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Jhaereth Valatar

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Joined: April 18th, 2014, 11:01 pm

April 18th, 2014, 11:19 pm #1

Basic information
Name: Jhaereth (Jair-edth)

Dragon Name: Valatar

Age: ??

Gender: Male (Held in much skepticism?)

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Social Class: Nobility

Occupation: Member of the Deadly Silence guild in Soto, member of the National Survey guild in Soto.

Race: Dragon / Drow

Nationality: Other (Underdark) - Chaulssin, Middledark.` (Unknown location)


One elaborate adamantine stiletto, easily concealed within his sleeve, coat or boot. The blade is a dull, barely reflective navy colour, a little longer than a hand in length and etched with a narrow serpent design. The crosshilt is designed as such that the very base of the blade is a spiral, as if the reptile is wrapped around it to protect the fingers so that it may be used to punch with the hilt vertical against the palm as well as horizontal. The hilt is smooth and made of aged dragonbone, capped with a beljuril.*

*A Beljuril or Fireflashil is a gemstone unique to the realms. Usually fist sized they are a deep seawater green and not quite spherical. Most are found fist sized, and very difficult to shape with metal tools. Roughly once an hour it will draw an undetectable amount of energy from a 30ft radius and emit it as a flash of sparkling light without heat, sound or electrical discharge, that is most noticeable in low lit areas. In the dark it is positively dazzling.

Two wands - One is about a foot and a half long and made of smooth polished ebony wood, with a tiny amount of gold scrollwork. The other is a couple of inches longer and made of ivory, heavily carved in a design reminiscent of a deep wyrm.

Image: Derp sketch of Jared and Meri.

French Girls


Jhaereth possesses two forms at least, of which we know of. The primary form for now is that of his humanoid state, which resembles a Drow very much to the letter, most likely because they were the most intelligent of the subspecies and aesthetically pleasing to him at the time, as most of his kind choose either Drow or Human forms.
His skin is a rich coal black, and tall for a Drow male standing at 5'6, though it is hardly imposing to any human. His build is very lean and muscular in a rather understated way, and highly flexible, like a serpent. Probably from all the 'evading from afar' that he does. He is however, not known for great athletic stunts or fighting. It is likely that this is more a reflection of his true self, since he behaves more akin to a lazy cat, with the same careless grace right down to the scrabble of limbs when he drunkenly falls off a table.

It is noted that he is always scrupulously clean, and complains loudly and vociferously when he is not. He has no notable tattoos on his body, but his left earlobe is pierced.
His face is narrow, with a long thin nose and high cheekbones, his eyes are tilted and a bright acidic green, with slitted pupils. They also emit a strong light in the dark, not unlike the changing reflective property of a cat's. His lips are somewhat thin, and his ears large, the whole cast of his face coming across as angular and very androgynous.

Jhaereth's hair falls to his waist in a mass of curls in snowy white shot with sun bleached blonde streaks. It is usually scraped back from his face with a widow's peak at the top, and knotted, leaving the rest to cascade down his back. A ringlet falls loosely before each ear.

His clothing is usually of an ostentatious nature, made of fine velvet, silks and whatnot, with elaborate embroidery or braiding, and usually in dark rich colours. His boots are high, reaching to thigh length and made of fine tooled dark leather of an elven make, with narrow toes and little heels. Whatever his clothing, the boots and his piwafwi always remain. The piwafwi is a dark elven cloak, usually enchanted to give the wearer small things like increased resistance to elemental magics, or better stealth, or an armor bonus. Jhaereth's is conspicuously absent of any house markings, as all piwafwi bear some patterning that marks the wearer as belonging to a particular House, even the lowest commoner. The lack of such where he is from would render him an enigma, either of incredible station, or none at all. It is attached under the arms to his sleeves so that it billows, batlike if he threw his arms wide. It probably gives him some measure of security as well, making him feel more dragon-y with the wings. He often wears an array of jewellery as if to say 'look at me!' and it always varies, but a small ruby in a silver mesh always hangs from his left ear.


Counterpart to his Drow form, his true nature is significantly larger, roughly around 85ft in length from nose to tail. His body is slender as a snake - though a good portion of that is his tail - bulking out around the chest and shoulders as he has a second pair of larger, well muscled 'arms' that would otherwise be called wings. He does in fact walk on these arms in addition to his smaller, more fragile seeming legs, and while they are capable for flight over short distances, they are better suited for clambering and scaling sheer walls or smashing aside obstacles in sporadic bursts of speed. This is reinforced when one looks at the composition of his feet, which are designed much in the manner of a human hand, with roughened pads on the underside of the 'fingers' so that they are exceptional for climbing. It is worth noting that once spread, translucent membranes are visible between the 'fingers' of these small feet, presumably to enhance his swimming capabilities. His wingarms tuck in close to his body, clutching his shoulders and giving the illusion of a cloak, particularly when he is in motion.

His head is a narrow wedge, with a jutting chin where three blunt spines protrude forwards from the jaw. The general countenance of his face is quite noble in bearing, at least until he opens his mouth and the true viciousness of his breed is revealed. Most of the side of his open maw is shielded from view, roughly half of it, with the membrane of dark skin inside. All of his teeth slope backwards like a snake's, designed to prevent prey trying to escape by hooking into the flesh. When open, one might see the moist black tongue of the beast. The flesh inside his mouth also appears to be a shockingly bright green when open and reflecting light, like he is burning from inside.

Though he possesses a crest that runs above his eyes, he appears in fact, to have none. His nostrils are two narrow slits that travel back from the small delicate snout almost to the crest above where his eyes would be if he had any. This 'crest' runs back the length of his head til it becomes a pair of incredibly flexible feelers, which effectively heighten the level of sound with vibrations, as he is otherwise blind. His scaling is sleek all across his length, though the plates on his back and shoulders are capable of being raised slightly to make himself appear more jagged and threatening. This seems to go hand in hand with the myriad patterns of poisonous green lights he displays along the length of his neck and back, which looks like he has small unnatural spaces between the scaling, and the veiny membranous underside of his wings. It appears to be some form of radioactive bio luminescence which he refers to as being caused by exposure to Faerzress, and shows up most consistently when having a severe temper tantrum.

There is no club, barb, or visible weapon to his tail other than the tail itself, which is whip fast and incredibly muscular, using in climbing and constricting. His scales are a dark pewter, and usually quite dull unless polished when they take on a mirror sheen.

All in all, this would indicate that he less suited to flight as the dragons of yore are so known for, and more designed for a terrestrial or subterranean environment.

Jhaereth is a carnivore.

Within the first few moments of meeting him it's clear that Jhaereth has something of an ego. That is, a really big one. Most dragons believe that they are more intelligent that what they consider lesser races, combined with the fact on maturing he chose his humanoid form to be a Drow and not a human, he also follows in their example that he believes all other races are inferior. He is indeed, quite full of himself, though will from time to time jest about his faults or failings, but normally in a manner that makes them look like nothing at all, or in an incredibly self depracating style that would make another try to assure him that it isn't so.
Despite that, he's rather well mannered, preferring refined company and fine food, wine and clothing. He also has a penchant to horde anything small and shiny, and well, the bigger it is the more he usually wants it. As such, he has several caches of wealth secreted that were to be part of his lair...but now go towards the front of financing his more base mortal needs.

Jhaereth dislikes not being the center of at least one person's attention, even if it's his own, unless he is of course deliberately trying to avoid it, though why on earth he'd want to do that would be an affront to his line of thinking. Unless of course he is purposely hunting something. It is often a mental struggle for him to accept that he must adhere to his racial necessities of sneaking when all he wants to do is prance and strut about like a peacock.

Ambition is key for him also, as he likes to gamble and take risks that may stack the odds against him. This combined with his sly nature sometimes gets in his own way however, as quick and sharp as his tongue is, it often lands him into trouble and lets things trip out which were better left unsaid.

He is not always directly mean or cruel, and rarely openly vicious unless someone took point to go out of their way to upset him, but the foppish noble more often than not comes across as such with his needling and nettling jibes at others, or crass observations designed to push. Most of it is hidden under a facade of cheerfulness. He can be particularly vindictive when angry, and knows how to hold a grudge though.

He's also something of a magpie in that he'll happily hoard the valuable and particularly shiny items, as well as people if he finds them charming enough. It wouldn't be the first time he's attempted to start a pet project and turn a commoner into a lady.

When deep in his cups, the drow is naturally more emotive and prone to expressing himself by demanding people bend to his will and do what he wants in a petty and childish fashion. Of course, nobody would believe him even when he shouts that he's a dragon, because of course, he doesn't look like one, and can't turn into one, so who cares honestly?

Truth is, he was, and relatively happy too, taking his humanoid form when visiting the nearest chaotic city to his cavern in the Underdark. At least until a rogue band of adventurers decided to plunder his loot anyway. Only they weren't just rogue adventurer's either, one was a horribly crippled survivor of a previous battle, who deigned to return to take their much deserved vengeance on the dragon. Even if he was, as he protests, just protecting his loot. Which was pilfered off multiple helpless creatures that he preyed on and slaughtered, probably, but that's not the point here.
Knowing what they were facing they came well equipped and caught him offguard, trapping him while he was in his weaker, fleshier form and sapping his magic, then leaving him to the mercy of the Underdark.

So he'd expected to die, but had managed to surprise everyone by doing exactly the opposite, and using the handful of thralls who were too stupid to realize he had very little power left to him, and headed after his assailants. Because really what else could he do? Eventually he supposed his power might come back but it wasn't likely, and in that state it was too dangerous to remain underground lest he find himself very dead, very quickly.

Now he hunts the band of adventurers, the would-be dragon slayers. Or at least that is his intention, when he's not sidetracked with pretty clothes and wine.


Recent events determine that he openly committed the act of murder in full view of a street full of witnesses. When apprehended, he and his companion Merisiel Dragon-Rider resisted arrest, killing a further two guards serving their duty, until suppressed and incarcerated.
Unfortunately...or perhaps fortunately, they made their escape and are now loose in the country.

It is rumored that he is responsible for something of a small massacre at an outlying farm on the Plains of Aeril, and the disappearance of two children. All that was found was a burned out shell of the building, and more than a half dozen bodies inside. Bandit activity is speculated but for the sighting of a pair of drow at the scene.

He has recently joined the Deadly Silence for lack of better direction, and The National Survey, though the latter may just be a cover for dubious activities and connections.

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Citizen of the World
Joined: April 18th, 2014, 11:01 pm

July 19th, 2014, 6:34 pm #2

First Five:
  • Levitate - Jhaereth may cast the spell on himself, an object or another creature of his choice where it will persist for ten minutes, and lift the target approximately five feet from the ground, rendering it weightless without requiring his concentration to maintain it. He cannot however direct the height or extend the time after casting it in this manner, only cancel its effects prior to it naturally expiring. When cast under concentration, he may lift the target of his attention upwards by mental will, unless his concentration is broken. He may also use this to slow the descent of a targets fall, though it does not prevent damage being taken if the target is descending too quickly when it hits the ground. He may only cast this on one target at a time.
  • Vanish – The caster may render himself or another creature or object invisible to the naked eye for ten minutes. It does not prevent beings capable of detecting the concealed object or creature by scent, or any sounds they may make while hidden, nor does it prevent phenomena such as weather effects from outlining the target, or prevent them from casting a shadow on the ground.
  • Darkness - Conjures a globe approximately 20ft across, or if touched on a surface, a wall of identical dimensions. Natural light will not persist within the darkzone but it may be dispelled with a spell designed to illuminate or brightly light an area. Lasts 5 mins.
  • Shroud of Nightfall [Enchantment]- Aside from holding many small pockets of reagents for spells within his piwafwi, the cloak also serves as lightweight armor, being enchanted to grant the same resistance as light plate. Heavy attacks may shred or destroy the cloak if they are capable of doing so to the armor type, and do not guarantee safety if the cloak is not there to deflect a blow. I.e He'd probably die if someone shot him if the wind blew his cloak up like Marilyn Monroe.
  • Corrupt Sliver - Jhaereth may conjure five slivers of ice approximately 30cm in length and launch them at foes. They may pass through simple magical and telekinetic shields, but will break on any armor heavier than leather. If using a reagent, he may cast the spell instantly without having to prepare it in advance, which risks it being interrupted. The reagent is a small quartz crystal.
Simple Abilities
  • Longstrider Boots [Equipment] – Jhaereth is in possession of a pair of fabulous boots, thigh length of tooled black leather with thick soft soles for gripping and climbing. They have pointed toes and low heels. The boots, when worn, allow the user to move silently 10ft for every step, granting great mobility when 'evading from afar' a.k.a Running Away. They're pretty useful for general travel too. The increased mobility takes effect when the user wills it to, and acts on them like a burst of speed. It can be quite nauseating. It is also noted that it is not a form of teleportation, the user simply moves exceptionally fast to the point that they are walking towards. Any obstructions in their way may cause painful conclusions to the journey. Any collisions will be as hard as walking/running into said object...and multiplied by ten for the speed.
    (E.g If Jhaereth crossed a room with a table in it's likely that unless he is aware of the table sitting central, he's going to smack his shins off of it at high speed and catapult himself across the remaining distance.)
    Those with the ability to detect or see magic may find them to be magical in nature. They are not immune to damage (slashing, burning etc) but will not wear down over time from general daily activities such as walking.
  • Spectral Claw – Creates one enormous hand that can push, crush or grapple a target selected by the wizard. It can also be used as a temporary wall to interpose itself between the caster and their attackers, capable of causing obstruction or preventing projectiles for up to 5 minutes. While the hand is impervious to regular physical damage, a single touch from a magical weapon or offensive spell will destroy it. It is large enough that it can comfortably hold a human form within it. It can also be dispelled by anyone other than the caster with a dispelling incantation as it is purely magical.
    The focus is a snakeskin glove, and the spell component is a piece of eggshell.
  • Spinneret Wand [Equipment] – Made of ebony wood and inlaid with gold, the wand is approximately eighteen inches in length. Using the wand as an offensive ranged weapon allows the caster to fire sticky globs of thick webbing at the target, which will restrict movement and behave like a viscous glue. On striking a surface or target they expand into large webs that act as flexible nets, and could stop a person running at full tilt in their tracks should they get caught in it. The webs can be destroyed easily with fire, and are ineffectual in water. In cold temperatures they will freeze and can be broken like ice. Physical weapons are generally ineffectual at breaking them, but sustained blows from bladed weapons may cut them. Anything larger or stronger than a standard humanoid (6ft) trying to break through one is likely to succeed, while the reverse is true of smaller, weaker beings. With some struggling, a regular sized human could get free in 2 posts, faster if they have help.
    This item retains 10 charges per day, and takes one day to recharge.
Intermediate Abilities
  • Shroud of Nightfall [Equipment] – Jhaereth's piwafwi is enchanted to behave like full plate armor, and will deflect non enchanted projectiles (arrows, throwing knives) that connect with it, and up to 40% of the initial direct damage of offensive spells hurled at him. He will still feel the impact of any physical or magical blows against him, including projectiles.
    It contains a number of dimensional pockets that allow him to store his spell components and wands, that will automatically shuffle the item he is trying to find to his hand in accordance with his thoughts, providing he is not distracted. When the hood is drawn up, the wearer gains a bonus to their stealth, becoming nigh invisible in low light, and unable to be detected by heat or life detecting skills. This is more effective if he is standing still, and not running around like a headless chicken.[Upgrade]
  • Shade Aspect – Jhaereth slides partially into the Plane of Shadow and assumes either his humanoid shape, or his draconic shape. Equipment changes with him, making it an easy way to store something small and valuable without it being removed from his person, if need be. This does not extend to large objects or living creatures since....they would be..inside him.
  • Caustic Vitriol – While in his draconic state, Jhaereth may breathe a harsh cone of acidic mist approximately 25ft long and 5ft wide at the end point. The acid is of a strength with hydrochloric or gastric acid, and will respond as such, damaging metals and organic matter, and even stone, though the effect is much slower than say, wood. It may not destroy glass.
    Creatures who stand within the mist may experience nausea and shortness of breath after inhalation. Staying within it for a prolonged period of time (10-15+ minutes) may cause organ failure and suffocation.
    Because it is sprayed as a mist, it is subject to the movements of the air. On a breezy day the acid cloud that is created may persist for as much as five minutes before it has been sufficiently weakened or dispersed. If it is particularly windy, then it may last half this time, and because it is a mist, it may be moved around with wind/air spells as well. Surfaces that the acid settles on will take damage accordingly, the more acid that has accumulated, the faster it will corrode. This includes items of clothing, skin, walls, etc. Anything caught within the cloud has up to one minute before the acid has collected enough to begin noticeably eating through the material. It can be easily removed by liberally applying water to the burning area to rinse it away thoroughly.

    In his humanoid state as he would have to make himself vomit to get any real use out the skill. A similar effect can be achieved by holding his face really close to a surface and expelling it so that it hits the target sooner, but he'd have to be almost nose-to-object.
  • Boreal – Providing there is enough moisture in the air, Jhaereth may manipulate the temperature enough to form ice with better control. This may result in chillier drinks, cool special effects, better preserved corpses, objects frozen to other surfaces, perfectly sculpted hair, slippy feet and more! In terms of quantity, he could effectively freeze a fountain in a city, or a couple of inches on the surface of a larger body of water like a small lake. It is not advised to actually walk on thin ice and he makes a point of definitely not taking responsibility for anyone dense enough to do so. It is also advised to just freeze a thicker bridge over a smaller area.

    Additionally his slivers of ice may now punch through chainmail, and he can now juggle as many as ten at once. At his choosing, he may half this number, while doubling their length. He cannot exceed the number of shards he is capable of holding if he is already wielding a longer one. i.e If he has a two foot shard, he can create only four more of these before he is at capacity, effectively doubling the length of his simple spell's number. He cannot create more than this number.
    A standard sliver has a length of 1 foot and can be suspended or maneuvered around his person, before being launched with the same accuracy as if he had thrown it with his hand. Accuracy not included. NOT A POPSICLE. Keep away from children.