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June 23rd, 2011, 3:55 am #1

Name Neriasis
Age unknown
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral
Nationality Mianorite
Social Class Moghul of Ashoka
Occupation Shadowmancer
Race Drow
Weapons Obsidian Polearm and two steel daggers.

Political Aspirations — Every strategic albeit erratic move made by Neriasis has been in search of power. From his ill-suited position as Mianor's god of order to the leader of Argos. Each time done under false pretenses and promises either to himself or another. His acquisition of Ashoka should be viewed as no different. However, the plight of the Ashokan people does hit home making his desire to help the people somewhat genuine. While Neriasis might not lift the country out of a totalitarian dictatorship he has the presence of mind to make his new found subjects happier in closing the gap between the poor and the rich. Unlike his predecessor Orion, Neriasis is not deaf to the needs and concerns of the people. He intends to set up a time for the common people to come to him with their grievances. However, Neriasis also intends to reinstate many old religious practices at the behest of the nomadic tribes, in particular human sacrifice; which will be heavily policed to reduce misuse of religious doctrine. There is rumor of non-Ashokans being barred from the capitol as their new leader settles in.

Country Relations –
  • Angkar –Neriasis is nearly oblivious to the fact that Angkar even exists. Likely this will change with time, but due to the country's location it will likely remain at the low end of Ashoka's attention for some time. Though trade lines have a possibility of being mended and expanded upon in time.
  • Morrim –Neutral and somewhat off Neriasis's radar but not to the same degree as Angkar. He is aware of its existence and also aware that an alliance with Morrim would be beneficial should Soto become unruly. Thus potential talks of alliance or reciprocated neutrality are likely in the future.
  • Soto –One might call the relationship between Soto and Ashoka strained, if only for the petty squabble between Neriasis and Aniketos. It does not help that Neriasis's only potential ally on the council, Galena, has gone AWOL and his actions in taking over Ashoka will only help to reinforce Aniketos's negative perception of him, in a fashion that could easily sway others to see the new leader of Ashoka in the same light as Councilor Hesperes. Potentially this animosity could lead to the two countries cutting each other off from trade or start a war.
Physical Appearance This Dorw is a rather curious example of his race almost as if he does not truly belong. Neriasis stands at a height of six foot three inches, which considering his race is nearly a foot taller than most. Face often shrouded in a cowl of dark cloth this Drow has red eyes that seem to lighten and darken depending on his mood. A recent haircut has taken his more reserved style and turned it into something showy and arrogant, a thick and long mohawk of moonlight silver. Slender fingers match a slim frame that while outwardly appears to be the build of a caster there’s enough lean muscle there to back up his new fighting style and acrobatic abilities. For any that might have once known this Drow in another form there are scars that might remind them although most of the scars are hidden from sight by the thick, loose clothing that hangs about his body; though as of late that clothing has begun to shrink in its looseness but is still body covering. One scar runs deep from his left shoulder to his right hip across his chest, another lies upon his right thigh, and a third remains between his shoulder blades. A new mark has appeared on the right side of his neck sometimes hidden by the limp mohawk, it is a tattoo of a spider done all in white and an ever increasing symbol seen throughout Soto, especially in Madrid signifying the guild of Argos.

Illusion Apperance No change to height or weight appears apparent while Neriasis dons this new visage. One thing changes drastically and that would be his wings, which otherwise he would easily be able to hide with his magic, while using his illusion it’s as if the wings refuse to be hidden. Instead of black feathers they appear stark white almost glowing. Skin that was once a dark in coloration is now a pale healthy hue similar to one who spends there time in the sun but does not quite tan fully. And any distinguishing marks have been hidden away beneath flawless skin. The drow’s hair is now an almost unnatural honey color and braided to drape over one shoulder or the other falling five to six inches past his shoulder while braided. Red eyes are now a calm, friendly blue.

Personality Arrogant and power hungry, this drow is driven by a lust to be the best at what he does. Wanting the world to remember his name or at least the citizens of Madrid, he’s taken up, rather violently, the mantel of Argos’ guild leader and is transforming the guild from its simple reputation as a guild of mercenaries with criminal pasts into a guild to be recognized in whispers as a guild of black marketeers of goods and knowledge. Though arrogant Neriasis knows how to plan his moves carefully and to keep his plans secret and his tongue in check, though there is many a time where his anger will get the better of him and he will lash out with words and occasionally physical violence. Despite his appetite for blood and chaos this drow possesses a hidden side that is tender and kind, easily driven by his feelings; his loyalty when things are in his favor is unquestionable.

Current History A fateful meeting with the Sotoan Councilor Namir Govannan has set Neriasis on a road of dark secrets and conquest. But not the conquest of a city or country but the conquest of the dark underbelly of Soto, in particular the city of Madrid. Though his goals appear to be selfish there is still much that he holds back on out of his desire for Namir. It is a dangerous time for the drow as he tries to play both sides of morality, and only time will tell if he falls susceptible to the temptations of darkness or to the warmth and charms of the light.

History Many things have happened in the past few years but most notably is the very change in Neriasis’ race. As this Drow was not always a Drow, at one point one might have called him a fallen angel and even at one time he was a god. But the tales of his years as a god are long gone, and only faint recollections of such a time float around in an afflicted mine. No one is sure just what happened to create such a change, least of all Neriasis himself.

(OLD HISTORY (as it still applies just he has little to no knowledge of it))
Menoko, a small island divided by war, a tribe of demons oppressed by a handful of zealous wizards; this was the world into which Neriasis was created. He was not born in the normal sense of the words; he was created, crafted into a living, thinking being by dark magic forbidden by the original gods but this had no meaning to those that created Neriasis and other abominations. He was dubbed Project Omega Delta, his creator was named Kaine. He was to be the perfect weapon against the demons and after that he would be used to conquer the world. But there was a slight flaw in Kaine’s plans, and that was Neriasis’ freewill and intelligence. Kaine tried to counterbalance Neriasis with another creation one that was more obedient, this creation was Sisairen, who took the name at a later date. It seemed the idea was working until Neriasis was able to convince Sisairen to his way of thinking and together they killed Kaine.

Neriasis left the island, little is known about what happened between his life on Menoko and his ascension into godhood. But during that time Sisairen feel out of sorts with Neriasis and they did not see each other for some time; until one day Sisairen reappeared to Neriasis, but at the time Neriasis had not wished to take him back, he had a lover. A beautiful woman named Imoen that he was to marry, though there had been complications with that because of another man that sought her as well. In the end Neriasis accepted Sisairen back and Imoen faded from his life.

A number of people have reappeared from his past. Such as Artanis the daughter of one of the wizards who had been responsible for the creation of the hybrids on Menoko. They had met a young Necromancer, Tsuki, in the Takar Desert and they had both fallen in love with him, though Neriasis was more lust than love and at the time of their first meeting Artanis had not cared for the annoying Necromancer. On numerous occasions Neriasis has tried to have his way with Tsuki, and all attempts have been shot down.

One recent attempt forced the Spirit of Order to intervene and the spirit recently split Neriasis into two entities to restore some form of order to this obviously chaotic god. But the trouble has only just started and Elenlond's god of order seems more likely now to plunge the world into Chaos, but as in all stories there is still hope.
First Five Abilities
  • Ability 1 Aura reading - Perception of the energy fields surrounding people, places, and things.
  • Ability 2 Scrying - Use of an item to view events at a distance.
  • Ability 3 Mediumship - Communicating with spirits, or in Neri's case the spirit of his friend Artanis.
  • Ability 4 Psychokinesis or telekinesis - Manipulation of matter, space, time or energy. In Neri's case the picking up and tossing of objects no more than ten pounds currently.
  • Ability 5 Summon Weapon
10 posts
  • Summon Light Wisp [simple] A blue wisp like creature with no acknowledged-able sentience. Much like what have been found within the temple of order when Neriasis was still a god. Can have three active at a time, the really don't give much light.
25 posts
  • Psychic Push [simple]A push not unlike a physical shove that is achieved through the use of the mind. Might feel only like a breeze to someone who is resistant to magics.
50 posts
  • Psychokinesis or telekinesis [upgrade] [intermediate] Manipulation of matter, space, time or energy. In Neri's case the picking up and tossing of objects no more than fifty pounds currently.
  • Physic Resistance [simple] Years of study in the art of psionics, not to mention a nasty stubborn/angry personality, gives Neriasis a passive ability to be less susceptible to mind altering spells.
Post 80
  • Catfall [intermediate]- Recover instantly from a fall and absorb some damage from falling. Take damage as if the fall were ten feet shorter than it actually is. This power can be manifested with an instant thought, quickly enough to gain the benefit while you fall.
  • Control Flames [simple]- Pyrokinetically control the intensity or movements of one nonmagical fire source. (small flames such as a campfire/hearthfire, and the extent of manipulation being making it dance and change the direction of its burning and grow in size by a foot on average.)
  • Create Sound [simple]- Create a volume of sound that rises, recedes, approaches or remains at a fixed place. Examples of sounds created: walking, rats squeaking, ect.(25ft max distance from caster)
Post 110
  • Detect Psionics [simple]- Detection of psionic auras. A psionic aura is given off by any active or permanent power, or during the use of any psionic feat. (up to 50ft active, 10ft passive)
  • Distract [simple]- Cause the subjects mind to wander.(5ft, and most effective on weak-minded individuals or already impaired individuals, such as with alcohol.)
  • Inertial Armor [intermediate]- The casters mind generates a tangible field of force that provides a small armor bonus(from a light armor effect to leather armor effect). Incorporeal creatures cannot bypass the armor like they would do normal armor because it is composed of a psychokinetic force. Armor appears with a light transparent purple glow.(can resist the first heavy attack but after that the effect dulls down to the same protection you would find if wearing leather armor)
Post 140
  • Matter Agitation [simple]- Heat an object to a max of 100 degrees C and a max distance from the object of 10ft.
  • Missive [simple]- Send a one-way telepathic message to a willing recipient within the same general area, around 200ft without interruptions from other magical sources.
  • Telempathic Projection [simple]- Alter the subject's mood slightly(within arm's length of the caster and either weak-willed or willing).
Post 170
  • Teleport: Ashokan Palace[Intermediate]- Allows the caster to teleport himself to an undisclosed location within the Ashokan Palace once every 24 hours. Casting this spell takes the caster's full attention.
  • Teleport: Morrim[Intermediate]- Allows the caster to teleport to a random location within Morrim outside of the caster's control. Can only be used once every 24 hours. Casting this spell takes the caster's full attention.
  • Teleport: Soto[Intermediate]- Allows the caster to teleport to a random location within Soto outside of the caster's control. Can only be used once every 24 hours. Casting this spell takes the caster's full attention.
[Post 200]
  • Blink[Intermediate] – An instant cast short teleport of 10 to 30 feet to a location within visible range or a location well known to the caster allowing for short jumps into buildings or cover during combat it for a quick escape to a rooftop.
  • Craft(poison making) [High Intermediate]– The ability to make a number of non-magical poisons including:
    Darklight Brew- A poison coated onto a blade that causes blindness for 2 posts when scoring a successful hit.
    Fish Glue- A poison coated onto a blade that causes sickness for 2 posts when scoring a successful hit.
    Illithid Mindscorch-An inhaled poison that causes the victim to experience dizziness and disorientation often associated with drunkenness for 2 posts.
    Psychotropic Rot- An ingested poison with the same effects as Illithid Mindscorch.
    Roach Paste- A poison coated onto a blade that causes symptoms of nausea for 2 posts when scoring a successful hit.
    Underdark Blight- A contact poison that lowers the victim’s resistance to magic for 2 posts.
  • Crafting( poison making II)[High Intermediate] – Ability to make magically poisons including:
    The Calling- An ingested poison that causes a swarm of spiders to hatch within the victim causing internal damage and can lead to the swarm growing and escaping through the nose and mouth. Saving checks for this are those talented with cooking, they should be able to spot the defect in the food. The second save is for the swarm’s escape, which shall be ineffective on player characters unless the choose otherwise (pretty sure it makes you dead though XD)
    Creeping Nullscourge- A poison coated onto a blade that causes magic resistance to lower for 2 posts when scoring a successful hit.
    Slow Taint- A contact poison that slows the target’s movements for one hour or between 3-5 posts whichever appears more applicable during its use in a thread.
    Slow swarming- An ingested poison, usually administered to a prisoner over several days; each dose creates a slower more agonizing biting sensation, disfiguring the body with horrific red boils. Will only be used on a player character with their consent.
    Swarming Spiderbite- A quicker version of slow swarming without the disfiguration. Will not be used on player characters without consent as it causes death.
[Post 230]
  • Fade into darkness[Intermediate]- Rendering of the caster unseen by the manipulation of surrounding shadows. Does not work in brightly lit surroundings where there is little to no shadows to be found.
  • Snuff the light[Simple]- Extinguishes one non-magical light source.
  • Intensify darkness[Intermediate]- Expand an area of darkness by 10-15 feet.
[Post 260]
  • Shadowborn Warrior[Intermediate]- Adept at fighting in darkness.
  • Shadow double[Intermediate]- A double of the caster crafted from surrounding shadows, lasts for 2 posts after initial summon.
  • Gloom Strike[Intermediate]- A sneak attack that blinds the foe for 2 posts.
[Post 290]
  • Sickening strike[Intermediate]- A sneak attack that sickens the target for 1 post. Symptoms include fever, sweating, fatigue and often nausea.
  • Venomous Strike[Intermediate]- A blade coated in poison deals the poison’s effect plus one extra post of duration, 2 if used in a sneak attack.
  • Sneak[Intermediate]- The ability to move silently while cloaked in shadows avoiding detection except from the best trained individuals.
[Post 320]
  • Tandem Teleport [intermediate]- Allows the caster to take an extra person along for any of the caster’s teleport spells.
  • Web Trap [Intermediate]- A magically created spider web used to cover hallways with a near invisible sticky trap. Easily cleared by fire or sharp blade; though the destruction or triggering of said trap alerts the creator.
  • Gravity Well [Intermediate]- A ground placed spell that drags anyone in the vicinity of the three foot diameter well to be dragged to the ground for 1-2 posts depending on resistance and sheer force of will. Anyone within a five foot radius of the well would feel themselves being dragged in the effects lessening the farther the person is from the well, these effects can also affect the caster.
[Post 350]
  • Magic Ward [Advanced]- Though the use of a magical symbol (in this case a white spider) a building can be protected from all magical probing such as scrying, this ward also denies entry by magical means unless the user has been granted permission from the ward’s creator. Essentially the ward makes the building a magically null spot.
  • Psychokinesis or telekinesis [upgrade to Advanced] - Manipulation of matter, space, time or energy. In Neri’s case the picking up and tossing of objects no more than 300 pounds.
  • Shadow Vectors [Advanced]- Two dimensional extensions of Neriasis's own shadow that can be used in a combative way by peeling off the ground and strike out at a target in a snake like manner. Due to the two dimensional nature of the vectors they have properties similar to sword blades. At this time Neriasis is capable of controlling three of these vectors at a time.
[Post 380]
  • Enchanted Feather: Missive [intermediate]- A six inch black feather imbued with psionic magic to allow for the simple Missive spell to be reciprocated and the range expanded. So instead of a one way message, messages can now be sent back through use of the feather to the sender (in this case Neriasis). The range of communication would thus span the area of Madrid. The feather works best when in use by someone close to the psion, a calm mind is best. (current possession of the feather is to Namir)
  • Enchantment: Shadow Hands [advance]- Enchanted into a purple scarf, this enchantment allows for the ends of the scarf to become anchors for shadowy hands. These appendages can stretch well beyond the confines of the scarfs physical limit, up to ten feet. The hands are controlled by the scarf’s wearer and can be used as a second set of hands, they only function if being directed by the wearer otherwise the scarf appears as a normal article of clothing. Due to their shadowy nature the hands are easily susceptible to light and fire magic.
  • Shadow Pact[advance]- Some magic comes at a price and the Shadow Pact is a pretty price to pay for the power it gives. This pact allows for a powerful shadow transformation of the caster, while slowly corrupting the user with prolonged use. The corruption pulls the user closer and closer to the shadow realm and transforms the body in to a conduit for its magic, while some might not view this as a bad thing the corruption also begins to transform the body and can often break a being’s mind in the process. The pact has granted Neriasis a shadow dragon form, still susceptible to the same weaknesses as an actual dragon but does add a bonus for healing as the dragon form is made of shadows and the wounds won’t translate back to his drow form unless deeply inflicted, the shadowy makeup of the dragon also means blood loss is a nonissue. There are of course added weaknesses to light and fire.
  • Dragon Breath: Shadow[Advance] – An unusual breath weapon which brings shadows to life, or creates shadows if none are present, to ensnare and claw at the victim(s) caught in the blast. Like most shadow magic these entities are weak to light and fire magics. Cone: 30 feet long, 30 feet high, and 30 feet wide. Duration: 2-3 posts. Recharge: 4 posts.
  • Frost Breath[Advance] – Useable outside of dragon form as well as in it. This is a mist-like breath that seeps from the caster's mouth that does not necessarily freeze the target but it is a chilling agent that slows the target as well as create an icy coating on inanimate objects wherever the mist touches. Skin can also gain a bit of a frosty coating, the longer one is exposed the more sever the coating, and can lead to frost burn or frost bite. Lasts 1-5 posts depending on climate. Radius: 15 feet. Recharge: 2 posts. Severity/likelihood of Frost burn/bite from greatest to least probability: 5 feet with skin contact to the mist, 10 feet with skin contact, 5 feet with no skin contact, 10 feet with no skin contact, 15 feet with no skin contact. It is highly unlikely that between 10 and 15 feet away that skin comes in to contact with the mist. These distances also effect the slowing properties of the mist which last for 1-2 posts in this manner with accordance to above distances and contact: 5x slower full contact, 3x slower partial contact(5 feet with skin contact); 3x slower, 3x slower, 2x slower, no effect between 10-15 feet away and no skin contact occurs.
  • Shadow Pact: Spider Legs[advance]– Another spell given through the shadow pact is the ability to allow the caster a set of spider legs. These legs are shadowy in nature but just as dangerous as knives. Each of the eight legs is eight feet in length and attach to the caster’s back. These legs are weak to fire and light attacks but can be used to parry blades.
  • Ice Wave[advance]- Deceptively named as this is not so much a wave as a series of progressively larger spikes of ice that jut up from the floor originating from the caster’s position. The largest spike being five feet in height and the smallest five inches. The wave has a reach of five to ten feet and can only travel in a straight line with the last spike having a diameter of three feet, due to the speed at which the wave is created a side step to avoid the attack is often more difficult than one might imagine. Someone with a reflex modifier of 3x or higher would have an easier time dodging such a quick wave of frosty goodness.
  • Ice Spike[Intermediate]- A simplified version of Ice Wave but more accurate as it produces only one spike at a time. The caster choses a spot which swells with frost magic before a spike of ice juts up out of the ground to a height of five feet.
  • Question Motive- A seed of doubt is planted in the mind of an attacker that slowly grows with each attack against the caster. This often causes hesitation and confusion in the target. Full effect takes around seven posts, making the attacker no longer aware of their motives, leading to a cessation of aggression, and sometimes even confusion as to where they are. If the attacker shows more aggressive actions over defensive actions, i.e. more intent to harm Neriasis the growth of the seed is increased dramatically causing a quicker evolution to doubt over three to four posts instead of seven.
  • Shadow Pact: Rebound Protection[advance]- Shadow and frost spells that are generated by Neriasis then reflected back in any manner have no effect against the drow.
  • Frost Armor[advance]- Lasts three posts with a recharge of five posts. This shell of frost is surprisingly flexible while holding the properties of plate armor. This armor also wards against magical sight as it blocks the heat and other bodily detectable actions, like a heartbeat, from attackers due to the nature of the frost being a cold element. If in a warm location infrared sight would however pick up the drow as a cold blip. Best used in conjunction with Frost Breath and Intensify Darkness.
  • Shadow Pact: Tendrils[advance]- Five tendrils of physical shadow that are set in to a fixed position chosen by the caster. They can be up to five feet from each other, the furthest tendril can be up to 20 feet from the first as long as a series of tendrils connects it back to the first at five feet intervals. These tendrils are six feet in length and can be used to snare or lash out at an enemy. Tendrils last for five posts with a recharge of six posts. Tendrils are susceptible to fire and light magic, while weapons can cut through them blades have a 50% chance to get stuck in the thick molasses like substance. A trapped blade and then be taken up by the tendril and used combatively. If cut/severed the tendrils regrow in the next post with a split at the origin of the severance, this can only occur once per tendril. It is also beneficial to note that these tendrils are strong enough to hold an elephant in place.
  • Wings - Once upon a time Neriasis had black wings that could easily be summoned and dismissed on a whim. For some reason they had eluded him ever since being reformed as Drow. But as it turns out they'd always been there and the Drow has regained the ability to summon and dismiss them into being.
  • Shadow Pact: Charismatic Illusion – The shadows have taken quite the liking to Neriasis, so much so that they have begun to bind themselves to his very being. However they are somewhat shy and would prefer their presence go unnoticed, and with their host being as 'well known' as he is a collective idea was formed to warp their appearance in order to change the outward appearance of the Drow. For some reason they have gone with a more angelic form for the egotistical leader of Argos. With this illusion though they have also wrapped in a persuasive charm that makes Neriasis more charming and charismatic, not that he would need it if he'd just behave himself while wearing this new face.
Shadow Creatures
  • The Collective[intermediate]- Very akin to a hive mind, whereas the shadows are able to communicate amongst each other using the same thought link. However, this does not mean that there are not individuals within the collective. Individuals do exist but mainly among the top rungs of the collectives’ hierarchy. If a single shadow travels too far from another they can sever this link and communication will cease with that single entity. The link is like a telephone wire in that as long as there are others to link to a shadow can communicate over miles of physical distance, with delays of course. (i.e. 768 mph which is the speed of sound, further 1 mile takes a little under 5 seconds)
  • The Shadow[intermediate]- These creatures come in all shapes and sizes. What they truly look like is a mystery. Sticking to a two dimensional world they adapt to the shadows around them, taking their forms. This makes it easy for them to move about undetected. They can use simple shadows like that of a building, intermediate shadows like the moving shadows that accompany living beings, or complex shadows like that of falling rain.
  • The Sixth Sense[Advance]- Coming from a plane of existence rich in magical essence it is no wonder that this creatures as so adept at sniffing out magic. Whether it be coming off of a living creature or an object of power. This tends to lead to them congregating around magical beings. Though they do tend to shy away from holy and fire magics.

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August 13th, 2015, 5:48 pm #2


In a world ruled by a pantheon of ten gods it was rare to find lands out of their rule. But in a small corner of the world surrounded on all sides by water and cut off from the rest of the world was a bastion of wild magic unclaimed by any god. The island was capable of sustaining itself and its many inhabitants, even despite the constant fighting and bickering amongst its people. Menoko, originally colonized by a misfit band of demons soon found its magic a prize to be fought over by a group of wizards. Led by Kaine the Wizards had erected a fortress-like tower in which to conduct their experiments. Originally the demons paid no heed to these strange men in their tower of stone. But black magic can be a corrupting force, and as it started to pervade the land around the tower, the demons became restless. Thus began a war between the two sects, one that would last until the destruction of Mianor itself.

It wasn’t into this war torn land that Neriasis, and many others, were created. Like the others he was created using forbidden magics, and often the creatures created by these magics were nothing more than abominations. But the ones that survived were little more than pawns in the wizards’ war against the demons, granted some creations were smarter than others. Alpha was one such intelligent creation, and it was her oddly caring nature for her fellow creations that kept most of them from going mad or turning upon their creators. She was particularly fond of the twins, Eta and Zeta who for the rest of their lives would always appear as twelve year olds; but they were far from the innocence that such an age brought. They were deadly with projectiles, starting with bows and occasionally crossbows until such a time that they got their hands on the dwarven technology of flintlocks. Combine that with the magic of the wizards and the two were virtually unstoppable. Then there was Beta, perhaps the laziest of all the creations, but in a manner that was akin to a cat, if he felt compelled to hunt the demons he would, else he’d remain out of sight and out of reach in the trees or hiding spots throughout the tower. Needless to say his mannerisms were frustrating to the wizards but at the same time he had a certain charm that made him one of their favorites. There were others of course but these four where the ones that survived the longest, it is possible they are still around to this day.

The creation of Neriasis was Kaine’s brain-child, it was his desire to take a creature known to already be well equipped to fight demons and add a spark of aggression to it. It should at this time be noted that Neriasis and his kin were not created out of mere nothingness but from the amalgamation of already existing beings, much like one might view chimeras, but they were far more complete than any chimera Mianor might have seen before. Seamless in their finished product, at least those that survived with any clarity to their minds. For Neriasis the creature chosen was that of an angel, little more was added save for demon’s blood and a magical element that was often underutilized until he would reach godhood some couple hundred years in the future. Of course tinkering with the body of an angel was risky, and did not come without its initial failure of tainting the creature’s white wings black and blue eyes red; but none of this concerned Kaine. In hindsight it should have.

While their bodies were often dug from recent graves, their minds were created using magic, so that every facet could be molded, of course the chaotic nature of such an undertaking gave them a degree of freewill that could often be troublesome for the wizards; and Neriasis’s freewill was the worst by far. With the tweaking to his aggression it also acted against his loyalty, creating a very rebellious creature. In a way he was like a teenager upon his creation, refusing to do as he was told; his aggression making him very argumentative and prone to lash out at the other creations as well as the wizards. Thankfully, from the wizard’s viewpoint, the only time his aggression turned deadly was against the demonic inhabitants of the island. Kaine spent many years trying to cull his creation’s rebellious nature while still cultivating his aggression in battle. Now for Kaine, the wizards and their creations, a couple years to them was often a lifetime for many others. In reality it took him a hundred years to come up with a solution as he noticed that Neriasis, who at the time was referred to as P.O.D, Project Omega Delta, could use a companion. Thus Kaine created Delta Omega, who would later take the name Sisairen due to his obsession with Neriasis. Though in the end it would be more of a question of who obsessed over whom more. For the current point in this story however it was Sisairen who was created with the obsession with Neriasis, a slightly downgraded aggression, but a stronger physical form albeit smaller, and just to be safe an increased loyal to Kaine nearly obliterating any sense of freewill Sisairen might have gained.

The two did come together, violently. Sisairen was akin to that of a hunting dog tracking and dogging every move that Neriasis made. It was not a companion that Neriasis found at first but a bully, a physically abusive bully, among other things. It did serve, however, to cull a bit of Neriasis’s rebellious nature, he began to listen more to the wishes of Kaine. Like a wild animal caged this docile behavior could not be sustained. He began to find holes in Sisairen’s nature finding the smaller creature to be naïve and malleable even despite his outwardly aggressive nature. Aggression that Neriasis could feed on, and bend to his will. Twisting the truth of the world Sisairen knew into something dark and terrifying, pointing out how Kaine was just using him, using all of them. Sisairen’s obsession with the older creation also worked against him as Neriasis used that as leverage as well, building a trusting relationship filled with honeyed words and passionate touches. Where Sisairen had blind loyalty wired into his brain Neriasis had always had a manipulative and cunning mind; granted his aggression often overshadowed such traits. Despite all of this he did grow to be particularly fond of the other, a somewhat stabilizing agent to his otherwise aggressive nature.

Love stories end tragically. This would be no different. Neriasis conspired to put an end to Kaine, dragging Sisairen into the scheme. Together they would kill Kaine, but they would not be leaving the island together. Sisairen only knew the island, only had interest in what was in their small part of the world, and Neriasis was there; surely nothing more was required as long as he was with his beloved. Regrettably such was not a thought Neriasis shared, he was much more interested in getting off this island which to him was little more than a prison and Sisairen was a jailor. Though by now he did love the other deeply, it was not enough to keep him there, as restlessness found its way into his very being. So he left, as best he could taking one of the wizard’s daughters with him; a young elf named Artanis. She had been like a friend to him, and like him felt the island as little more than a prison. Together the left with little provisions, in a small boat that was little more than a rowboat with a sail, and in the dead of night they fled. It would be some years before Neriasis would see Sisairen or any of the other inhabitants from the island.


Artanis parted company with him shortly after their trek out into the vast unexplored, to them at least, lands of Mianor. With no other skills than the knowledge of fighting demons Neriasis, who at this time was going by that name officially, found work as a mercenary to be right up his alley. Thus for many ages he traveled the world, took jobs as they came to pay for necessities and sometimes a bit extra. In a forest one eve he met the curious creature Shenta, a magically cat-like beast that wished to join him on his exploration into the world, as he too felt the need to escape from his place of birth. It seemed that life was not as bad as Neriasis had once thought; free from the shackles of anyone telling him what to do he met a young maid named Imoen. Now he was no stranger to love and lust, but there seemed something special about her, and he began to spend increasing time with her. It occurred to him that perhaps like so many other creatures of this world he could settle down and have a family, as people were want to say. There was just one flaw to this perfect plan; she wasn’t as honest as at first he had hoped. For when he asked her hand in marriage she admitted that there was another man who was wooing her as well. The anger that he had once felt while on the island of Menoko returned, and as fate would have it so too had a familiar face.

Sisairen was there to pick up the pieces of a heartbroken Neriasis. Artanis too had been floating around in the same area as Neriasis for some time as well, she offered her aide to the two as well. While he was glad to have them back around his anger still pressed against his heart like a raging monster. So he had taken to pleading first with the spirit of darkness that had just lost its avatar to serve the ethereal being as its god. However, the spirit chose another as its vessel an unlikely young female. This further angered Neriasis as he could not see how she was a more suited vessel than himself. It took some time for him to calm before he could see that another path had opened before him. The seat of Order had been vacant for some time and it was just a matter of presenting himself in such a way that the spirit would accept him. A feat he easily accomplished.

At first he thought to keep Order and justice as best he could, to remain a calm and collected being. However Artanis had plans to collect pieces of a puzzle that’s purpose was to plunge the world into limbo, not that she had ever revealed its true purpose to Neriasis. Merely she had sought him out to help in its recovery. It is their journey into the Takar desert that starts a slow decline into lunacy all because of a young necromancer named Tsuki. Many years follow in which Neriasis tries to force his desires upon Tsuki, ignorant or overlooking the exchange is Artanis whom is the only reason Tsuki ever ventures into the order god’s domain. Beta pays a visit during this time to further throw a wrench into Neriasis’s sanity and relationships. Tripping up his relationship with Sisairen more savagely than even the god’s own obsession with Tsuki.

The spirit of order grows weary of such foolish behavior by the creature that is meant to serve as its avatar. Thus the good qualities of Neriasis are ripped from him taking a fraction of his soul to create Rensisai. Rensisai manages to bring some order back to the temple and its inhabitants. However this order further aggravates Neriasis as it takes everything from him save for the powers of godhood. His revenge is fueled by anger and bloody. Survivors of the incident are Beta and Tsuki who had not been present when Neriasis had finally snapped.

The story become inconsistent from here as one world fizzles out and a new world begins, it is said that some of the prior events occur on Elenlond while other accounts claim their origin in Mianor. What little is known about the years following Neriasis’s massacre of friends and loved ones is that he wandered mad muttering to himself. There are a few lost meetings one between himself and Tsuki prior to his anger exploding, another meeting after he had lost his godhood with Andromalius wherein Neriasis had agreed to assist in his dark conquest. But history drops off there for a good while and the ex-god appears to disappear completely.


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