Located far from the coast and deep within the massive forest known as Borodora lies Angkar's capital city, Ildri. With a name meaning "Little Fire," it is a place of great beauty and tranquility. The city is composed of a stone the colour of red ochre; when dusking or dawning sunlight falls upon its surface, it appears as if the city is burning. Because many of the roads through the forest lead to Ildri, it is a large, boisterous place, housing many weary travellers while providing a pitstop for nomadic tribes, as well as being a home for many Angkarians. It is all the more boisterous because there are many festivals held here, which causes a huge influx of revellers many times during the year due to Ildri's central location. One will find quite a few old temples here, and even the occasional altar in some nook in the street dedicated to an obscure god. It is considered good luck for even foreigners and non-believers to pray at such places.

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