Hibernation, Awakening

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December 2nd, 2017, 4:16 pm #1

The little blue ball of Etnuet swings in its dance around the sun, nodding towards it in summer, tilting away in the winter. Thus we may see how the world wags. In the countries of Soto and Morrim, a mild autumn has given way to a sudden, cold winter. An unexpected snowfall puts the world to bed: animals crawl away into hibernation and rats and mice have moved into your house, seeking warmth. The days grow shorter. For some the extended night brings a sense of peace to the fireside; others suffer anxiety under the asphyxiation of darkness.

Soto faces a lean winter after the aberrant harvests following the war, but the Sotoans hope it will be their last and look forward to the day when the snows melt and spring bursts forth as it should. Then there may be a return to normalcy – or as much as there can be when indelible reminders of the war remain. Morrim, meanwhile, settles down in confidence and the people await the joy of midwinter feasts, late-night affairs stuffed with food and drenched with wine.

Meanwhile, Ashoka relaxes with the first cool breezes of the season. Picnickers proliferate around Eldahar’s oasis, enjoying a reprieve from the heat, while in cities and towns across Ashoka, the crowds at the souks swell to a colourful and clamorous fervor.

Angkar, however, faces a difficult season in its own way: the rains have stopped and the dry season begins, searing as a brand. The only reprieve is in the water, and wherever there is coast families gather to swim and play. The cities only really awake from their hazy stupor at night, when markets and entertainments play out under enchanted lights.

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