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Rules & Guidelines While browsing or posting on the art-related forums, please keep the following in mind: [list]
[*]Do not flame the other members. Everyone should be treated with respect when they share their intellectual property.

[*] [b]Do not plagiarize another's work. [/b] This forum is to show off [b]your [/b] work, not to take someone else's and tweak it/rework it/etc. Intellectual property theft will result in an automatic ban and deletion from the forum. We do not tolerate plagiarism. Always give credit where credit is due.

[*]Please avoid using vulgarity or other inappropriate themes. If you are going to, make a note of it somewhere obvious so that people know beforehand (and please only provide a link if this is the case).

[*]If you are going to give criticism, constructive criticism is the only form that will be accepted here. Don?t tell an artist/writer that they suck, or that you hated it, or criticize it but not tell them how to fix it.

[*]If your image stretches the page, please provide a link. If you do not, a staff member will automatically make it one.

[*]Outright pornography will be deleted. Tasteful nudity is acceptable. [/list]
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