Loniar Swamp

Located in the northwestern corner of Morrim is an expanse of wetland that is often avoided by all except those who wish to take a shortcut to the north. The land here is unproductive and near impossible to build on because of how waterlogged it is, so there aren't roads or inns here, making it very easy to get lost.On the eastern side of the swamp, towards the mountains, the landscape is characterized by tall trees that stand over the wet ground and still pools of water. These trees are often hung with moss, and fog quite often winds its way between the plants and over the water. Towards the west the landscape becomes more bog-like, with next to no trees but lots of moss. One must be very careful no matter where they are in the swamp, for what appears to be ground may very well be plant-covered waters and, worse even than that, will-o'-the-wisps appear at night to entrance the lost individual to their death.Given the difficulty and danger of travel here, one wonders why a person might come to the Loniar Swamp at all. One reason may be to seek the help of the witches and oracles said to live in solitude in the swamp, or else to seek a rare object for potion-making. There are also those who come to document the strange plants that grow in the swamps, for carnivorous plants grow here in abundance and there are species here that can be found nowhere else in Elenlond.

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