Port City Zedrin

Lying on the northern coast of Angkar is Port Zedrin. It is one of the most famous free ports in Elenlond, and due to the amount of trade streaming in, brought by those who wish to take advantage of the customs and tax-free port, there is a lot of wealth in the city. This wealth, however, is concentrated to only the elite few, leaving the city divided. In the west there are the slums where poverty runs rampant. In the east the wealthy reside with their immense mansions, hoarding most of the resources that the poor need. Those few who are in the middle live in stilt-houses that project over the calm waters of the bay or the river that empties out into the ocean. Slavery runs rampant in Zedrin and as one walks down the street, they can see the rows of bound and gagged men and women waiting to be sold to one of the wealthy families.Despite all of this struggle, Zedrin is still a pleasant enough city to be in. The markets are full of wares from all around the world, as well as those imported from Angkar's inland. There are also more temples here than in Ildri, and so everywhere one goes they will find elaborate structures and gold-covered statues of the figures in Angkarian religion. These places are often surrounded in a haze of incense smoke and attended by priests and priestesses who are open to talking to strangers about the gods and their worship.

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