Seldona Tavern

Beside the Kaadian Way, at the most-used portion between Soto and Morrim, sits a well-known tavern that welcomes all kinds. The building is quite large, having three floors of rooms above the bar and a small stage in the basement. Within the main room, the bar is in the shape of an "L" in one corner, next to the entrance. Opposite the bar, is a large, cozy fireplace that is always lit during the winter. On either side of the fireplace is a set of stairs, one leading up and one leading down. The centre of the room is filled with tables, many of which are set up with favourite board games such as chess and Fox & Geese. Cyane, the alewife and owner of this establishment, is a tall, thin woman with bright eyes and a constant smile. She often travels from table to table, checking up on customers while she directs the various barmaids in several tasks. Cyane is the woman to talk to if one should like to rent a room or perhaps perform on the stage for a bit of coin.

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