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There he is!

Koam had first spotted the man earlier, when the sun was low and had not yet warmed the earth and air. He himself had been hitching a ride to the city and had spotted a lone figure walking across the dunes. He had thought it odd, certainly, for there was no road that he was following, and nothing of interest that he seemed to be coming from. Still, Koam had been intent on reaching the city (and its water) and so he paid the man no mind.

He had seen him again, some time later, in the southern side of the city. It was surely him, for few enough people wore dark colours in the heat of a summer desert, let alone a cloak. It was mysterious, and curious, and Koam's attention had been drawn, but he had lost sight of the man as he entered a building.

Koam meant to follow him inside, but just as he neared the door, a waif of a woman passed through it. She would have been entirely unremarkable if it hadn't been for the amulet around her neck. Koam had seen it before--or, rather, one just like it--and he shied away from the woman. She could only mean trouble.

He wandered down to the oasis again, partly to find a calm place to think, but mostly to get away from her. He was always on the run from them, and it troubled him greatly to see that there was a sect of their cult in this city.

It would make sense, he supposed, for he had first encountered them in Ashoka as well. His time away from his home country had made him forget. Perhaps Eldahar was their base of operation? He didn't know. Either way, the cold hand of fear gripped his heart, and he found himself shivering despite the heat.

That was when the stranger reappeared. He had just taken a seat in an airy gazebo down by the waterfront. A sheaf of paper sat by his side, although he had not yet begun to read--or would he write? Koam neither knew nor cared. He stood up, his feet leaving wet footpronts of the wooden bridge, and made his way closer to the man. If he was going to involve anyone in shady business, he supposed that a seedy and mysterious stranger would be his best bet.

He knew not entirely what he was going to say, and so he paused, awkwardly waiting for the man to notice him. When at last he looked up, Koam blinked, almost startled; a mindless "Uh," escaped his lips. On the spot now, he stammered, "I need your help."