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Kindle Blackheath

Kindle Blackheath
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Joined: August 10th, 2015, 4:01 am

August 11th, 2015, 2:18 am #1

Name – Kindle Blackheath
Age – 33
Gender – Female
Alignment – Chaotic neutral
Social Class – Commoner (disgraced noblewoman)
Occupation – Captain of the Brand
Race – Chimera
Nationality – Morrimian
Weapons – Falchion, flintlock pistol

Physical Appearance – Kindle, though born human and appears, mostly, to be human, has obviously lost some of her humanity over the course of her life. Goat ears and horns sprout from her head and her blue-grey eyes are feline. She has a curly lizard tail, and her mouth is full of razor-sharp feline teeth. For those who know their lore, they may be able to tell that she has some kind of genetic affiliation with the chimera, although she lacks the body and a snake for a tail. As a failed experiment, she bears the soul of a chimera but has still retained most of her human features.

Her hair, which is often pulled back into a small, fluffy ponytail, changes colour depending on if she’s standing out in sunlight or inside her cabin or a building. In the sun, her hair is blonde at the roots—its natural colour—and fades to pink at the tips; at night and inside, her hair becomes an aquamarine colour, with more of a seafoam green tint, at the roots that fades to dark blue at the tips. When she doesn’t have it up, it looks wild and messy like a lion’s mane.

Kindle’s attire is scant. She tends to wear what looks to be a modern-day bandeau (some of the ship crewmates have suggested it’s actually her breast band, though Rusty, her lover, is sworn to secrecy); a rectangular cloth that varies in colour with tassels that she ties at the shoulder so it loops around her torso; a pair of tight black bottoms that range from ending at mid-thigh to ending above the knee; another rectangle of cloth with tassels, tied at the waist; and a pair of leather shoes with flower-like designs cut out of the leather and thick, 1.5-inch wooden heels.

Kindle stands at approximately 5’6”. She has small breasts and hips. Her physique is muscular, though she still looks feminine and maintains the poise and grace she learned when she still lived as a noblewoman.

Personality – Kindle is an eccentric. She has no filters and many indiscretions.

When she was still known as Kendall of Blackheath, she was affable but shy. She accepted the necessity of her betrothal and kept to herself. The ladies who shared her social circle shared many of their woes with her because they deemed her a good listener. There wasn’t an ounce of rebellion in her and she always did as she was told. Her affair with Erik of Winterburn was the product of a woman who yearned to have someone that she could share her innermost feelings with, because she didn’t feel she could with the court gossipers she spent her time with and because she was afraid her future husband wouldn’t care about her, either.

The fusion of the chimerical soul with her human one produced not only physical changes, but personality ones as well. Kindle became more aggressive with almost no social inhibitions. She became quirky and oblivious to others’ feelings and pain. She’s sexually indiscriminate and doesn’t bond well with others, though some could argue she was like that before.

She seems to lack empathy and can be ruthless. She can be very selfish, and she doesn’t seem to realize when she’s bounded over the line in the sand. Kindle jokes around and seems laidback at times, but at others she’s tense and irritable. Her moods shift rapidly.

Kindle fancies herself a vigilante when the mood strikes her.

Sometimes she talks to her tail as if it’s a sentient being. To those who spend more than a few minutes with her, Kindle comes across as odd and mentally unstable—the price she paid when her human soul was wiped out. Her affect also tends to be make people uncomfortable because it often doesn’t match the situation. She never talks about it, but she knows that she’s losing her mind as the chimerical soul clashes with her human personality.


Little is known about Kindle’s history. What follows is the true account of her life. The first 20-something years are known only to her. She keeps track of her history based on her identity at the time.

Kendall of Blackheath
Kendall was born into fief Blackheath in Morrim, a wealthy duchy bordering on Kinaldi. She was the oldest of her siblings. At the age of 18, she was betrothed to a duke’s son. Their union would never come to fruition, however, because she entered into an illicit relationship with a baron’s youngest son shortly after her engagement was announced.

Within a couple of months of meeting, Kendall became pregnant with Lord Erik of Winterburn’s child. Their relationship had moved quickly, from playful flirting at social events to intense romantic rendezvous. They would disappear during social functions for a quick encounter in whatever empty room they could find.

Kendall claimed she suffered from migraines during the weeks she had morning sickness, and she hid her baby bump for as long as she could. At around six months, however, one of her handmaidens pressed her about her growing belly, the period of polite ignorance over. Kendall broke down and tearfully confided to her servant. She told her she’d broken the relationship off with Lord Erik as soon as she realized she was pregnant to preserve his reputation. It wasn’t so much that society would look down on him, but that he would be associated with her and she would be branded a harlot. The handmaiden agreed to help Kendall hide her pregnancy.

However, that handmaiden went straight to Kendall’s father shortly after she saw her mistress off to an afternoon tea event. When Kendall returned to the fief after a long afternoon of socialization, her father reamed her out.

In front of the rest of her family, she begged him for forgiveness, but he would hear none of it. He contacted her betrothed and dissolved the engagement, telling him that Kendall had fallen extremely ill. Refusing to have his family’s reputation tarnished, he sentenced his daughter to a convent. Two weeks after she told him everything, Kendall found herself bundled up in a carriage overseen by a couple of Blackheath’s guards. By now she was around seven months pregnant.

She only stayed a couple of days at the convent before she slipped out. A farmer on his way to Orl’Kabbar found her walking along the side of a well-worn path. He offered to take her to the city in his cart.

When they arrived some days later, they parted ways. Kendall had no plans. She spent several days on Orl’Kabbar’s streets with her meagre possessions—her fur-lined cloak, the plain, undyed linen dress the convent had given to her on her arrival, and her thin shoes. She avoided contact with everybody who passed her by until a brutish-looking man approached her. Cold, starving, and worried for her baby, Kendall agreed to his offer of a place to stay and something to eat.

The next several months of Kendall’s life are hazy. She doesn’t remember much from this period. The man who took her in belonged to an underground network that dealt in black magic. She was kept with many others who had been picked up by the group and held in captivity. Although nearly nine months pregnant, she was selected from among many other human subjects for an experiment.

The experiment—to fuse a chimera’s soul with a human’s in the hope that the chimerical one would consume and ultimately destroy the human one, allowing the chimera to be reborn, body and all—had been performed a number of times before, without success. Some of the previous experiments’ test subjects were among those who lived in captivity. Most of them had gone mad. They waited out their days until they were either executed or were chosen for another experiment.

Kendall was brought into a room without furniture and several men and women.

All she remembers is the disjointed sound of her own screaming, the wailing of a baby, and pain. She remembers lying on the cold floor, heaving. She remembers her muscles spasming as she writhed and sobbed. She remembers staring at several peoples’ feet, one pair pacing, the sounds of a baby’s cries fading and then cooing. She remembers someone picking her up—the man who’d found her on the street—and staring up at him. She remembers his disappointment. She remembers feeling abandoned again.

She spent weeks on her cot; the minutes melted into hours and she had no concept of time. Her muscles jerked and she threw up often. She never saw her baby again.

Eventually, the Orl’Kabbar guards discovered the location of the underground experimental lab after one of the test subjects escaped. They raided it and released all of the test subjects from captivity. Those who were too weak to function on their own were taken in by volunteer medics and healers and cared for until they were well; those, like Kendall, were released with a care package and sent on their way.

People gave her looks when she passed them on the street. They whispered that she must have been one of the experiments. She knew she had a tail now, but with no mirror and no way to find one, she had no idea what she looked like. A crazy old hag, after mocking her, threw Kendall a broken, rusted blade. She felt her stomach drop when she looked into that shard of metal. Feline eyes stared back, and she realized for the first time that her ears, on top of her head, were those of a goat—horns included. She didn’t look back as the hag cackled behind her. “Chimera!” she screeched.

Kendall, stripped of her noble title, of her child, of her identity, travelled south to Fairin. She boarded a ship as a stowaway. She managed to keep out of sight and stole scraps from the kitchen when she could. She felt ill most of the time, and sometimes she would watch her body from afar. She developed a habit of talking to herself. Several months after the vessel had set sail, it was captured and boarded by a pirate ship in the tropical waters near Angkar. It was here that she was discovered and dragged onto the pirate ship, the Gods’ Blight, and added to the prisoner count on board. She spent several more months of her life as a prisoner, rowing below deck with the rest. She made no friends; she knew that, eventually, every single one of them would die.

Kindle Blackheath
Bad days came and went, but one came where she snapped and her frustration boiled to the surface. A lash to her back gave way to a fury in her that she’d never known before. She dropped her oar; her shackles struck, creating a tiny spark. Fire exploded in her hands. Startled, she set the oar ablaze. Screaming erupted on the deck and chaos ensued. The fire didn’t burn her. Kendall managed to free herself after the oar disintegrated enough that she could wrench her manacles free. She killed the guard who’d been whipping them and took his keys, freeing as many of the other enslaved as she could. They stormed the main deck as the fire spread in the lower one. She called forth the fire again as she and the other prisoners mutinied against the ship’s captain and her crew.

When asked what her name was, she said “Kendall of Blackheath,” but one of her new crew members, Rusty, misheard. “Kindle Blackheath? Well ain’t that just a appropriate name fer what yeh can do?”

With the help of other slaves who had once been crew members on their own ships, the Gods’ Blight limped into Etruria’s harbour, in dire need of repair. She used the money on the ship to pay for the repairs. Upon the completion of the repairs, they set sail for open waters again. Kindle was named its captain and she rebranded the ship the Brand. She’s been its captain since, and the infamous Brand is known to prowl the high seas in search of treasure. It’s also one of the only known pirate ships to hire a larger crew in order to avoid the use of slaves.

First Five Abilities
  • Fire Resistant – Kindle can withstand high degrees of heat, including fire. She can be engulfed in fire and it doesn’t burn her skin or hurt her. This does not mean, however, that if she were to fall into an active volcano she would survive—like any other, her body would disintegrate. Intense fire, like an inferno, would cause second- or third-degree burns.
  • Dead Shot – Her aim with a pistol is better than average. Out of 10 shots, she can usually land seven as intended when she’s standing still. If she’s moving, her aim is lower—about five shots out of every 10.
  • Pyromancer – So long as there’s fire—a spark, a candle, a cooking fire, a torch, etc.—Kindle can control it. At a given time, she can control approximately a beachball-sized amount of fire, which she can direct up to 10 metres away from herself. This typically involves swiping it.
  • Partial Combustion – Kindle can take some of the fire she can control and ignite one of her limbs. This includes either of her arms or legs and allows her to execute flaming kicks and punches. She can only ignite one limb at a time and the fire only lasts for up to three fierce kicks or punches, up to five if she’s halfheartedly trying.
  • Enchantment: Fire-Resistant Clothing – Kindle’s clothing is impervious to fire.
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