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Kist Krauswitch

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Name – Kist Krauswitch, previously Kestinella Eyrin Hepialus
Age – 34 years, aged equivalent to a 17 year-old human
Gender – Female
Alignment – Chaotic Neutral
Social Class – Street Rat
Occupation – Trickster
Race – Faery
Nationality – Sotoan, technically
Weapons – None

Physical Appearance – Kist appears to be much younger than she actually is- though she ought to appear as a human teenager, she seems to be 12 or 13 at best, with a round, childish face and a mop of untidy curly brown hair which is often tangled with leaves and twigs. Her face is a bit odd, with a nose that would normally be cute, button-like if it didn’t seem suited for a longer face. Because of this, her thin pink lips seem to be positioned a bit too far down, above a small, weak chin. Under each eye, she has a crease which is reminiscent of a wrinkle while clearly not being a wrinkle. Thus, when someone observes her face, she begins to look young and somewhat old at the same time.
Kist has wide brown eyes, which manage to have a luminous quality about them. Her is tanner than the faery usually approve of. She has pointed ears which often just poke out of her curls.
Kist is ~4’4” tall, of a boyish build with small hands and feet. It looks like she'll never develop sizeable breasts, though this evidently doesn't matter to her because she usually wears baggy clothes that hide her stick-like figure. Her attire changes with the seasons- in the summer, it tends to be a sleeveless shirt and loose cotton pants or skirt, in the winter, a jacket and heavier pants and shirt. This often varies- she steals clothes and then wears them until they fall apart. It’s helpful that she is less sensitive to cold than most and so doesn’t require things that are more difficult to acquire, such as a woollen jacket or nice shoes.
Kist also has a pair of moth-like wings, which are thin enough to fit under her clothes without attracting attention but are surprisingly resilient. These wings are white, speckled with black, and soft white fur grows where they attach to her shoulders. Kist usually chooses to keep these wings hidden under her clothes to avoid attracting attention.
Kist also has an alternate shape, similar to that of a white ermine moth. the only difference being that this shape is larger than moths of that species- it is 2/3rds the length of someone's pointer finger. The dots on her wings match those in her humanoid shape. In this form, Kist’s senses are like a moth’s- she can see well in the dark and picks up smells through her antennae. This shape also has the advantage of making her inconspicuous and making her hard to catch.
In both forms, one may observe an interesting phenomenon: at certain times, namely when Kist has not used much magic, her skin will seem underlaid with slowly shifting blue splotches which glow eerily, like ghostflesh. As a moth, these appear to be more regular: they line her white body as tiny dots and speckle her wings. When Kist is like this, she is noticeably more pale and hunched, as she is afflicted with constant nausea and tachycardia when she has an overflow of magic. In this state Kist is also surrounded by adoring animals, which flock to the magic and lavish in its glow, ignorant of the creatures around them that should be their prey or their enemies.

Personality – Kist has a child-like curiosity and an incredibly immature sense of humour, but recent times have caused her to become more serious than she once was. She is well aware now of what a struggle it can be to survive and so she is on a constant alert to threats to her person and is more interested in food and clothing than frivolities. Not that her love of chrysalides and drink has died: she has simply learned to have priorities about these things, and forgets about them once life tosses her in a situation where she is not safe. When she is safe, however, she cherishes these things all the more, for she had learned to have a greater appreciation of life and its sparse joys.
Kist is notoriously mischievous- she doesn’t exactly want to cause people harm, she just wants to be amused and to make people snap, even for just a moment, out of their daily routine. She plays pranks which are usually not too harmful, just aggravating or perplexing to the target and amusing to witnesses. However, if someone angers her, she will find a way to get back at them, either through direct (and very foul-mouthed) insults or through a prank. She is very rarely caught in these pranks, since she often observes in her moth form, or can turn into a moth when she needs to escape. When possible, Kist will simply cause chaos. However, another addition of recent events is a mean streak that rises up in her at times. She has become more vindictive, and now she has the power to follow through on that as well. These moments will pass quickly, however, and then Kist will feel ashamed of her more violent actions.
Kist is also quite talkative, and will strike up conversations with strangers. She pays little attention to social niceties and when some one bores her, she will openly show it or simply walk off. It is the interesting people she befriends, those with a sense of humour or unusual stories or an intriguing profession. She will return to these people, often turning up out of the blue to talk or go on some adventure. Her nature tends to alienate many people, but those who are of a similar aptitude or are open to odd people tend to find themselves entranced by her and swept up by her enthusiasm.
Kist will almost never ask for help, however, and she avoids saying thank you. There is some innate pride that prevents her from putting herself in a position below others, so this includes owing anything to someone or doing almost anything for them. If she does need to thank someone, it is often in the shape of a pretty stone or a feather, because it is hard for her to even force out the necessary words.
Despite her youthful appearance and wonder at the world, Kist is far from naïve. She had a foul mouth and a debauched nature to begin with, but this has been little helped since she has been adopted by the dwarf pirate Gozrik Krauswitch, who has given her many new curses and has fostered her love of hard liquors. Despite this, Kist has yet to develop any sort of sexuality, even though she jokes about it, and she has absolutely no interest in kisses or the sickening sweetness of romance.

History – Kestinella Eyrin Hepialus was born in the spring to her faery parents Spilos Hepialus (father) and Purausti Ses (mother) in the Erth’netora Forest. She was the forth child, after her three brothers, Isidore, Cernnunos and Serafim. Spilos was a cutler, making fine, often enchanted knives and forks for the people in their village, as well as creating those to be exported to other faery communities. He was renowned for their work and so easily gained the attentions and eventually hand of Purausti, who came from the faery upper-class. Isidore was their first and favourite child and each child after him received less attention than the previous one, until it came to Kist, who was especially disregarded because she was female. She was closest with Serafim, and he had the effect of making her into a bit of a rebellious tomboy. They got into trouble together and explored the forest around their town. In faery society, where girls are expected to be quiet and obedient, this was a great shock. She wasn’t hated, people just tended to regard her with confusion and avoided her, though there were some rare people who found her unorthodoxy refreshing.
Kist was fed many stories about humans a child- about how they are wicked monsters who eat faery children and cause horrible wars and so on. And yet the humans kidnapped by the faeries (when replaced by changelings) seemed nice enough. They were servants, trapped in metal collars and submitted to the will of the faeries- they seemed to be just wingless faeries rather than cannibals and monsters. There was one human servant who Kist came to know- his name was Tycho and he was about 12 when she met him; she was 22. He was a Sotoan who told her stories about life amongst the humans, especially in his hometown, Madrid. Kist was entranced at the possibility of so much variety and freedom, and especially at the prospect of female mages who were allowed to do as they pleased. She began to go on expeditions to the nearest human town, Lisdin, which was along the Kaadian Way, usually going incognito as a human child so she could talk to the people living there. She came to know them fairly well, largely by hanging around the tavern, and it was eventually discovered that she was a faery. Kist had expected them to be frightened, to persecute her as they did in the legends, but in actuality they were quite accepting, and readily listened to stories of faery society with awe. Sometimes, she brought Serafim with her, and he was also accepted for what he was.
At the same time, she had Serafim teach her how to use magic, as he knew a fair bit about it. This was practiced in the forest, without any observers, and no one else in the faery settlement every found out about it.
Kist had been at this for about two years before people found out- her parents started to hear of her frequent disappearances from the faeries and had her followed by an enchanted mechanical butterfly, which relayed information to Purausti. Her parents were shocked by her behaviour and tried to keep her from visiting the humans by restricting her to the house. There was talk of marrying her off, but she had not yet had her cycles, so it could not be so.
These measures worked for a time, but she managed to steal out some nights and go to Lisdin anyways. She was caught once, about a 6 months after she’d been caught the first time, and was threatened again with marriage. And so she was a good girl for another two years, until her cycles did finally come. Terrified at the prospect of marriage and sick of being confined, she ran away. She was 25, roughly equivalent of 13 human years.
She stayed in Lisdin for a time and then went on to Madrid. From there she took to wandering Soare, mostly in the confines of Soto, and has been doing so for the 4 years since. She occasionally visits Lisdin, and will oftentimes wait there until Serafim turns up- for he was never caught in his excursions and thus was never restricted from leaving the house.
Such visits and frivolities fell by the wayside, however, when in the winter of 5AR, Kist was in the City of Oracles and decided to steal a pair of shoes. She caught the attention of the cobbler, who chased her across the city. Just when she thought she was on the brink of escape, she ran into a crowd of temple-goers and was caught by a man who encouraged her punishment. Just as she thought it was all over, the bricks beneath her fell out, and she tumbled into a dark cave full of cold water. She was closely followed by a stranger, who she found was named Sinadryn. Together, they explored this cave, which was full of strangely-glowing blue plants.
Soon, however, armoured men appeared, and Kist and Sinadryn ran away. Just when they were about to be caught, they came to a pillar of water, in which floated a grey aquatic creature. It entranced Kist, but when she came close, the spirit of the creature entered her body. Kist has no idea what the thing is, or why it matters so much to the soldiers. She just knows that her body glows blue, that she constantly feels sick and dizzy and that animals follow her adoringly everywhere she goes, making stealing food impossible. The Ashokans have been chasing her across the land for nearly a year now, but a hope appeared to Kist on the coast of the Tamarind Bay: Gozrik came along in the Alteisen at just the right moment. Soon he had adopted her, however unofficially, and Kist received the surname of Krauswitch and for the most part sticks to Gozrik's side as his second in command.

Misc. – Kist dislikes the heat and prefers cold and snow.
-Her favourite flower, scent and food is the jasmine flower. She often turns into a moth just to drink the nectar. She also has a sweet tooth in general and enjoys sampling various flower nectars.
-Kist has learned that she really enjoys hard liquor and the sensation of being drunk: this revelation has been fostered by Gozrik.
-Kist has many useful and amazing skills. She is flexible- her arms and hands are double-jointed and she enjoys showing this off to people. She can lick her elbow and she hop on one foot for an extended period of time. She knows the words to many bawdy songs, as well as some songs in old/foreign languages. She can imitate birdcalls and is very good at making realistic farting noises. Her belches are loud and powerful.
-Kist loves insects, arachnids, crustaceans, gastropods and all variaties of worms.
-Kist adores fireflies, even though she hates the summer. If there is one thing she likes about summer, it is finding a nice open field on a cool night, when she can catch fireflies.
-Kist as a small birthmark on her upper left eyelid.
-Kist has dimples when she smiles.
-Birthday: January 25th

From Western Woods to Beaversdam- Narnia Soundtrack
Kalyi Jag- Mori Shej Szabina
Kalyi Jag- Keren, Savorale, Drom
Gavin Bryars- The Vespertine Park
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Kist's Abilities

Abilities Thread

Simple Abilities
  • Transformation – Kist can transform indefinitely into a large white ermine moth, giving her the various abilities of a moth (ie. flying and night vision) as well as some of the downsides (ie. she has difficulty seeing during the day and cannot cast spells in this shape). When she turns into her moth shape, her clothes and belongings are "absorbed" into her body, and will reappear when she transforms back.
  • Nimbleness – Kist is agile, and can usually slip between crowds or easily escape pursuers. This is aided by her small form. She is somewhat faster than a human, though not excessively so, perhaps 15% quicker in her movements than the average person.
  • Spell: Faerylight – Kist can create a small globe of light (of any colour, though usually white) to light her way. This globe will float where she pleases and can be told to stay and will continue to shine even if she leaves it behind far far away. It will continually sap energy, though on a small, almost unnoticeable scale. No one else can control or extinguish the light, though Kist can bind it to automatically follow another person.
  • Spell: Illusion I – Kist can create small illusions, such as slightly altering her own appearance or making an object or part of her body invisible. This is great for shocking and/or amusing other people.
  • Enchantment: Shock – Kist can enchant an item so that it delivers a small, painful electrical shock when another person touches it. This is a great way to ensure that others don't steal her possessions and also is good for pranks. This enchantment lasts for about a week, at which point it must be renewed.
  • Feytalk – Like many faeryfolk, Kist can communicate with many magical creatures associated with faeries- for example, pixies, will-o-the-wisps, ents, gremlins and pygmy-type dragons, even if they don't speak the same language. This communication with a slight ability to control these creatures. However, since Kist is a novice, she may need to spend some time convincing them and so is not entirely safe from harm. This also comes with the ability to communicate with animals, though not as well as she can talk to magical beings.
    These communications happen through vocalizations, which don't necessarily have to be words, but which allow for a mutual understanding of feelings, intentions and information. Bystanders without a similar ability or who are not a faery-associated race probably won't understand what's going on.
  • Master (????!!!!) of Thievery – Kist is quite an adept thief and has high rates of success. When a small to medium-sized object stealing from a stall or store, Kist has about a 60% chance of success, 80% if she has an accomplice. She is somewhat less accomplished at pickpocketing, which is not exactly her forté- alone, she as a 40% chance of success, 60% is with an accomplice.
    Even if she does get caught, Kist can easily escape by becoming a moth and flying away, and so has suffered no consequences for her behaviour to date.
  • Magnetic Navigation – Originally, Kist was able to sense the magnetic fields of the earth only in her moth form. However, over time, she has developed the ability to sense it even in her human form. Thus, she can easily tell where north and south are and can easily find her way to areas she's already been to with no map or help simply by following patterns and familiarities in magnetic fields. This also helps her intuit her altitude. However, this sense can be confused by the presence of magnetic objects and may be affected by magic dealing with magnetism.
Intermediate Abilities
  • "Pet": Bitchface the Will-O'-The-Wisp – Kist has managed to force a will-o'-the-wisp into the small bottle she wears on a necklace and has named it Bitchface because she thinks it's a jerk. Since she has it under her feytalked spell, she can control it with further commands given in feytalk. Even so, she doesn't have full reign of its power, and at the moment can only compel it to do several things, as listed below. These powers wane if Bitchface hasn't consumed any lifeforms recently.
    • Bitchface can entrance one person at a time by making promises in feytalk and generally being pretty. Using this, it can convince them to do simple tasks like follow Kist or hand an object over. However, the entranced person can still argue back or refuse to do the tasks, it's just a matter of how strong-willed they are.
    • Bitchface can act as a handy little lamp, as it emanates a yellow-green glow at all times.
    • If released from its bottle, Bitchface can zap people with a small electrical charge. This is nothing of its former glory, more of a distracting but generally harmless jolt than anything.
    • With considerable cajoling, Kist can get Bitchface to give her a small amount of magical energy, just enough to fuel half a simple level spell.
  • Spell: Bugaboo – With this spell, Kist can summon up all insects, arachnids, gastropods, nematodes etc. within a 10 foot radius of her person and gather them into a ball which she can launch, carry around telekinetically or do use in whatever way she pleases. The size and contents of this ball of bugs and such is entirely dependent on her surroundings. For example, if she is in a forest in summertime, she will accrue a lot of creatures, from cicadas to crickets to spiders. However, if she is there in the winter, she will obviously manage much less, though she may acquire a few chrysalides for her collection. This obviously can be used combatively against any person lacking in defences preventing physical (but not magical) assault. When successful, this attack is quite effective, for one may find it hard to concentrate on fighting when they literally have ants in their pants.
  • "Pet": Bitchface Infusion – Upon releasing Bitchface from its bottle, Kist can command the wisp and absorb into her body by breathing it in. She thereby takes in Bitchface's powers and is able to use them at 1.5x their normal efficacy. One obvious side-effect is that she becomes very glowy and distracting, with luminescent firefly-yellow strands in her hair and shifting spots and patterns on her skin and wings which shift position slowly over time. This glowing carries over to her moth form and in either form she is often entrancing to look at, as is the case with a will-o'-the-wisp. Those particularly determined, naturally resistant to such effects or specifically protected from such mental meddlings will be unaffected and even with those who are not, the effect is relatively weak (though stronger if used in conjunction with Feytalk ability). All this has a pretty large downside, as Bitchfase doesn't quite get along with Kist and will likely attempt to struggle against her, trying to influence her mind so that it might take her over, consume her life or escape. So long as she is concentrating, in a good, sharp mental condition and not too tired or hungry or otherwise affected, Kist can keep the upper hand, but this arrangement is tenuous at best.
  • The Provider's Presence – It certainly took her long enough, but Kist has figured out how she can use the excess blue-ish magic that the spirit named Ashjuar left inside of her, thus increasing the strength, duration, efficacy etc. of her spells by 50%. She can use the power as such or she can use it to increase her mental fortitude against outside forces (eg. Bitchface) by 50%. If not that, she can use it to increase her overall strength and endurance by 25%, or else numb all pain that is not from a fatal wound or a serious illness. However, she can only use one of these effects at the time, so she can't, for example, boost her magic and her physical strength at the same time. Also, if she doesn't use the Provider's magic often enough, she will suffer many negative side-effects: dizziness, nausea, tachycardia, insomnia and a lot of random animals following her around adoringly. The Provider's magic is constantly generating and is nearly impossible to use up entirely at any point, but the magic will be less bountiful after 10-20 minutes of use.
  • Spell: Complacency Bomb – Kist has the ability to disgorge from her mouth a viscous/jelly-like glowing blue substance which originates from the Provider's magic. This can be flung mentally or physically at a person or group of close-standing people, whereupon it will suddenly dissolve into them before hitting them. The effect of this is sudden pacification and floatiness. The target will become suddenly calm and content and will also lose their ability to stay on the ground, leaving them to drift about complacently for up to 5 minutes. If she tries, Kist can reduce the complacency effect and simply gift a person the momentary ability to fly and a general mood lift. Targets that are very determined, very afraid or in a berserk-like state are harder to affect, as are those with abilities for mental defences. Wards/shields/defences/spells against magic will entirely block the substance. Using this ability significantly reduces her ability to use the Provider's Presence ability and anything else originating from the Provider's magic.
  • Budding Pyromaniac – Kist has picked up a few tricks from Gozrik and so has a basic understanding of explosives of all sorts. She can make her own explosive materials and set them up, but still stands a fair chance of making duds and burning herself. Since she knows to run away when things explode, she's generally not in any serious danger.
  • Spell: Coughshock – This spell is a diminished version of one of the Providers' spells, and thus relies entirely on the Providers' magic and does not affect Kist's own store. So, when the Providers' magic runs out, Kist cannot do this spell. What Kist does is to cough out a ball of lightning, which is about the size of a ripe cherry. This she can direct mentally at any person. The lightning is still rather weak, and so is unlikely to kill a person, but it can jolt and confuse a person, blurring their vision etc. It will also cause a localised burn. The ball itself will be stopped by any object and any shields against magic, but in the case of an anti-magical shield, the electricity may still connect with the person, since it is only the source of the lightning that his magical. It can be distracted by conductive metals, which could be a bad thing for people with shields and swords. The other limit to Kist's ability to perform this spell is her own body: coughing out the lightning will cause her throat to bleed after one or two uses, so she only uses this in dire situations.

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Name – Skith
Age – 2 years ("birth" day is in July, 9AR)
Gender – Female
Alignment – Chaotic Evil, of course
Social Class – Street Rat
Occupation – Also a trickster, just in a totally different way
Race – Vomit doppelganger
Nationality – Kistian
Weapons – Herself

Physical Appearance – To an untrained eye, Skith looks exactly like Kist. Same height, same facial features, the same little creases under the eyes, the same curly dark hair. However, if one were to look at them side by side, the differences would become obvious. These differences are mostly in colouration.

Skith is paler, with darker hair. Her eyes also seem darker by contrast, and her lips seem livid against that skin that refuses to tan or even burn. One can see the web of her vasculature under her skin and, under certain lights, her veins seem exceptionally dark, almost black. She prefers to wear dark colours.

There is also the difference of her expression – her smiles are sardonic, skeptical, bitter or cruel, but never full of Kist's childish wonder. Her eyes remain forever cold, and one can almost see the gears of judgement grinding behind them at all times. She has none of Kist's skipping and hopping and lippeting about: she walks with her back straight and a regular step, staring down her nose at everything despite her dimunitive height.

Finally, not that she shows them often, but Skith's moth wings are mottled ash-grey and black, in oppositions to Kist's black-flecked white wings. Her moth form imitates this colouration.

Personality – In this world, all we have is ourselves. It is evident that to trust another is foolish: they will only betray you and hurt you. In this world you have to fend for yourself, you have guard your possessions, your acquisitions and your self jealously. All things are taken at the expense of others, and so it is the strong and the ruthless who survive; they are the ones who deserve to survive.

Few people in the world realise these evident truths. They trust foolishly and thus they open themselves up to harm. But there are an enlightened few who see the true nature of things, which is that the world is cruel, all living things self-interested, and that the best defense is a good offence.

Skith firmly believes that she is one of these people. Thus she will stop at nothing to get what she wants, be it food, drink, clothing, comfort or entertainment. She is amused by the suffering of others but vengeful and brooding about any suffering inflicted on her. She wants to hurt people because she hates them; she wishes to lash out at the world, to punish it for what she has suffered, beating it with her fists, fighting it down to the skin of her teeth.

Nevermind the obvious contradictions to her world philosophy. First, it is remarkable that she holds being harmed to be the greatest of all evils, and as if it were shameful as well. This is where she makes her first misstep: a simple value judgement. Her focus on fencing herself agianst harm is what leads her to have such a violent view of the world.

Besides, though living things inherently have their self-interest at heart, it is nonetheless sometimes within a person's self-interest to help and love one another: namely, there are many willing to do a good deed because it causes them to feel good themselves. Skith does not understand this because never has she wanted to do good for another simply for the sake of doing good: if she helps anyone, it is because she explictly benefits from it, and not for the sake of any warm, melting feelings in her cold, festering heart.

Because she does not trust, she herself is fickle; because she hates to be harmed, she harms others; because she believes the world is cruel, she is doubly cruel. To live this way is a self-fulfilling prophecy; it brings one into the company of like-minded people - the fickle, the hateful, the angry - and in their company, no friendship is possible and no healing is possible.

History – To trace Skith's origins, one must look into Kist's past. The moment at which the possibility for Skith's existence began was the one when Kist was dangled upsidedown by the Protector of the City of Oracles. She had fallen under his spell, which filled her with a beautiful feeling, a deep trust in his intentions. But no, to him, she was his tool, his route to revenge and then escape. He left his body and poured his soul into her. To Kist, it was like a bright river she could hardly contain. She thought it would burst her, explode her to smithereens. She was dropped to the ground and fell unconscious.

She mostly doesn't remember what happened next. Long story short, Kist found herself outside the city, spitting blood from her ruined throat, and Sinadryn telling her that the Protector had used her body to go on a rampage through the city, killing who knows how many people, and then left her body. However, he had left an imprint on her: her skin glowed blue and she was constantly nauseated and addled by a power she couldn't contain. This power also attracted a bevy of animals that followed her adoringly.

For well over a year, Kist was chased across Soare by the Temple guards. She struggled to survive. There was a weakness in her that made it hard for her to kill any of the animals that followed her, even though she starved and wasted away for want of food. This same weakness long prevented her from defending herself against those that followed her. Eventually, she was driven by sheer desperation to set up an explosive trap in an oasis in the Ashokan Desert. She blew up several of the Temple guards and survived by sinking herself in the lake. Up above floated an arm, still spewing blood.

Somewhere in all this, Skith began to exist, though she was barely conscious of herself. The Protector had carved a hollow in Kist, and malignancy filled that empty space like pus filling an abcess. Kist had been injured by the world, and part of her wanted to injure it back. She had to be strong, and learned condemn the compassion and morality so essential to her because, in these circumstances, it was a weakness.

Eventually Kist reached security. The issue with the Temple was worked out, and she was in their care for a while before she escaped and went back to travelling. Those evil impulses, born out of previous necessity, had become excessive and necessary, but they were still there. In the summer of 8AR, Kist attended Galena Barillus' masquerade party. She got drunk, but not that drunk, met up with Foojoe again, and wanted to recite a limerick. But there were some people nearby being too loud, and for a moment, she hated them and wanted to hurt them. She had the option to: already the coughshock spell was boiling up in her throat, and all she had to do was direct it at the crowd. But no, that "weakness" stopped her, and she shot it up into the trees. The noise got everyone's attention, and, sitting on Foojoe's shoulders, she got to recite her limerick.

Soon after that, Kist began to feel weak and sick. Her limbs trembled and her head spun. Desperately, she ran off to the bushes and vomited. I didn't even drink that much, she thought, hands on her knees, catching her breath. She had spattered the leaves with blackness. The sight of it unnerved her, especially as it seemed to be moving, swirling in itself. I don't want to know, she thought. She already felt better anyways and she didn't want to linger on it any longer. She ran off and went to get something to clear the sour taste in her mouth.

That vomit was the collection of all the evil impulses that Kist had collected. Her moral sense had kicked it out, utterly rejected it, and it came out the only way it could. That vomit was Skith. She collected herself together, bit by bit, pulled together and developed her human form. She looked like Kist, but she was not her. She had the memories of Kist, saw how even the earliest memories of Kist's parents had been the very first seeds of her development. If you have ever been seized by a thoughtful mood, and looked back on your life, and have seen from all those events that led to who you are today, and felt in that the hyper-real surreality of your own existence, then you know how Skith felt in the first moments of her consciousness. It was that feeling of "How have I never noticed before that I am and this is what I am?"

Crouching naked in the bushes, Skith saw the revelry of the party and burned with hatred and disgust, those two greatest feelings of antipathy. She saw Kist with Foojoe. Kist was, at that moment, feeling the best she had in a long time. Skith felt ill with the strength of her antipathy. There was a crawling feeling in her throat and she spat out a cockroach. I'll never be like that again, she thought, eyes fixed on Kist.

She turned away and ran off into the night, her heart set on wreaking havoc in the world and on Kist, on flexing her newfound power and individuality.

For a long while she wandered. Then, that Autumn (9AR), she stumbled, entirely by luck, on a gruesome display made of a red-haired woman by Eliakim Sabellius. She discovered him in the bushes and they were fast friends – feeling as if they had been made to cross paths. By associatiating with the teifling she came into the company of Méadaigh's fae, and participated, in some small way, in the capture of Madrid.

Skith, however, does not choose sides. She is interested in exerting her freedom and causing harm and, more than that, she is interested in avenging herself on Kist, slowly and cruelly.

  • Doppelganger – Since Skith is Kist's duplicate, she can use all the abilities that Kist could at the time of their separation, excepting those abilities related to Bitchface and the Provider. Here's a list:
    • Simple
      • Transformation
      • Nimbleness
      • Spell: Faerylight
      • Spell: Illusion I
      • Enchantment: Shock
      • Feytalk
      • Master (????!!!!) of Thievery
      • Magnetic Navigation
    • Intermediate
      • Spell: Bugaboo
      • Budding Pyromaniac
  • Nightmare Flesh – Skith can recover from most any injury, given enough time. Small wounds will take but a few seconds to close up, but she could feasibly lose a leg and grow a new one in a few days. The only way to kill her would be to be completely obliterate her, because she is of such a nature that she can regenerate from a single scrap of flesh. The secret to this is that she stays alive so long as Kist is alive, drawing on her life force to perpetuate her own existence. As such, Kist has been feeling more tired than usual, though she has no idea why.
    Also, Skith's blood is acidic, enough to slightly burn the flesh, and of varying colour – it depends on what she's eaten recently. It smells absolutely rancid.
  • Bugspitter – Skith can cough up all sorts of creepy crawlies – mostly cockroaches, spiders, beetles, but also sometimes leeches, maggots, flies and wasps. This usually happens when something aggravates her or disgusts her – such as when she sees Kist – but she can do it on command by thinking of something that aggravates and disgusts her, such as Kist.
  • Bugeater – Kist has been feeling easily-nauseated of late. Whenever she throws up, her vomit turns into a swarm of insects that seeks out Skith. Skith eats them and thereby gains strength from Kist's suffering.
  • Black Bile – Skith can exude a thick, black substance from her skin, which serves a dual purpose: it can be a weapon and her armour. To use it as a weapon, she can throw/magically propel balls of it at an enemy, or else coat some object with it. It is acidic and can eat through several layers of skin and can damage leather armour. However, even just the smell of it will cause feelings of horror, fear and disgust lasting at least 5 minutes.
    When using it as an armour, Skith just lets the bile build up on her skin. It hardens to the point of tackiness within a few minutes (though Skith can reliquify it at will) and tends to halt at least part of the force of a blow. It remains slightly acidic to touch, causing skin to turn red, and the bitter smell of it can still inspire fear and disgust. Skith, of course, is immune to both of these effects.