Madrid is the capital city of Soto. It is set into the side of a small, grassy mountain, the more prominent, wealthier families living near its crown while those who live in the slums populate the flat land at the foot of the mountain. For most of its history, the city was an island of construction in the forest of the sea, but since Méadaigh captured the city in the winter of 9AR, the city has become overgrown. The city has been retaken but there is much work to be done. Weeds and saplings have grown up in the streets and must be removed and a monstrosity, which the Sotoans simply call the Great Tree, now crowns the Capitol Hill.The city is emptier than it used to be, and so many of both the earth-toned houses of the wealthy and the wooden houses of commoners sit uninhabited, eaten up by vines and home to animals. The gardens that were once grown on the flat roofs of many of the buildings have become unruly, some so much that the buildings supporting them collapsed. The overall wealth of the city can be seen in the fountains that adorn the market squares, the clean, well-paved streets and the sculptures that embellish public spaces. The fountains that once proclaimed that wealth of Madrid are clogged up with algae, lilypads, water hyacinths and frogs and the statues that mark Sotoan history are covered over with moss and vines, some of them completely demolished by the fae. The streets feel empty and bleak compared to their former flamboyance and glory; there is indeed much work to be done.

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