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[list] [*]Members are unable to post into the Citizens of the World forum; it is strictly for [b]approved [/b] profiles, which are moved by staff members.
[*]Members who have posted WIP profiles or profiles that have been pending for one week will be PMed for follow-up. If, after another week, there is no update, the profile will be archived.
[*]If a profile does not have its abilities posted within [b]one hour [/b] of the profile's creation, they will have to be taken to the Review Book. WIP profiles will have one hour upon [b]completion [/b] of the profile. [/list]

Profile Template

Kestrel Sumner
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Profile Template
Character profiles should include the following:

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[b]Name[/b] – 
[b]Age[/b] –
[b]Gender[/b] –
[b]Alignment[/b] –
[b]Social Class[/b] – This refers to their place socially in society. WANDERER is NOT a social class. This may include such things as 'street rat', 'royalty', 'commoner', or 'nobility'.
[b]Occupation[/b] –  This refers to your character's job in the world. WANDERER would be appropriate here.
[b]Race[/b] –
[b]Nationality[/b] – Either Ashokan, Morrimian, Sotoan, or Angkarian. If none of these apply, you can put none or other.
[b]Weapons[/b] – Please declare all of the weapons your character may possess here.

[b]Physical Appearance[/b] – Please provide a written description in addition to any pictures or images you would like to include here.

[b]Personality[/b] –

[b]History[/b] –
Either in a separate post, or below your history, please include the following section(s) in regards to the abilities you wish to begin with and those following. If your first five abilities are not posted with your profile prior to a staff member reviewing the profile (whether that review takes place 10 minutes after it has been posted or an hour), they will have to be taken to the Review Book; this is regardless of whether the profile has been declared pending or approved by the staff member. All subsequent abilities after the first five must be taken to the Review Book for approval.

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[b]First Five Abilities[/b]
[LIST][*][b]Ability 1[/b] – description here.
[*][b]Ability 2[/b] – description here
[*][b]Ability 3[/b] – description here
[*][b]Ability 4[/b] – description here
[*][b]Ability 5[/b] – description here[/LIST]


[b]Additional Simple Abilities[/b]
[LIST][*][b]Ability 1[/b] – description here
[*][b]Ability 2[/b] – description here
[*][b]Ability 3[/b] – description here, etc.[/LIST]

[b]Additional Intermediate Abilities[/b]
[LIST][*][b]Ability 1[/b] – description here
[*][b]Ability 2[/b] – description here
[*][b]Ability 3[/b] – description here, etc.[/LIST]

[b]Additional Advanced Spells[/b]
[LIST][*][b]Ability 1[/b] – description here
[*][b]Ability 2[/b] – description here
[*][b]Ability 3[/b] – description here, etc.[/LIST]
If you play a Sovereign character, please also include the following information in your profile. This information can/should be identical to that supplied to the staff, as per the Sovereign Guidelines.

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[b]Political Aspirations[/b] — What does you character want from their political position, both for themselves and for their country? How do they feel about the major political issues in their country, and what do they intend to do about them?
[b]Country Relations[/b] – Remove the country that your character represents, but provide a modest excerpt as to how your character feels about each country.
[list][*][i]Angkar[/i] –
[*][i]Ashoka[/i] –
[*][i]Morrim[/i] –
[*][i]Soto[/i] –[/list]
Feel free to add anything else, but these should be the minimum requirements. You are more than welcome to alter the way you present your profile, as well.

Although we do not ask that members write paragraphs upon paragraphs of information for any given section, please provide enough so that others can get a sense of your character.