Located on the Obsidian Plains, a place fertilized with black volcanic soil and thus filled with crops, Orl'Kabbar is a dimly lit city filled with violence and crime. It is quite different from Kinaldi; whereas that city's soul is that of a cleansing flame, Orl'Kabbar is the highly destructive and uncontrollable wildfire. It is often labelled as the most dangerous city in Soare, despite the valiant efforts of the few uncorrupted guards and some additional soldiers from the Morrimian army. For, though they may do their part to bring criminals to justice, the judicial system here is notoriously corrupt, from some of the guards to the very judges at the top.Many of the inhabitants of Orl'Kabbar are those who have trouble living elsewhere. Drow, orcs, and vampires thrive in the darkened streets and alleyways, and strange monsters and animals thrive in abandoned buildings. Though a member of one of the more common races may have much to fear here, there is much to be said for the surprisingly egalitarian way in which the more stigmatized races are accepted here. Compared to the persecution that they face in other regions, the violence and seediness of Orl'Kabbar is practically a haven.Stores usually sell hastily cleaned or still-dirty items in this city, and a tavern is as likely to get you killed as it is to get you drunk. Brothels and opium dens are common here as well, illegal goods can be found at every turn, and the slave trade here is vicious and operates outside of Morrimian law. One must enter these places at their own risk, but keep in mind the city's motto: "The safest places look deadliest."

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