Mondragón is an ancient city of culture and political power, where the first Kings of the outermost Luin Isles rose to power. The great city of stone and brick grew from a small village to a metropolis of enormous size and influence over hundreds of years and was designed to blend in with the lush vegetation of the rainforest. In the center of the city are temples, palaces, and the ball court, which are graced by elaborate stone carvings, glyphs, and stucco statues. Important rituals are often done there. The Palace is a large, multi-storied complex resembling a basilica which is home to the High Queen and royal family, and also acts as an administrative center, where bureaucrats regulate tribute, trade, agriculture, etc. This is also the place where the High Queen and nobles interact not only with the common people but with diplomatic visitors. Feasts, dances, and other community social events also take place there.Residential areas, decorated with enameled brick, friezes, and bright paint, radiate out from the city's center, growing sparser the further out. Raised stone walkways link the residential areas with each other and the center. Some of the most important cultural elements of the region were disseminated at the Library of Mondragón, such as writing, mathematics, astronomy, and the development of the Angkarian calendar. Mondragón is widely known by locals as the most important pilgrimage site, as it is where the multi-acre complex that is the High Temple resides. The city had been ransacked by Morrimian conquerors over a hundred years ago and lay abandoned and in ruins until its restoration between 8 AR and 10 AR by Eulalia I. The city has no walls, although it houses a fortress, where locals can run to during times of trouble....

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