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Nevneni Lesten

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July 30th, 2011, 12:21 pm #1

– 45, though she appears to be about 22.
Gender – Female
Alignment – True Neutral
Social Class – Commoner
Occupation – Healer
Race – Half-Elf
Nationality – Sotoan

physical appearance
Nevneni is, by most accounts, unremarkable to look at – so much so that people sometimes do not notice her. This is perhaps due in part to her diminutive size – she stands just a few inches over five feet tall and generally adopts a crumpled posture, with her shoulders curving in as if she means to fold in on herself. Then there is the fact that she hides her curvaceous form in baggy clothes, the fact that her hair is brown and often hides her face, and that rarely initiates conversation or makes much noise at all.

Nevneni's face is pretty enough – she has big brown eyes, a pink, leaf-shaped mouth, and a straight nose with a slight upward turn at the end. Her skin is clear, though often browned by sun, but for a straight scar that runs from her left eyebrow to her hairline. This is concealed by her hair – Nevneni keeps the hair around her face short so that when it is up in her customary braid, she still has bangs to hide behind. Her ears are slightly pointed - a result of her elf heritage – and protrude from behind her bangs. Her hands are small, her fingers tapered and deft.

Nevneni's appearance often bears signs of what is wrong inside of her. She often does not sleep, and therefore becomes pale, with shadows ringing her eyes. Her weight fluctuates depending on how much she has been bothering to eat. At her worst, Nevneni appears to be some sort of ghost, with dark, darting eyes and a hunched posture.

However, there are times when Nevneni does look well – when she has an an easy gait, an infectious laugh, a ready smile that crinkles her eyes half-shut.

Weapons – Nevneni carries a staff, which is ~5' long is and crafted from hickory, which has been smoothed, varnished and enchanted so it never seems to lose its shine. This staff is largely undecorated, but for a carving of ivy leaves at the top. Nevneni carries this staff when walking, but it doubles as a weapon if needed.
She also carries an undecorated hunting knife, which she usually only uses if she needs to carve meat, but can be useful as a weapon as well.

Most people who have just met Nevneni would describe her as timid – she is soft-spoken, easily startled, and has trouble looking people in the eyes. None would fault her for a lack of kindness – she is caring to a fault, ready to inconvenience herself and sacrifice herself within the profession of healing and without. She is adept at calming the distressed, at offering her services without making it seeming and inconvenience. She hates to do harm to anyone, though she displays some symptoms of social ineptitude: she does not know, at times, how to carry on a conversation, and she sometimes retreats into her head and loses track of conversation entirely. She is not without a sense of humour, but, unless she is around some one she is close with, she is more ready to laugh at a joke than make one. Nevneni's method of handling difficult people – for she has to deal with many – is to stay silent and wait for it to pass, like a rock in a storm.

In short, Nevneni keeps herself small and unobtrusive. She has adapted her behaviour to be a good healer; she has also adapted her behaviour to avoid being known.

From a young age Nevneni feared the thought of having anyone disrupting her sanctity. Perhaps this is why her first memory is of her youngest sister's birth, when she held the door closed so the god of winter, Kheisos, would not corrupt the newborn: it was the first instance in her life of struggling to avoid penetration. She has always been nervous about speaking her innermost thoughts, and, for a time during her youth, her greatest terror was of romance and sexuality. In her mind, such things necessitated letting someone in – a horrifying thought to one who felt that her body and her mind were her only property.

Then, after so many years of defending herself from violation, Nevneni was raped.

The incident left her with deep wounds. Nevneni became a wanderer because the repetitive motion of walking was one of the only things that soothed her. She had always been soothed by repetitive motions – rocking back and forth, foot-tapping, and so on – but never had it been so necessary, because never in her life had she been so tormented, so anxious. For a long while she could not bear the company of men by themselves, especially at night. She undressed and washed only when she felt absolutely sure she could not be seen by anyone and the sound of the nighttime crickets during summer plunged her mind into dark thoughts. Things have gotten better over the years, as Nevneni has had several lovers who showed her that nudity and closeness are not so bad after all – she realises now that they are, in fact, quite desirable. Still, it took her 6? years to realise this.

The torment lasted so long because her memory is so clear, preserving in glass emotions that long ago passed through her. Then there is the intensity of her emotions, which have the power to rise up over Nevneni like great waves. The act of staying functional is one of staying afloat, and often she gets swept away.

Thus, Nevneni has lost her mind before. She has set off on long journeys across the land, fuelled by anxiety and self-loathing. At these times she feels driven not to sleep but to walk through the night, not to eat but to wet her toes in the snow in the hopes of hurting herself. Often she has hated herself for what Aravin did to her and for what she did to him. She has hated herself for many things she has done in her life, and this hatred has nearly killed her on several occasions.

Nevneni is strong in ways that cannot be seen from the outside. Staying afloat during those storms of emotion is no easy task. Even when they have sunk her, she has survived, her strong body carrying her across the continent even when it is emaciated from lack of food. She has a strong stomach, having seen the horrors of war in many a healing tent. She has set bones, she has fought sicknesses, she has saved lives or eased their passing all while believing that she isn't worth shit, all while scaling those immense waves of emotion.

With time, her trauma is passing.

For a much less terse explanation of much of Nevneni's history, check out her Chronicles. The first two cover her early years up to her 35th birthday, while the latter two describes the events that take place in Mantish from autumn 9AR to summer 10AR. These, along with her tracker, are listed in the signature at the bottom of this very long post.

Nevneni is the daughter of Alleis Velsir and Derthos Lesten. Alleis was an elf, who lived as a healer in Madrid. She fell in love with Derthos, a carpenter with distant elvish heritage, and they left the city to lead a quieter life in a village in western Soto.

Nevneni was their first child, born on a summer night, which, according to Alleis, was breezy because the Sotoan god of wind had come to greet Nevneni's passage into the world. Nevneni's younger sister, Temia, was born three years after her, and Liosi, the youngest of them, three years after that. When the children were still young, Aravin arrived in town. He was a half-trained carpenter who Derthos taught for a while. They became good friends and eventually Aravin got himself a wife, whose name was Ysmail.

Derthos had desired a son, to whom he could teach his craft. However, as he realized that he would have no son, he came to love Nevneni greatly- perhaps more than he would have a boy. He taught her to construct things from wood but Nevneni never took to it. Instead, she displayed her mother's talent with herbs and healing, and so was assisting her mother in helping the ill by the time she was a teenager.

Nevneni was friendly with most of the people in her settlement, but often felt like a bit of a misfit since the humans aged so much quicker than her- she lingered in her teens while others shot from childhood to adulthood. Initially she was good friends with her sisters, but a separation grew between them as time went on: they showed interest in romance and she could not comprehend it, being so focused on keeping a wall between herself and any other human being.

Nevneni was lucky enough to meet a boy named Gweson, who also aged slowly due to his angelic ancestry. He was a loquacious blonde boy, and he gained Nevneni's friendship with his jokes and songs and doting admiration of her skills in the healing arts. His friendship was crucial to her during the dark years when Aravin began to drink and terrorise their house, eventually driving his wife, Ysmail, to suicide. As time passed, the friendship between Nevneni and Gweson began to show romantic inclinations.

It all happened on her 35th birthday, in the year 0AR. Liosi was set to be married the day before, and during her wedding, Nevneni and Gweson danced together, happy and tipsy on wine. Nevneni was happier and more excited than she ever had been. On the day of her birthday, Alleis gave Nevneni a bottle of rose oil and her father and Temia gave her a hickory staff carved with ivy leaves. Gweson's gift was to take her into the woods to a secret patch of raspberries. They gorged themselves and laid in the sun, holding hands.

That night, Aravin came into the house, drunk and ranting. Derthos was too sore from arthritis to walk him home and asked Nevneni to do it, not thinking of the possible consequences. Nevneni supported him home, took him through the door, and was met with his fist. Aravin beat Nevneni to the ground, dragged her to the bed, lifted up her skirts and raped her. The crickets were singing and there was an arc of moonlight across the ceiling. Nevneni left her body and retreated into her mind. When Aravin fell asleep, she escaped, packed up her belongings, took up her staff, and left home.

She wandered without purpose for many years, drawing a web across the continent. Eventually she learned how to ply her trade as a wandering healer. During the Dark Conquest she healed wounded Morrimians on the edges of battlefields and often watched them die.

In the summer of 5AR, Nevneni wandered up into Ashoka and came to rest at Ikioi's Oasis. Here she met Vorkael, a vampire who, at the time, was control of his urges to drink human blood and instead drank the blood of animals. This vampire scared her so much at first that she twisted her ankle. He gave her some of his blood to heal it, and under its influence she opened up a little and found that she liked him, perhaps even trusted him. They decided to travel together, and he thus became Nevneni's first solid friend since she left home.

They travelled south, through Soto, and were attacked on the road by highwaymen. Nevneni wound up killing one of them in self-defense. She was understandably distraught – she had never intentionally killed a person in her life, and had spent her life striving to do the opposite. Vorkael, who had killed the rest of the highwaymen and many more people in his life, supported her through this crisis.

However, he eventually succumbed to his thirst for human blood and killed again. Nevneni found out and offered to feed him instead, letting him drink from her wrist and thus allowing him a slight psychic connection to her mind. All in all, they travelled together from the summer and into the autumn. Then Vorkael's maker, Beinv, and the vampire Vorkael had made, Yuna, found Nevneni and Vorkael in the Do'suul Mountains. Out of a sadistic sense of fun and a feeling that Vorkael was not living up to his position as a vampire, they forced the two to separate. Crying, Nevneni promised to Vorkael that she would spend the time apart returning to her home, and that they would meet again at Ikioi's oasis next summer.

It took Nevneni a while to fulfill that promise. She dithered for a long while, distracted herself by helping out the Ashokan refugees in their camp in Soto. When Councillor Aniketos Hesperés led his raid against the refugees, she got scared and ran. Disgusted with herself for surviving, and feeling tormented by what Aravin had done for her, she tried to kill herself by walking into the sea with pockets full of stones. She was saved by Sinadryn, who she had met at the refugee camp and who had also survived.

In the summer of 6AR, Nevneni finally gathered the courage she needed to return home. However, she does not remember much of what happened there; her first clear memory is of waking up in the No'bu Jungle, feeling as if she had been poisoned. As she walked up towards Ikioi's Oasis, she began to recover her memories of the past few weeks. Sometimes they still crop up, fresh and new as if they had been saved in a box all these years. This is the picture that she has of what happened:

She walked back into her town, shaking with nerves. As she came up to the house, her mother saw her through the window and ran to embrace her. Her father did not: he had succumbed to senility and could not stand, merely sat there and sometimes said "Hurt, hurt, hurt." Nevneni remembers Temia looking at her with hatred; she remembers that Temia blamed her for leaving and for not being there to care for her father. She remembers seeing Liosi and her little flock of children. She remembers Aravin coming into the house, a new wife in tow.

She only learned what had happened in the last few days of her visit much later: after she and Vorkael had been reunited, after she had settled down in Fairin with an old herbalist named Euphorbia, after she had Vorkael had made love. It was revealed to her in a dream, where she met a woman named Nausicaa (who she still does not know is a real woman, a dreamwalker) and, though the dream version was distorted, it allowed her to realise, when she woke, what had happened.

One night, Nevneni and Alleis stayed up talking at the kitchen table while the candle burned low between them. Alleis finally managed to extract from Nevneni the real reason she had left home. Upon learning that Aravin had raped her, she told Nevneni, "He must pay." She told Nevneni that he must be killed; she brought out from her bridal trunk the knife with which she was to do it; she told her daughter how she must do it.

Nevneni did not sleep that night. She laid in bed and woke Temia with the nervous twitching of her feet. Temia stared at her with hatred, she shot barbed words at her, for she did not know why her sister suffered so. Nevneni stayed still in that bed, and it became her prison until dawn came.

She remembers that, on the following night, her and Gweson came into the kitchen and lit a candle. They sat at that same table; they talked; they kissed. Nevneni remembers seeing something she had never seen before: Gweson's bare back and the shrivelled wings laid like old leaves over his shoulder blades.

Then she remembers straddling Aravin's body, the knife in her hands. She remembers bringing it down, filled, for the first time in her life, with a self-righteous rage. She remembers the blood pouring out of him, his convulsing death throes. She remembers rolling off him, the blood sinking into her dress. The anger passed and she was filled with horror at what she had done. She ate belladonna berries, she tried to die, but she failed, and was sent in a hallucinatory journey, pissing and vomiting, up to the No'bu Jungle.

After these revelations, Nevneni lost her head. Autumn came and Vorkael stopped visiting her. Torn apart by self-hatred, she left Euphorbia, she left Fairin, and went shooting across the country. During these neurotic travels, she met the necromancer, Phaedrus, and a soldier named Juul.

She did not expect to see Juul again, but in the summer of 8AR, Nevneni happened across Juul in an abandoned farmhouse in the Badlands. As a storm broke overhead, the Nevneni confessed her crime to Juul and the two women discovered a deep affection for each other. They fell into bed together and, though they had to part ways, they planned to meet again.

Nevneni spent the rest of that summer tending to the sick in Reine, where plague had broken out. She was late for her appointment with Juul, but wound up discovering her in the village of Skepia anyways, where Juul was helping to lead a rebellion against the rapacious Lothiar Reik. From autumn 8AR to summer 9AR she assisted in the rebellion as healer. Those times were happy for her: even though there was the strain of the rebellion, even though Juul lost an eye and often lost her temper, Nevneni has happy to be by the soldier's side and engaged in this community. However, it was all lost when the rebels were broken up at the Battle of Rorke's Ridge.

Once again, Nevneni found herself running away in a terror. She left Morrim not knowing whether or not she was not a wanted convict, whether or not Juul was dead. She plunged into Soto and nearly went back home, ready to give herself up to the justice of the townpeople. However, the madness that had driven her so far evaporated. Instead she headed to Reine where, by chance, she met the Hierophant of Morrim, Hiram Jollenbeck. She discovered that she liked him very much, and, due to the circumstances of their meeting, felt compelled to confess to him about the murder of Aravin.

After this, Nevneni decided to head up to the coast towards Ashoka. Thus, in the autumn of 9AR, she came to the fishing village of Mantish, where she heard of a fisherman's wife who was suffering from an illness. She went intending to help this woman, Ituveto, but there wasn't anything she could do to save her life. At the moment of her death, Ituveto took Nevneni's hand and transferred her memories of life into the poor girl. This caused Nevneni to fall in love with Ituveto's widowed husband, Cavus, who reluctantly, for his own inscrutable reasons, allowed Nevneni to stay. Now she acts as his maid, his cook, and healer for the village.

  • Nevneni does not know how to swim.
  • Nevneni's birthday is on July 30th.
  • Nevneni is a fairly good gardener, but she has trouble bringing herself to kill slugs and caterpillars. She is good at recognising plants, however. After all, this can become a matter of life and death when it comes to plants such as species of Astragalus, where the toxic plants can look quite similar to the beneficial ones.
  • Here is a whole goddamn Nevneni playlist I put together on Youtube for secret reasons.
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Nevneni's Abilities

Abilities Thread

Simple Abilities
  • Self-Defense Training – Though Nevneni never actively seeks out a fight, Nevneni can defend herself with her staff or with a knife.
  • Dexterity – She is exceedingly nimble, both on her feet and with her hands. She has always been able to perform all sorts of delicate procedures that others cannot.
  • Enchantment: Levitation – Nevneni has the ability to make objects levitate for as long as she pleases, so long as they weigh less than fifteen pounds.
  • Shyness – Nevneni doesn't often talk to new people and her manner is so withdrawn that people may fail to notice her entirely. This can be good if she's wilfully trying to avoid notice, though of course there's the obvious side effect of not being noticed when she wants to be seen and heard.
  • Enchantment: Surveillance – Nevneni can enchant any inanimate object, such as a rock, to be an extra eye, of sorts. She can see things around the object, provided she is within a mile of it.
  • Healing Magic: Pain Relief- Nevneni can ease a being's physical pain with magic, meaning she doesn't need to use narcotics or the like to assuage a patient's suffering. Therefore, the risk of addiction is minimized, and side-effects such as drowsiness are avoided. However, the cause of the pain is not healed.
  • Night Vision – After spending so much time awake at night with Vorkael, Nevneni has become accustomed to seeing in the dark, and so can see in the dark ~2x better than most humans.

Intermediate Abilities
  • Healing Magic: Coagulation – (Intermediate) Nevneni can speed the coagulation of blood, thereby causing wounds to seal up in under a minute and preventing further bleeding. This will work except for very heavy bleeding, the sort which generally results in fatality.
  • Herbalism II- By now, Nevneni knows the uses and pitfalls of most herbal cures available in Soare. When encountering a plant/fungi she hasn't used before, she is able to intuit with 80% accuracy what it might be used for based upon her experience with other medicines. The only areas where her intellect fails are medicines that are extremely exotic or rare or are plants/fungi which are not usually imported from Angkar.
  • Poison Detection- Nevneni can sense poisons and identify them, even if they cannot be detected by normal means (ie. smelling, seeing, tasting).
  • Magic: Cure Poison- Nevneni can use magic to neutralize toxins in a person's body. This only works for those which have not yet reacted- damage that has already been done must be fixed by normal means.
    This also gives Nevneni the ability to eliminate the alcohol in someone's body, sobering them up faster than you can say "tequila."
  • Enchantment: Unbreakability – Nevneni can cast a spell on any object smaller than, say, a bed, to make it very difficult to break or damage. This can be good to ensure the safety of something normally breakable, say glass or pottery, something already in a delicate condition, such as a wet piece of paper or even to create a makeshift shield out of something like an old wooden board. Such objects can still be broken if someone really tries, but it may often require 2-3 times more force than it normally would. This spell cannot be used on anything living. She can cast this spell as much as she pleases, though it starts to wear off after about three weeks and must be recast. She can also remove the spell from something she's cast it on whenever she pleases.
  • Fleetness – Nevneni is nimble, swift on her feet, and due to her size it helps her to avoid taking damage in a conflict and similar situations. She can run through a crowd without disturbing a person or escape from a brawl completely unscathed. This ability upholds so long as she faces someone with an abilities improving speed, agility, fighting ability etc. up to mid-intermediate level. Any higher and she is actually in trouble.
  • Self-Defense Training II – After some more time on the road and some help from Vorkael, Nevneni has managed to improve her ability to defend herself still more, so that she is increasingly adept with her staff and hunting knife and can even fight unarmed. Of course, this fighting is rarely intended to kill someone and mostly to stun, knock out or otherwise incapacitate a person to give a chance for escape.
  • Sleepless – Nevneni has become somewhat accustomed to not sleeping and can function for about 60 hours without an appreciable difference in her ability to function. However, her mental state experiences a steep drop off after that point and she becomes depressed, scared, fretful and paranoid, which unfortunately tends to make it increasingly harder for her to sleep and eat.
  • Piety – Nevneni has travelled extensively and has met and healed many people; thus she has has exposure to all the religions of Elenlond. This, plus her gentleness and her self-demeaning nature makes her seem greatly pious, and so, to help patients, she will often pray for their wellbeing to the gods of their choice. Whether because there are gods or because this has a placebo effect, this tends to make patients under Nevneni's care get on their feet about 25% faster and it increases their chance of survival of severe afflictions by 25%.
  • Disease Resistance – Nevneni is a half-elf, and this has blessed her with a resistance to most diseases that afflict humans and elves. She also has a stellar immune system and so, on the rare occasion that she does get sick, it passes quickly, sometimes within the day, and without significant damage to her person.
  • Spell: Intensification – Nevneni can increase the potency of a plant-based tincture, tisane, oil, extraction, balm, etc. by 50% by dipping her fingers in it and appearing to think about it for a few minutes. What she is actually doing, in a sort of unconscious way, is increasing the amount of the "active ingredient" by magically directing her skin to reproduce it – for example, if she has a tea of white willow bark, she will be producing salicin from her fingertips. Of course, she is unaware of how exactly this works, just that it feels like a sort of tingling upon her skin and she can do this absentmindedly. Theoretically, if she bathed in a giant vat of white willow tea, she would be able to do this much faster.
    The altered medicine can be used to deliver a super-charged treatment to someone or it can be diluted so as to have more of the medicine. Nevneni could theoretically turn the white willow tea in to 99.9% salicin, but the efficiency of the spell decreases with time: after about 10 minutes, Nevneni is increasing the potency of the medicine at only half the speed as before, which was already pretty slow to begin with. So, to make incredibly powerful medicines is not only dangerous but impractical, and because of the drop-off of efficiency, Nevneni can only really perform this spell several times a day.
    This spell is also likely to make the medicine more bitter, depending on what "ingredient" is being produced. It can also be used on poisons.
  • Spell: Purge Disease – Nevneni only uses this spell in desperate situations, when all else has failed, because it is just about as difficult and dangerous with a minor illness as it is when snatching someone from the doorstep of death. To begin, Nevneni must open some wound on her fingers and then insert these into the victim's mouth (technically she could use any orifice but the mouth is generally the most acceptable option). The wound is kept open by a reversal of the Healing Magic: Coagulation ability. Through the mingling of fluids, Nevneni draws the disease, be it virus or bacteria, into her own body and finds a way to destroy it. This may take place through a magically-spurred action of her own body, as in, her immune system fighting bacteria, or it may be accomplished by a particular minute twist of magical ability, which tends to combat viruses. Nevneni hardly notices the difference; sometimes she winds up more tired, which tends to be linked to viral diseases. Once the solution has been found, she sends it into the patient's body via their mouth. Without her further intervention, the patient would generally be unable to survive anyways, so Nevneni must stay with them, pouring her magical energy and her life into the person until the disease has been conquered. The healed person will usually sleep it off after this, because a fair amount of their energy is used up as well.
    This process takes hours and is uncomfortable for everyone involved. Nevneni normally accomplishes it in silence, with her eyes closed, but sometimes she sings to herself or prays. Once done she is often so weak she can barely move, and so has to be taken care of. If she has not eaten or slept well recently, she will be unable to see the spell to its completion and can even wind up dead from it. Thus she can only do this once every three days or so, provided she keeps herself in good health, which is not always a guarantee for Nevneni.
    Nevneni experiences the whole process somewhat abstractly: in her trance-like state it sometimes feels like incorporeal movements in her spirit, or it comes to her as metaphors, hallucinations or the image of hundreds of tiny lights "fighting" each other. Thus her mental state can determine the outcome: if she is feeling self-defeating, if she hates herself or feels despair, then she can possible fail and succumb to the illness herself, even if it would normally not effect her due to her resilience towards diseases.

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May 26th, 2012, 10:33 pm #3


Neni's first fan-art! Gale illustrates The Burial

2014 Elly Awards Art by Dnan!

Juul x Nevneni by Gale <3