Located at the western end of the island is a small town in a valley. Because of its location, it has been dubbed the "sleepy town," as very little seems to happen in it other than the passage of lumber traders. The Kaeyale River flows through the centre of Hohoemi and is crossed by several bridges. Each bridge is made of white stone and the roads are made of cobblestone in pastel hues of grey. The white stone buildings are beautifully made, adorned with ornately carved decorations and elaborate windows. These fairly large buildings indicate that the town is the centre of wealth in the Southwestern Island. There is also a handful of shops, smithies, armouries, and inns, as well as the local guildhall of the Southwestern Island, which dominates the centre of the town.The "sleepy town" is not so sleepy any more, what with the influx of refugees from the Sotoan mainland. They crowd the inns and are building new settlements, temporary or permanent, on the outskirts of the town.

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