Reine, the major port city of Soto, is built by a natural harbour just a few miles down the coast from the massive cliff where the Falann River thunders over the edge in a brilliant cascade of water. The entire city is built on stone that ends where the water of the Sedokai Ocean begins. From here the docks jut out over the water, providing a place for sailors and merchants to harbour their ships. Many ships may also be found in the nearby drydocks for repair. There are more people from the lower class in Reine than in Madrid, and many houses are built from wood and have shingled roofs. Only the inns and shops, such as the armouries and smithies, are privileged enough to be built from dark red brick, distinguishing them from the rest. There are a few mansions in Reine, but they tend to be congregated in certain areas of the city, distanced from the docks, and are fewer in number than those in Madrid.The marketplaces spill out into the streets in this city, so more open streets are lined with stalls selling fresh seafood as well as whatever has recently been brought in by the merchants. One never knows what they'll find here, especially since all sorts of people pass through the city, from wanderers to merchants and thieves to pirates. Often one will come across outlaws in the seedier parts of town and perhaps be unaware of it, or else they might see their corpses hung on display after they have been caught and punished for their crimes.Since the war, Reine has become somewhat overpopulated, with many refugees living in the streets, in warehouses and abandoned buildings. They continue to stay in Reine because it is the main port through which food is being brought from other countries.

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