Kinaldi is the capital of Morrim. A proud city of higher learning and the arts, the place is made mostly from wood grown by timber farms on the outskirts, towards Morrim's western border. Some of the people have begun creating what they call the "Kinaldi Forest" on the other side of town, planting saplings of quick-growing trees and slow-growing trees on the south side of the city, spreading out further every year. The Kinaldi Academy, on the north side of town, is one of the larger institutes of higher learning, as well as being a brewery and distillery. The members of the academy cultivate a vineyard by a river near Kinaldi and the grapes are harvested and processed every year in late summer. The subjects primarily taught at the Academy are Goblinology and Ballistics, as well as Military History and Engineering, though Alchemy, Chemistry, and Physics are growing in popularity.The West Quarter of Kinaldi is known as Tunetown because it is home to many musicians, most of whom are talented with multiple instruments. Also here are highly trained singers and inspired composers, as well as the odd artist and writer in the mix. Music emanates from every street, from those playing for money to those practising in private in their homes. There are many performance halls here where one may see musical as well as theatrical performances, and these may even be attended by the Empress herself.

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