Scroll of Application

Post your character's description here; it will be approved by a staff member. Profiles that are pending or freshly posted and have not yet been approved will remain here until a staff member has checked them over; once done, they will be moved to the Citizens of the World forum.If a profile is not completed within 1 week a staff member will PM you to find out why and if there is no reason or you do not respond, the profile will be archived 1 week after that.The following will be helpful: the profile skeleton, the Compendium, and the canon list.

Forum rules
Posting New Profiles [b]All new profiles [/b] should be posted in this forum (the Scroll of Application) for staff approval. Once approved, they will be moved to the Citizens of the World forum and you will be able to begin posting IC immediately. Please note the following:

[list] [*]Members are unable to post into the Citizens of the World forum; it is strictly for [b]approved [/b] profiles, which are moved by staff members.
[*]Members who have posted WIP profiles or profiles that have been pending for one week will be PMed for follow-up. If, after another week, there is no update, the profile will be archived.
[*]If a profile does not have its abilities posted within [b]one hour [/b] of the profile's creation, they will have to be taken to the Review Book. WIP profiles will have one hour upon [b]completion [/b] of the profile. [/list]
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