No'bu Jungle

The southern edge of Ashoka is composed of the No'bu Jungle. Though this place is hot and humid and often rainy, it is a place much worth seeing for its great beauty and richness of life. Monumental trees scrape the sky and creatures and plants of all kinds populate everything from the forest floor to the very tops of the trees. Amongst all this greenery one will hear the strange calls of brightly coloured birds and the constant hum of insects and even the rustlings of some hidden creature amongst the leaves. The forest is a place of great mystery, for rumours tell of villages hidden within the depths of the forest, or else obscure ruins housing great treasures as well as ancient dangers. One must also be aware of the more everyday threats of the jungle, for there are many creatures that could easily kill or injure a person, from jaguars to venomous snakes on land and from electric eels and vicious fish in the water. Even if one escapes these creatures it is all too easy to get lost if one goes off the main roads, or else get tangled in the greenery or even fall into a well-hidden sinkhole.

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