need for the demonic being to exert any pressure, it's merely existence was enough to supress the poor ghost into dying a graveless death.

The world around them was made of bone and rotting flesh, even the ground behind their feet was an ankle deep pool of blood. From the blood, another existence rose, smaler that the eye, and a lot less opressive, but still a lot to big to fit into the pool, dispelling any question about this world still being illusory. It was a mix between a snake, and a centipede. Unlike the colossal eye, it exert no opression, and more, a temptation. The baleful aura it release froze all sense of fear of self-preservation. It wasn't "strong", but so dark that no human mind could work rationnaly while being invaded by it.

The Ghost was a powerfull all timer, but it barely snapped out of it before slowly walking to its doom. It was the same thing as a prey entering a catatonic state before a predator. It was like the snake/centipede demon embodied the whole concept of devouring, and that nothing could resist it.

Lilieth slowly walked, without giving a lot of thought to the old ghost, and sat on the bone thrones. She was minuscule next to the two baleful monster, but she still execrated an arrogant imperial aura that didn't loose to the other two.

" I had time to explore the knicks and knacks of my own mind, and to temper the place, you like the decoration? Might be a bit out of fashion by now but I assure you it was so modern back then ... "

it was to be known, that would have she been allowed to mature fully during the last millenia, Lilieth would have been a supreme existence by now that had nothing to envy gods. If her body and her bloodline hadn't mature, and probably wouldn't before the passing a whole new era, her mind had been tempered by a millenia of fighting over the edge of madness and had reached its full potential.

Not even speaking about the fact that her powerfull bloodline ancestor manifestation, the eye, developped a pseudo conscience of its own, of the fact her clan split their soul at birth for a shard of primordial sin, Glutonny in her case, embodied by the snake, creating two powerfull behemots residing within of sea of consciousness, her will alone could bend anything if someone chose to invade her mind.

" You, I like you. So I'll offer you a deal, extermination of this remnant of your soul, or service. Who know, I might even encounter at some point some opportunity to let you reconstruct your body. Would that be nice? ... "

The ghost trembled, his whole body shivering. It couldn't be sure where the bluff began and where truth ended, but for some reason, he had a gut deep feeling she shouldn't try and find out.

" Mi... Great daughter of the heave... of the seven hells. Even if those old bones could be of any use to you, there is no way for me to leave this place anyways, as I'm bound to this place for eternity. "

Lilieth sneered : " Enough, if what I do believe is here actually is, it won't be an issue much longer. "

The ghost trembled even more, stuterring : "You ... know ? How?"

" Calculated it with my fingers ... You know, for someone as old as me, legend are mere legend but tales do carry taboo truth. You just need to be litterate enough in this generation to find some clues ignored by others. "

The ghost felt his soul leaving him, and merely stuttered : " This old bones sure wouldn't dare to refuse such an opportunity to walk the path of the dark era and see the crescent gates fall. I'm sorry young noble, but I can hardly offer you my name though, as even myself won't be able to remember it. "

Lilieth sneered : " I see some have done their reading too. As for your name, I'll just call you Old Ghost for now on, so, Old Ghost, reading to swear loyalty on your soul? "

When Lilieth finally opened her eyes in the real world, the other two had already broken out from the spell. She smiled and stood, as the rune powering the spell deemed in submission before them.

" What an enjoyable little nap "

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And yet, she had been here before.
She knew this section of the forest; it was her home. The boy in her arms was dead. Her own rotting hands clenched into fists. She shouldn't be here. She couldn't be here! The fire had raged through here over a year ago. The forest itself was a lie.
She stood up, her flesh melting into the leaves and her bones turning black from smoke and decay. That did not stop her. Her eyes had atrophied and seeped from their sockets and into the leaf-litter below, but she realized that that was not why her vision was black. This assaulter was a mind-dweller, and she was fighting its barrage without even noticing. Such were her mind powers. With a steadying breath, she lowered her defences and let it in.
The forest came to life in brilliant orange light. The fire burned just as brightly as she remembered. Exactly like she remembered. She saw the body by her feet. He was just as he had been, all that time ago. His hind leg ripped open, his fingers curled around his ears, a foreleg seeming to twitch in the flickering blaze...
She raised her eyes and saw the Ghost.
He was ancient, but that was to be expected. Upon connecting with her gaze, his smile faltered and his laughter ceased. His eyes narrowed; he glared at her for daring to defy him. She didn't wait for him to say anything. She closed her eyes and found his mind. It wasn't shaped like those of the living. His was a parasitic mind, with tendrils and feeders and probing spines. It didn't have a source. For a second, she was confused; then, she blinked her eyes open. The fire, the blaze, these were her memories. It was already inside her mind. His must be elsewhere, with his tendrils and probes latched on to all three of them. All she had to do was cut it off from her.

All at once, she raised her defences and seized the tendrils of his mind. He fought her, of course, but his attention was divided three-way and hers was not. She grappled with him, a silent battle of mental resiliency. The forest flickered around her. The flames, the trees, various landscapes and houses and sceneries all flashed through her focus as their fight went on. She felt him winning, putting more effort and focus into beating her. She gritted her teeth, straining against him...

His mind pulled back. She blinked her eyes open, gasping at the sudden retreat. She was back in the crypt. Her mind felt like putty. She took a minute to collect herself, slumping down to the floor and resting her head in her hands. It was still morning, but she felt exhausted. She pressed her fingers to her temples. Gods was she sore...

Fragments of though gradually combined until she had some sort of idea of what just happened. The ghost was centuries old. She didn't beat it by herself. One of the others must have demanded its full attention, and her eyes came to rest on which one it was. She blinked, then smirked. "What an enjoyable little nap."

Nispa groaned. As if Lilieth wasn't awesome enough... Nispa fancied herself a bit of a mental warrior, but Lilieth hardly appeared fazed by the whole ordeal. She didn't have the energy to be wary. Instead, she simply lowered her head in respect.

She pushed her hands against her knees and hoisted herself upright. Yaropolk, too, followed suit. Like her, he appeared shaken but otherwise unharmed. Nispa turned instead to Lilieth again. She tried to speak. Her voice cracked and no sound came out. She tried again, louder. "H-how long has he been here? And why is he here?" The questions continued to trickle into her mind, but she wouldn't ask too many. She was beginning to think that this expedition was a bit over her head, and that getting involved in the first place was a bad idea.